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Asura Recruitment programme: Match up

Kanon saw the list of applicants and saw that he was applicant 333 of 500 applicants, from the briefing he found that only 50 of the 500 were from the school and they were the ones the scouts were mostly looking out for which rubbed Kanon the wrong way but he figured they were at least honest about it, a strong team did not need weak minded players just popping in to play for them. The head scout briefed them and they all did a physical.

First was a shuttle run course, Kanon watched how others did it and noticed that the academy batch didn waste energy and only went fast enough to pass rather than set a record, Kanon figured they were preserving stamina and did the same calmly clearing the course in 38.39 seconds rather than the 25 seconds seen by the first guy.

The second portion was a dribbling course that was also timed, this time Kanon decided to show off a bit, he went faster than he did in the first course and made sure he was in full control of the ball from beginning to end, this time he got the third fastest time being 18.51 seconds while still holding back quite a bit, he noticed one the scouts jotting points about him and decide to take calculated risks from here on out, after all this batch would be cut down to 30 and then further down to the 10 that would be playing against the B teams bench and reserves, supposedly the goalkeepers trial was different and a lot more selective than this so I guess there will be quality in the goal.

The third trial was a passing challenge in which Kanon made no mistakes while passing he took his time to make sure he properly understood all 499 other candidates preferences and habits he didn let anyone tell by looking at him but he was making detailed logs of all of them against the match, he wasn sure where but he knew for a fact that he would get a starting spot, the last challenge placement and shooting which most including Kanon excelled at, but Kanon decided to hold back on shot power and focused on scoring for the time being.

The points were allocated and Kanon was already 7th on the list of qualifiers there with everyone else in the top 10 being from the main academy, hell in all thirty only 8 of the qualifiers were from private backgrounds so Kanon noted Their performances. The next trial was a 1 v 1 with small posts, there would be 1 round to cut the number of qualifiers in half and to determine the real quality of players present, though 5 would be selected among the losers to join the second round that would determine the starters.

Kanon was paired against a blonde called Adam, he was more than likely foreign and an academy player to boot, Adam was much taller than Kanon standing at 6 foot 1, he had a slightly larger frame with more defined muscles than Kanon did and his hair was cut in a high fade he was clearly the physically advantaged player yet his aqua blue eyes didn show a single sign of contempt, this Adam was 5th amongst the candidates with 872 points out of 900 while Kanon fell short at an 870, number 6 was at 871 so it clearly wasn much that separated the three in the scouts eyes, keeping this in mind Kanon was dead serious about this match.

They both got onto the mini field that was 20 metres long and 15 yards wide with the two posts being the same size; they were 65 cm high and 70 cm wide, and the support stands went 40 cm backwards making them smaller than the standard small post. They both stood on our side of the centre field with the ball between them, Adam seemed to focus entirely on the ball while Kanon seemed to focus on everything but the ball Adams breathing pattern, posture, where his eyes drifted when he wasn glaring daggers at the ball and only when he had established a steady pattern for the three did he look at the ball, it was a standard size 5 ball though It looked heavier to him for some reason he couldn understand, after a coin flip Adam was given the ball and he took it to his own goal to start off, Kanon, however, stood on the halfway line and told the scout he would start from here.

The refereeing scout blew his whistle and Adam started dribbling the ball towards Kanon who stood in a relaxed posture something that surprised Adam but he paid it no mind and kept going, when Adam got to the halfway line he faked right and cut left attempting to break past Kanon, which he seemed to do, Kanon was following from just beside Adam but side tracking instead of running normally ensuring he was facing away from the goal. Adam stopped his charge and Kanon stopped between Adam and his goal standing diagonally.

Kanons P.O.V

When in a one-on-one people tend to abandon the basic concepts of football and try to showboat so they can get the attention of some sort, only those who truly understand said basics can apply them even in one on one situations, for instance, the concept of covering and forming a shape to block off the opponents path, that still applies here, for one thing, this mini pitch is a 5th of a standard one meaning there is 10 times less space for a player to move as that 5th of the pitch is then further cut in half with a goal to defend regardless of size, this pitch is barely larger than the length of the 18-yard box. The key here is to treat it like a counterattack defence and guide your opponents to spots where they can make a shot or a proper pass without slowing down Their pace, this is the most effective method to control play in your own half of this mini pitch and thus giving you a and vantage of convenience when attacking.

Readers P.O.V

Adam tried to dribble through Kanon with his right leg, Kanon made a sharp 360-degree left turn confusing Adam, but besides that half way through his turn he used his right leg to guide the ball onto his left and then pushed the ball through Adams legs with his left, wasting no time Kanon recovered the ball behind Adam and took the shot from there on with his right to foot scoring the opening goal. Adam looked genuinely shocked as Kanon walked back up to the halfway line and stood there wordlessly, so long as he could start there he would be in full control of this match, that first goal hammered his dominance home.

While Adam was recovering from the shock of losing the first goal Kanon took a look around the matches going on and studied them for weaknesses he may have to exploit be it posture or habit, By the time Adam restarted the game Kanon had seen enough to start making plans. Adam dribbled diagonally to the right and Kanon simply backtracked to his goal as Adam did so, Adam tried to take a quick shot while Kanon was running but as abruptly as he started Kanon stopped on his left leg and trapped the ball with his right, it was his turn to attack, he had established his shooting accuracy now it was time to establish his efficiency in dribbling.

Kanon beckoned for Adam to come and started moving the ball upfield at an unrushed pace with his right foot, Adam tried going into cover but Kanon sharply started moving left drawing Adam to him, rather than cutting back as Adam expected, Kanon dribbled straight past Adam once he got there surprising the blonde again, realising he didn have the time to be shocked he attempted to turn the other way and catch up but his feet weren fully planted from his last few steps so he began to fall backwards, Kanon left Adam to fall and brought the ball to Adams goal before rolling it in. From there he once again wordlessly walked back to the halfway line and turned to Adams post once more.

This time Adam had started play before he had turned and was already face to face with Kanon when the boy had turned, Kanon expressionlessly took a step forward making it so they both had Their right feet forward and the ball was on Adams trailing foot, his left foot, Kanon kept eye contact as he standing tackled the ball on Adams left foot with his own causing a slight collision knocking players feet back, though Kanon in the same motion chipped the ball backwards with his left foot and hopped back with his right, he controlled it perfectly on his right lap after balancing and trapped it under his left foot.

Kanon then immediately set himself up for a left-footed shot with his eyes glued to the goal, Adam went for the sliding tackle to stop it and Kanon lightly chipped the ball over Adams tackle before leaping over himself, Kanon set himself up once more for the left footed shot and scored once more in the same dead centre spot of the post as the other two this time shooting exactly from the halfway point. There was still a full 3 minutes left of play and the scouting referee blew the whistle declaring Kanon the winner and calling both players to him. Kanon walked over with an indifferent look on his face if anything he was mildly annoyed at how desperate Adams last play was, Adams, on the other hand, was still in shock as he couldn even slightly comprehend how he lost so badly to a guy who only made basic touches and feints.

Scout: My name is Kun Sa and I am the head coach of the Asura Youth B team, Yuga Kanon will have a secured place in the match against the B team and will not be participating in this tournaments next round, as such therewill be only 9 slots left for the starting 10… Pray for a talented goalie Mr Kanon

Yuga: Noted sir, where do you want me for now??

You will observe the next match beside me, I want you to tell me what you notice about the match when you do alright??

Yuga: Yes sir

Adam: Don give me that indifference crap!! How the hell did you react to my last play so smoothly?!

Yuga: lower your voice blondie, the reason I dominated you so thoroughly is because in your desperation your movements became loud and sloppy, I could here your charge before I even turned and seeing as you can use both feet I figured you were alternating since the ball sounded off while bouncing

Adam: What do you mean by you heard me coming??

Yuga:exactly what it sounds like, your play was noisy and I just happened to be listening

Yuga watsed no time from that point on and walked off with Kun Sa

Kun Sa: (A tad bit rude to his peers but he is efficient, we can definitely use such effectiency) remember what I said, any and all observations

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