Field of Magic

Aftermath and Initiation

Kun Sa and Yuga were watching one of the matchups from the side of the general field when Yuga suddenly asked for a ball, being confused Kun Sa handed him the ball to see what the boy was trying to do, and Yuga juggled the ball for a little and then shot high into the air making it curve at a certain angle, about 10 seconds later a flailing figure crashed into the ground Infront of Yuga and he trapped the ball perfectly in one motion setting the ball beside it. The figure he hit was a four-winged drone and Yuga chipped off an entire wing with enough force to blow it off balance and send it on a catch course to the ground and managed to control a ball falling from well over 70 feet into the air while having both power and accuracy to chip off the wing over a drone from the ground.

This time it was Kun Sas turn to be shocked, he had been aware that other teams sent drones to spy on Their practices and pick some of the high-quality rejects and use those players against Asura youth but he never had a means to actually stop them, at least before this happened.

Kun Sa: when did you notice it??

Yuga: since I got here, it bothered me for a while but I need a way to knock it down without getting penalized so I performed well enough so I can at least request an extra ball, and it worked so alls well that ends well

Kun Sa: how did you hit it from down here while specifically aiming for the wing??

Yuga: I didn know I would clip the wing, I kicked the ball with hopes of knocking it down regardless of how it was hit, but thats not what you really want to ask no is it sir?? {Eyes glow ever so slightly}

Kun Sa: how did you kick a ball over 70 feet in the air and trap it with minimal effort??

Yuga: {eyes revert and smiles faintly} I will show you the answer during the practice match against the Asura Youth B team

Kun Sa did not know why but at that moment he felt a chill run up his spine at the thought of having his boys go up against Yuga, he hid his worry with a stone face going and walked away hoping not to lose his respect because of some recruitment brat.

Not long passed and the final selection was over though Yuga spent most of his time watching the keepers trials, he almost felt bad for those who had to go through this, and he couldn be happier that one actually made it through completing the team of recruits that would be facing the B team and now the line ups where as follows:

Asura Team B:

Goalkeeper: Junji Mori, 6 ft 2

Defense: Hanz beer (lwb), 6 ft 0

Kuro Nikiri (lcb), 6 ft 1

Zanya kisaragi (CDM), 6 ft 1

Valt Aoi (rcb), 6 ft 1

Zuri Shindou (lwb), 5 ft 11

Midfield: Kaleb brown (lm), 6 ft 0

Jude sharp (cm), 6 ft 1

Ren Hashima (rm), 6 ft 1

Offense: Jin Hashima (am), 6 ft 0

Toshiki Kai (str), 6 ft 2

Recruitment team:

Goal Keeper: Daichi Kono , 5 ft 11

Defence: Zuri Chen (LCB) 6 ft 0

Xu Ao (CB) 6 ft 1

Mako Shin (Rcb) 6 ft 0

Midfield: Yang Min (Lm) 6 ft 0

Chao Gan (ldm) 6 ft 1

Yuga Kanon (am) 5 ft 10

Han Rujin (rdm) 6 ft 0

Yang Kai (rm) 6 ft 0

Offense: Junjie Mori (rcf) 6 ft 1

Xu Bo-lin (lcf) 6 ft 1

The B team was given the ball to start on the field they seemed to have elected Their cm 3as Their captain and for some reason, Yuga had an eerie feeling about him, by halftime he knew why his entire team besides him were practically on Their knees from exhaustion and hopelessness and while the score still nill – nill, if things didn change it wouldn stay that way, the B team had made only basic passes and calls yet they had run most of the other recruits ragged, Yuga himself was fairly tired from covering all the mistakes he found, and from what he noticed Jude was aware of those openings, no, more accurately Jude created all of those openings just from the directions he ordered the ball to be passed to, there was still a minute left in the final half and it was the recruitment teams goal kick.

The keeper sent it to Xu Ao who then sent it all the way up to Yang Kai on the right, before he could even organize his thoughts everyone surrounding him had a man covering them and Zuri of the B team was fast approaching to get the ball.

Yuga: To Yang Min!!

Without thinking Yang Kai crossed the ball to his brother on the other side who sent a through ball down the left flank for Chao Gan, all 5 defenders were still back and both Hanz and Kuro were on Chai Gan

Yuga: Back to Yang!!

Chao Gan back-heeled the ball to Yang Min who attempted to cut in but was quickly blocked off by Kuro, Zanya, and Jude who were cutting off a side pass. Yuga made a run in front of Yank Kai that was on the side taking every defender except Judes attention off Yang Kai and giving him a second of breathing space, Yang Kai then crossed the ball to Bo-lin who volleyed the ball straight at the keeper who for whatever reason pushed it off the bar towards Yuga who had three defenders on him. Junji rushed out effectively blocking off Yugas shot but was shocked when he saw Yugas eyes faintly glowing and as he wore a smirk before sending a through ball for Junjis little brother Junjie, Junjie had all the space a striker could dream off in front of an empty post and pocketed the goal before the half ended making the score 1 – 0. Kun Sa blew the whistle for halftime and called his players in, everyone seemed shocked except for Jude who simply glared at Yuga for a few seconds and then went towards Kun Sa.

Kun Sa: Ill break down exactly what just happened for you so you understand the kind of person you are up against; first a player called out to Their Lm mid to cross to Their right mid, that same player then directed the Rms attention to the Ldm who had made a run and successfully pulled the entire defensive line to the Right side of the field, the player then ordered a back pass to the Lm and made a run past the Lm directing him to cross to Their lcf, he continued his knowing that the cross was going to that towards the weak foot and it would be a rebound on his end, so he charged in much quicker to bring back the defensive line; as he predicted the shot was parried by the keeper to the spot he made his run to and he had drawn most of the defense backward and to the right leaving the center of the box 18 open, he then passed to Their other striker who would have been a crime to miss the open post he had. Your entire defense was torn apart by a single recruit who wasn even bred in the academy. Any questions??

Jude: can you guys put your unflinching trust in me for this half???

Kai: Do you have a plan to stop him??

Jude: something like that, Ive figured out why his plays are so effective and I know how to reduce said effectiveness

Valt: If we follow you what are the chances of them keeping Their usual flow up??

Jude: {eyes begin to glow slightly} Not even the slightest

Kaleb: {notices} we just need to follow Judes plan right??? No problem at all, lets do this

Meanwhile on the other side

Xu Ao: whats the plan for the second half, we might be ahead but we still need to defend our lead at all costs

Yuga: we start the second half off, so how about this —-

Time eventually rounded up and both teams were out and in position for the second half with the recruits team being the one to pass the ball this time; Bo-lin passed the ball to Mori who sent it back to Yang Min, the B team from the jump had begun a fast high press but none of the recruits were surprised by it at all. Yang Min passed to HannRujin who then passed to Yuga. Yuga let a few B team players get close before then passing the ball to Choa Gan and making a run, Xu Ao simultaneously made his own desperate rub. Chao Gan held the ball a bit and then passed to Yang Min who then immediately sent a through ball to Mori once more; this time Xu Ao interrupted the pass and dribble the ball diagonally towards the left side of the field and cleared towards the right side of the field near the 18-yard box, Yuga was there to receive it and began moving up the field with purpose, this time Hanz went in for a sweeping tackle from the outer field and Kuro went for a jumping sliding tackle.

Seemingly anticipating this Yuga cut to avoid Hanz, guiding the ball onto his right foot and flicked it back up jumping outward to avoid Kuro, once he was clear he controlled the ball on his left foot as he landed so it wouldn go out and continued dribbling up the field. Yuga got to the side of the 18-yard box and crossed the ball close to the keeper, only then did Junjie beat his man and jump in for the header. Junjie got to the ball first and guided the ball to hit immediate right with his head giving Bo-Lin the perfect chance to shoot, Bo-lin volleyed the ball at the seemingly empty goal post just for Kaleb to dive in and block it with his leg sending it the rightmost edge of the 18-yard box, unfortunately for him, Yuga was there already and crossed the ball again, this time it wasn to any of the strikers, a midfielder or even a full back, it was none other than the goalkeeper Daichi who was in line for a perfect diving header, however sliding beneath him was the B teams Main striker Kai. Dachi planted a powerful header towards goal which Kai immediately blocked with a sliding bicycle volley which drifted to the center of the 18-yard box, and while Yuga was there again he was tussling for the ball with Jude of the B team, both of them never once tearing Their eyes from the ball as they tried to out muscle each other with Noether having a clear advantage. Both of Their eyes glowed intensely as they jumped for the ball simultaneously, everyone else froze at the site of the two as they collided mid-air with Jude falling away from the ball and Yuga falling with his back towards the goal. In one graceful motion, Yuga drew his right foot back and lunged a perfect bicycle kick towards the post and unlike before nobody could stop this one, it hit the bottom of the crossbar bounced on the ground, and hit the inner part of the top of the net before bouncing around in the goal, Yuga wore an intense grin as he hit the floor and his master plan had come into fruition.

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