Field of Magic

True Vision

The Trial match came to an abrupt close with the final score being 3 – 2. Yugas bicycle kick was the very last upset on the side of the recruits, from there the B-team switched the pacing of the match altogether and one by one the recruits began to gas out, by the time it was over the only recourse who weren kneeling on the ground in exhaustion and frustration were Yuga, Bo-lin and Xu Ao, being the only three people who were able to keep up. After the final whistle went off all the B team members looked at Yuga with an almost disappointed look and walked off while all Yuga could do was glare Daggers at Their backs, he asked for his teams faith and had thoroughly failed to deliver on it.

Kun Sa called on the results as he had an announcement to deliver, though Their pride was crushed by the hellish match they just played, they found strength and made Their way over to him sitting on chairs around him drenched in sweat with trembling hands and feet, once again excluding the three who chose to sit on the floor.

Kun Sa: I will make this as short as possible. To start off Asura will be registering a C team for the Asian 3rd division League, where it will premiere so those who do not make the existing teams may still be able to join this one. Secondly, you all showed a marvelous performance for those who haven yet seen the truly professional level of soccer so take pride in that and keep striving further. And finally, for the results of this little exercise

Everyone perked up as this was a matter that would decide Their future did they make the cut for any of the teams or would they have to look elsewhere to find a place in the professional soccer world?

Kun Sa: Members that qualified for the B Team; Yang Kai, Xu Ao, Xu Bo-lin, and Han Rujin… Excluding Yuga Kanon, the rest of you have qualified for the C team and will have your new teammates drafted to your dorms later on during your training period… Lastly, Yuga Kanon, you will be put in a facility to train your basics required of the level you are about to step into, In a few months you will be directly drafted into the Asura Youth First team

Nobody was truly surprised by this result as a matter of fact had Their physical states not been too weak to keep up with the B teams switch in pace they would without a doubt have denied them a single goal and maybe even gone on to score the third one, and this was all because of Yugas superior game sense, none of them had a problem with this decision.

Yuga: When do I set out??

Kun Sa: The head coach of the Main team will be here to pick you up tomorrow so you can head to his personal training facility, then you will be trained until you are ready for the A team

Yuga: {eyes glow faintly} Yes coach!!


8 Months Later

Asura Youth Academy grounds

First team Sector

Dorm Area

One of the facilities Taxies stopped Infront of the dorms implying that a new player would be joining the First Youth team in the Asia premiere league, something that hardly happens nowadays, seeing as the C team was doing better than anyone anticipated it was assumed that any new players would be coming up from the B team but for someone to pass through the academy it means that there was a truly spectacular recruit amongst the C teams batch, if anyone was seen by the head coach as better than the teams captain then that person truly had to be amazing after all he is the top goal scorer with 40 goals and 22 assists to his name in just 32 games on his opening season, and yet someone was supposedly better than that, if anyone was more valuable than Adam is to the coaches then everyone in the A team wanted to know who that was.

Emerging from the Taxi was a young man already wearing a black tracksuit with a hood, he stood at 6 foot 1 with a decently large build not too buff but enough muscle that it showed, and even from a distance and through a tracksuit one could tell he had excellent muscle definition, he had light brown skin and dark golden orange eyes his white hair was in a spiky high fade and he seemed to have a silver clip at the top corner of each of his ears, he was by far one of the best-looking people to pass through the academy walls as some of the female staff that saw him wondered if he was here to model the Asura brand name. This was none other than Yuga Kanon and he was back from training with the main team and ready to join the first Youth team, now that he had gotten a taste of professional-level soccer he wanted nothing more than to dive head first into that world.

Yuga had a small backpack on him and wore earpods as he brought out his two medium-sized suite case from the trunk of the taxi most of his stuff was moved here already so he didn have to bring much else no matter how long he stayed. He took his bags in and glanced at the mini field not too far off from the field with little interest, he could see a few first team members playing a game of 3 v 3 rotation soccer, he knew them all by name and had done extensive research on them to increase the effectiveness of his play but when he got inside he checked the dorm registry anyway.

As he had been told the dorms were given according to your position and jersey number meaning you also would never have roommates, he was coming in as an A number 10, usually thats the playmaker role so maybe the coach had high expectations of him or something, he got to the counter and went over the dorm list again to be sure his research was up to date.

Defence unit

00- Hyung Ji

01- Bai Lee

02- Mo Xu

03- Ai Xu

04- Li Tantai

05- Ai Fei

06- Hong Da

Midfield Unit

07- Xu Ron

08- Pisu Yang

15- Gareth King

16- Hunter King

12- Luo Ji

20- Callum Ferval

Offensive unit

09- Zhu Longwei

10- Yuga Kanon

11- Vergus Licht

17- Julius Versa

Besides the addition of his name, everything was exactly the way he expected it to be which he was no early relieved about, seeing as they were still having Their fun Yuga decided that for now, he would do his own thing, they were equally sided anyway, him joining would just throw the balance off. Yuga went up to his room to settle down before taking off his back and changing into casual wear.

He changed into a pair of black jeans with a white short-sleeved undershirt and a jeans top having the sleeves rolled back to his elbows, he wore some white sneakers under his and wore a set of black and white beads on each hand. It was still 12: 30 pm right now so he had an hour and a half before his first official training with the team started so he thought he would walk around a bit to keep his body warmed up.

Yuga: ( I wonder how shes holding up though) [opens his phone and goes to a chat]

Little Light ✨✨✨

≤ Ive settled down now already≥

≤ So you finally remember I exist huh??≥

≤ Come on Avery you know its not like that ≥

≤ Kinda hard to tell with how busy you are lately ≥

≤ Coach seems to think I just caught up to the team so

He finally let me join the A team≥

≤ Thats good right??≥

≤ To make a long story short I will have a little more free time

than before so Ill have more time to update you on whats going on≥

≤ thats good I guess ☺️☺≥

≤ Ive got free time to kill so tell me what Ive missed out

on these past few months≥


2: 00 pm


Yuga was currently wearing his plain white practice jersey with all of his other essentials and standing on the practice field and juggling the ball, training was supposed to start in a few minutes so the thought he might as well feel the ball out a bit, he had already gone 10 laps around the field and decided to work on his ball control, he figured he had a bit of time to kill since he, unfortunately, showed up early.

Yuga noticed at the corner of his eye that the B team had also come for practice since they were on a field not too far from the A team practice field, and there he saw them, the four recruits that made the B team for Their performance and resilience, Yang Kai, Xu Ao, Xu Bo-lin and Han Rujin. Unfortunately, he also has to see all the B team members he played against and was almost crushed by, he did however also notice that some players were missing from the B team he was used to.

Yuga: ( Jin, Ren, Valt, and Zanya were demoted, huh?? This team is as ruthless as the rumors say they are)

Yuga didn bother going up to greet them since he figured they would meet in a joint training eventually so he carried on about his business not even looking in Their direction. The same however could not be said about the other party, everybody was wondering who that was while the fields weren that far apart they were far enough that one couldn make out which player was which unless they had a particularly unique build and besides his surprisingly common skin tone Yuga had no such features. A discussion arose during the initial warm-ups and jogs theorizing who that could be.

Not long after someone joined Yuga on the field, he stood at 6 foot three and was clean-shaven, he had dark cream skin and a rather buff build though not all too visible, he had silver eyes and wore the number 04, it was Li Tantai. Yuga waited for him to complete his 10-lap jog, which he managed to do three laps before the entire B team did despite him starting two laps after they did. Once he was done he began to approach Yuga and Yuga wordlessly sent a cross his way, not so fast that he couldn react but not so slow that he could afford to half-ass the control, Tantai controlled the ball with his chest perfectly and balanced it on his right knee keeping the leg suspended in the air.

Yuga: Not bad for a team captain… But you
e late {narrows eyes}

Li Tantai: How could you possibly tell??

Yuga: Isn it obvious?? The time on the academy clock is 2: 06 pm, a full minute late

Tantai looked back at the Team A dorms to barely see the outline of timepieces of the clock that was engraved into the side of the school building, and he wasn supposed to either, the clock was over 500 meters away and wasn particularly large, he checks the time on his wrist band just to see that Yuga was right on the money and there weren any other devices to help him either. Yuga not only was able to tell the time from this distance but did it without as much glancing in the direction of the clock and was right to the minute.

Li Tantai: Youve got good eyes kid

Yuga: Ive been told… What are we meant to be doing for now anyway??

Li Tantai: 5 of the A team members including the two of us are going to play a practice match against the entire starting B team

Yuga: A bit demoralizing on Their part isn it??

Li Tantai: what do you mean??

Yuga: If one is aiming to go to the pro team and they are destroyed by only 5 of the Firstly Youth team members how could they possibly fathom closing such a gap??

Li Tantai: You seem confident you are not going to slow us down

Yuga: please, I was dominant against this bunch back when I was lacking, now there isn going to be the slightest hope of them stopping me

Li Tantai: thats not what I meant though, what makes you think YOU can keep up with the first teams level of play and not sabotage us

Yuga: I believe actions speak louder than words, we will find out on the field

Li Tantai: I see… Lets pass the ball a bit while we wait for the other three

Yuga: Sure thing cap

Tantai rolled the ball off of his knee and fired the ball with the same foot launching it at Yuga with the same speed as the pass he received, Yuga trapped it easily with slight surprise, no matter what he shouldn have been able to recreate the pass he was just given the first time and with no prior warning.

Yuga: (Lets hope the others are this interesting, after all, I think my vision may be the only special thing about me in this team) {eyes begin to glow}

Li Tantai: ( Oh, So thats why he was chosen… Lets see if he knows that can be used against him even by a normal guy like me)

Both players exchanged passes for a few minutes when the final three guys showed up; The number 01 Bai Lee, dressed in the keepers black training kit, stood at 6 foot 2 and had a small build, his muscle toning was obviously excellent and his size wasn all that weird despite his height, he had light cream skin with medium length brown hair and brown eyes.

Number 16 Hunter King, wearing the A teams player practice kit was the same height as Bai Lee but his physique seemed closer to Tantais, he had dark cream skin and black eyes, he had high black hair in an afro and wore a black headband. Lastly; Number 11 Vergus Lict, standing tall at 6 foot 2, wore the A teams player kit, he has a lean physique with well-toned muscles that for some reason seemed incredibly dense, he had light skin and brown hair in a high fade matching his light blue eyes, he had what most would consider a perfect athletic physique for his height, even better than Tantais.

Hunter: So this is the new kid coach told us about

Bai Lee: doesn look like much

Vergus: welcome I guess

Yuga: It was a bet wasn it??

Vergus: What are you talking about??

Yuga: When I first got here I saw you all playing 4 v 4 soccer on the mini field, you all were on the losing team so I assume you had to play with me as a result of losing that match and since you had two keepers you brought the bench warmer so your starter could rest

Vergus: (This guy)

Yuga: Whats more, you didn lose because you were weak, far from it actually from what I saw both teams were pretty balanced in terms of skill, you were just unlucky enough to be playing with two goalkeepers

Hunter: I guess you jinxed it again Lee, this kids eyes are actually sharper than my brothers

Bai Lee: what do you mean by that??

Hunter: my brother and I noticed when he got here and my brother said that from his point of view all he could tell was that the guy could see us even though he never once looked in our direction

Yuga: Your brothers eyes clearly aren as sharp as you think then, from the moment I closed the car door to the moment I entered the building my eyes were in the direction of the field

Hunter: Yes they were… But you weren looking at us at all, you were looking at the scoreboard behind all of us, at least thats what he said

Yuga: In that case, I take my words back your brothers eyes are sharper than I imagined

Hunter: Not quite sharp enough to look into the future though can they???

Yuga: [eyes stop glowing] I guess not

Vergus: (I guess losing wasn all that bad either) You
e an interesting guy you know that knew kid??

Yuga: Whatever… Lets go mop the floor with the B team so we can go for lunch, Its a weekend after, the real work starts Monday

The 5 A team members walked up the B team practice field after the late comers finished Their laps, they decided from the jump that they would be playing in a straight line in Infront of the keeper and thats what they did, it was Vergus at the front, Yuga behind him, Hunter behind him, Tantai behind him and then the keeper; They never spoke to the B team and just got into formation. The B team did the same with slight changes to Their formation from the last time Yuga saw it now it looked like this:

Goalkeeper: Junji Mori

Defense: Hanz Beer (Rcb)

Xu Ao ( CB)

Kuro Nikiri (Lcb)

Midfield: Yang Kai (Rm)

Han Rujin (RCM)

Jude Sharp (LCM)

Kaleb Brown (Lm)

Attack: Xo Bo-lin (RW)

Toshiki Kai (Str)

Zuri Shindou (LW)

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