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Tactics of Astrakhan

Yuga looked to see another player walking into the party, one he would never forget in his life even if he tried, this young make stood at 6 foot 2 with a lean build but a muscle toning and density that surpassed even bodybuilders, jet black hair that was left to grow high and spiky with red eyes that entrapped all onlookers who met them, this was none other than the Sole and undisputed Best player on Asura Youth team having already secured a pro contract at fifteen and waiting till he was of age though currently being 18 years old, the main striker of Asura Youth, Zhu Longwei.

Longwei: I see you lot are having fun here, whats the occasion??

Tantai: We
e welcoming the new kid is all

Longwei: {humoured scoff} is that so?? I didn know this teams recruits were weak-willed enough to need pampering like this

Hunter: Lay off it man, its a harmless party

Longwei: A party sure but calling it harmless is beyond retarded, I can believe Im hearing retarded nonsense like this from Garreths little brother… Its disappointing really

Vergus: You
e killing the mood man, lay off it and leave if you hate it so much

Longwei: I would if I couldn hear it all the way from my room, its past midnight and we have a qualifying match for the winter cup later this week, do we really have time to ** around like this??

A ball flew quickly towards Longwei from behind and it hit him on the back of the head

Mo Xu: Oi, shut up and ** off, you aren captain nor are you an absolute necessity to this team so you have no authority over any of us…if you hate the noise so much keep it to yourself and rent out some hotel room, Im sure they won mind housing the Great Zhu Longwei

Silence filled the hall as Longwei stared at the usually timid Mo Xu who was clearly seething in anger, Mo Xu wasn a particularly notable figure in the team but he had his uses, even someone as arrogant as Longwei could see that… When came down to absolute necessity, the head coach would pick Mo Xu over Longwei in an instant regardless of talent or skill. Mo Xus position was more vital and he had a better soccer sense.

Longwei: And who the ** are you to order me around?? {Eyes begin to glow}

Mo Xu: [Walks up to stand Infront of Longwei] I could ask you the same **ing thing… No one gives a shit about your criticism so get off your high horse and ** off

Longwei: Finally grow a pair and use on me eh?? Fine, Ill be out of your hair for now, but if you mess up on that match this week just get the hell out of Asura Youth… We don need useless shits that are all talk

Longwei left with a bad taste in his mouth, regardless of how he put it, partying not long before a vital match was stupid for many reasons and was genuinely pissed off that Their captain was among those partying, and worse of he couldn fathom why someone Like Tantai would approve of this for anyone.

Following his introduction to the team Yuga agreed not to debut until the actual winter cup started so for the entire qualifying round for the month after that he sat on the bench paying attention to everyones movements. He also noticed that other than him other usually crucial players weren starting as well; these included Li Tantai, Zhu Longwei, Hyung Ji, Vergus Lict and Garreth King who will be away on international training until the season starts so he wouldn be coming for the winter cup at all. The upside was that Yugas confidence in the teams strength rose exponentially, they were able to dominate the qualifying matches without having to show Their individual prowess, they simply applied Their basics so effectively that none of the teams they encountered could keep up, Like that after two months they were in the group stages and qualified for Group B, though they still checked the full tournament bracketing for good measure.

The entire team, excluding Garreth, was gathered in the meeting room looking at the list of all the groups that qualified for the winter cup, alongside the main league the winter cup had the densest and heaviest gathering of strong teams looking to test new talents and this year was no different as the best Teams across Asia were seen, just as follows:

Group A-

Daitek Highschool

Velmo Academy

Aibo Academy

Yufeng Highschool

Group B-

Astrakhan Youth

Asura Youth

Saber Academy

Silvio Academy

Group C-

Hainz Highschool

Crestel Highschool

Malmö Youth academy

Onigiri Academy

Group D-

Daitek B team

Yuqing highschool

Haigun Youth

Yinlab Youth

Tantai: This years winter cup, is throughout brutal not just for its tightness in competition but also for the rumours going around, some of which Im sure youve heard

Longwei: Youd have to have been living under a rock not to have heard of those rumours, despite having both its main and B team present Daitek High is favourites to win with both the A and B team taking the finals

Hunter: its not all that far-fetched either, including but not limited to us, both the main and B team have successfully moped the floor with every single team in this tournament quite recently, regardless of who was present for it

Yuga: they aren our problem now are they though?? If we spend all of our time with our eyes on them we will miss the threat in Infront of us… It seems you all forgot that the very first match we play in this thing is against Astrakhan Youth, a team with a Main league experience for more years than us, not to mention the coach hasn been here for quite some time now

Vergus: We don exactly need the old man, just go with it for now

Yuga: Its the winter cup though, those who win this may not have any ”real credentials ” but the hype invites attention from pro clubs, I thought you all wanted to go pro??

Julius: You know, hes not wrong about that…however, going all out and exposing team tactics for your own personal growth is naive as there is no guarantee that you would go pro anyway, then you would just have meaninglessly given your teams weakness away

Yuga: I was starting to respect you all for your exceptional strength, but if you don think your strength is enough to risk going pro even on a stage like this {eyes glow intently} then I have no reason to waste my attention on slackers like you [Walks out]

Longwei: {smirks} (It was bound to happen, after all you are already one who can accessed that realm… A subpar spirit will disgust you a Lot more than even weakness does) Hilarious, I think Im gonna like this Kid

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