Even before Quinton gave the order, Juri and Kendo were already approaching from both sides to tackle Yuga, Handa was running after him from behind and Felix rushed out to sweep the ball from the Asura forwards feet. Yuga let Felix get close before sending a rainbow flick over him giving the other three the chance to close in though Felix slowed Handa down. Yuga set himself as though he was going to shoot it but sent a sharp pass past Juri towards the penalty spot where Pisu Yang waited and took his second shot securing his brace. Juri and Kendo both collided with Yuga after the pass and that warranted Kendo a red since his collision came from behind.

Quinton: (This little shit!!!) [Sending Yuga a death glare]

Yuga shook off both tackles with slight difficulty before sending a death glare of his own. This wasn to Quinton, Daniel, or even Zaza; His eyes were trained on Chrome who sat on the bench. The two locked eyes with Yugas glowing as intense as ever; wearing the most mocking smile he could muster Yuga beckoned for him to come on out before jogging back to his position.

Chrome: (This guy… It seems there are still strikers as balsy as this after all) Put me in coach, the Lance kid doesn cut it for this match, move him back to defense to cover up the hole and sub both him and Felix out, Im taking over this operation

Jabara: Im trusting from this point on it will be another shutout right??

Chrome: was that ever in question??

Despite the match only having gone on for 20 minutes two subs were coming on, Kurama Tenji for Quinton Lance and Chrome Versa for Felix Gray, the captains armband also went to Chrome. Julius and Chrome locked eyes for a moment before Chrome went to goal with a disgusted look on his face, Kurama moved to right back to cover for Kendos red card effectively leaving the sole defensive midfield position open, this was when Chrome ordered Zaza to leave the attack and come to DM so that Genma could act as a sole striker.

Yuga: (Hes giving up versatility for efficiency aye?? He might be more serious than I thought) {eyes turn fully Neon and a faint black aura started to leak off of his body]

Chrome: [Stares at Yuga with mild shock] (Looks like I should take this seriously them) [A much thicker much more noticeable black aura begins to leak off of him]

That being done Chrome wasn the only one to notice the change in Yuga that came so suddenly; Longwei and Tantai who weren even on the pitch felt it, it was only slight and it wasn polished yet but Yuga was someone who could step on their level and to add on that he was now using his eyes to their full effect.

Longwei: (If only he awakened this in another match) In the end nothing will stop this from being a shut out like almost every other game Astrakhan played with Chrome on the field

Tantai: I wouldn write Yuga off just yet, he does have his vision afterall

Longwei: No matter how much vision he has Chrome can see everything simply because he is a goalkeeper

Tantai: Well just have to wait and see won we (Ill be keeping my bets on Yuga though)

As of right now, these were the two teams current standings:

Astrakhan Youth

Goal Keeper: Chrome Versa 99 {C}

Defence: Najar Lee (lb) 01

Juri Ainz (lcB) 02 (yellow card)

Zaza Kimura (CDM) 09

Handa Ainz (Rcb)03

Kurama Tenji (RB) 04

Midfield: Mako Shintaro (Lm)08

Daniel Sterling (cm)12

Kyojiro Kurabe (Rm)07


Genma Todo (str)11

Bench: Nira Kisame 15

Hanju Those 21

Hyanbul Tada 33

Quinton Lance 10

Kendo Hiyori 05 ( red card )

Lyon Cranel 06

Chrome Versa 01

Asura Youth

Goalkeeper: Bai Lee 01

Defense: Mo Xu (Rb) 02

Ai Xu (Rcb) 03

Ai Fei (Lcb) 05

Hong Da (Lb) 06

Midfield: Callum Ferval (Rw) 20

Pisu Yang (Cm) 08 {C}

Xu Ron (LW) 07

Offense: Julius Versa (Lcf) 17

Lou Ji (Am) 12

Yuga Kanon (Rcf) 10

Bench: Hyung Ji 00

Hunter King 16

Vergus Lict 11

Zhu Longwei 09

Once kick-off began Genma sent a pass straight to Zaza on the back line and made his run, Zaza however didn cross and began to dribble upfield supposedly ignoring those around him. The first one to challenge Zaza was Luo Ji, both players were more on the technical than the physical side so it seemed like the most natural match-up, Yuga, however, didn move from his starting position keeping his eyes trained on Chrome with a certain level of indifference, his eyes still fully Neon and the same black aura still glowing off of the two.

Yuga stood there and turned his attention to the challenge Luo Ji gave with mild interest but did nothing. Regardless of whatever feints or fakes Zaza tried, even if Luo Ji fell the Asura forward refused to let Zaza pass him, though it was clear to all that Zaza was superior in this exchange. Zaza created some distance from his mark before rushing in at full speed towards the right and Luo Ji moved to cover the right as Zaza was going full speed. When the two got close Zaza made a sharp and effective 360 turn to the left to finally break through Luo Ji and move the ball upfield.

Zaza dribbled the ball towards Julius but changed direction halfway through to cut down the middle but for some reason, Yuga ran by him not making an attempt on the ball, only after a few yards did Zaza notice that he no longer had the ball and that Yuga was dribbling the ball up field at a jogging pace. Zaza ran full speed and tried to tackle the ball under Yugas right foot from the back. As the tackle was about to succeed Yuga rolled the ball slightly to the side and left it, Zaza ended up missing the tackle and touching the ball with his trailing hand momentarily; The referee blew for the handball and Zaza got a yellow card giving Asura Youth a free kick from 45 yards out, one that Yuga was going to take.

Yuga:…(this is between me and that Chrome bastard)

Yuga sets himself up and takes a few steps back and then a couple more before taking two steps to the side, Chrome scans the box ahead of him with a frown, and as soon as the whistle went off Yuga sprints at the ball booting it at an angle. The players huddled up at the Astrakhan box 18 rushed in to try and get some contact on the ball entirely blocking off Chromes view of the ball that didn stop the goalkeeper from diving though. The ball cut just above the crowd so no one could reach it and drifted towards the top right corner, that was when Chrome appeared ready to catch the ball with both hands in a fully stretched dive towards the top corner.

Longwei: (Called it) Naive

Tantai: (thats quite the amount of shot power this kid has)

Pisu Yang: (The hell is this brat trying to pull?!)

Chrome: {flinches mid-air} (no)

Before the ball got to the post it arced inward towards the bottom right corner and sunk in there perfectly securing Asura youths third goal.

Yuga: This will definitely be a shut-out… Just not the kind these bastards are expecting {black aura grows and thickens}

Shock filled the stadium as nobody not even the members of Asura Youth thought it was even possible to take a free kick that way from so far out but Yuga had done it and it had secured Asura youths 3rd goal in this match, the better team was now far beyond doubt.

Tantai: So long as Astrakhan doesn produce a player who can use that state anywhere else on the field, we will win this match with an overwhelming scoreline

Longwei: why is that??

Tantai: Because a goalkeeper is limited to his territory, outside of that he becomes a normal player, and if he rushes out to play and at any point they lose the ball, its over (Not only can chrome not do anything about Yuga on offense, but Yuga can overcome Chrome keeper domain with his vision making defense equally as impossible) this is Yugas complete and perfect win

Longwei: I guess its a bad thing they have that damned monster still on the pitch

Tantai: Yeah… I guess a freak like him could still turn this around

Both teams had gotten into position and were waiting for the whistle to go off again, Genma was silent as he looked down at the ball while everyone else on Astrakhan Youth was either shocked or frustrated.

Yuga read all of them with an unworried gaze, if only such a thing would last long. As soon as the match kicked off Genma flicked the ever so slightly to set the ball for himself and took a charging volley towards the Asura Youth goal, the shot had no spin on it and cut like a needle through the Asura Youth line straight towards the top corner like a needle, he scored Astrakhans first goal of the day after 35 minutes shocking everyone present with his power and needle-like accuracy.

Genma: Fuck!!! This team has never been a one-man show so you **ers better stop overlooking me Goddammit it!!!!!

This simple rant, that simple gesture was enough to reignite Astrakhans spirits and finally cause both Yuga and Li Tantai to worry about the results of this match, they had both momentarily forgotten that Astrakhan also had a guy like this on their pitch.

Yuga, Longwei, Tantai, and Chrome all noticed it. When Genma got into position a thick black aura that matched that of Chrome leaked off of Genmas back as well, this was a slightly less ferocious but much more intense black aura than what Chrome was displaying, little did they know, that Genma would soon become the sole most dangerous player on this pitch, one even out of Yugas reach.

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