Field of Magic

Garreth King and Zhu Longwei

Julius and Yuga exchanged passes in the middle and this time it was Yugas turn to move the ball upfield with Julius and Luo Ji supporting him. Callum and Xu Ron sprinted down their respective wings getting some defensive attention but Genma ignored the rest, he rushed in to shut Yuga down and Yuga acknowledged that.

Genma rushed in first and Yuga tried to finish it quickly with a rainbow flick but as the young man trapped the ball on his lap Genma practically rammed into him from the side with Yuga barely keeping his balance but losing control of the ball as it rolled beyond the two of them, both strikers unflinchingly ran for the ball with Yuga being slightly faster but Genma went it a sweeping tackle and as Yuga stepped on the ball to trap it Genma landed the tackle and sent Yuga into a somersault before Yuga hit the floor, however, he wasn down just yet, Yuga ran to recover the ball which Genma had knocked a little ways away and the two constantly collided shoulders as they ran for it.

Yugas eye shone more intensely as just before the two reached the ball Genma tried to body Yuga away, instead, Yuga dodged causing Genma to almost fall over, in his little time Yuga got the ball, made a sharp turn hurriedly dribbling his way up field with Genma chasing close after him.

Before Yuga could do much else Zaza was approaching with Daniel beside him and then, only then, did Yuga notice it, the aura radiating off of Zaza Kimura. In Yugas momentary daze Gemma guided Yuga into Zaza and Daniels range forcing the young man to think on his feet. Yuga was now in a 3-on-1 situation, 2 of which were now in the same state he was in but no matter how he saw it, no matter how he dribbled, the ball always ended up with Zaza as such with gritted teeth Yuga set the ball for Luo Ji who dribbled past the four with Julius beside him making his way upfield, Daniel broke of to mark while both Genma and Zaza stayed on Yuga.

Yuga: (This damned ruffian restricting me so I can break away from Zaza…. Shit) {eyes turn white and a drop of blood leaks from both eyes}

Tantai: Warm up Hunter you
e coming on now

Hunter: Got it {gets up and starts warming up}

Yuga: (screw this guy)

Yuga stops struggling and simply begins to walk towards the other side deeply confusing both of his markers but they followed him anyway. Up ahead Luo Ji was holding onto the ball waiting for space to open up for someone but it never did as the Astrakhan defense was too tight.

Yuga: {Breaks into a sudden sprint} take your shot now!!

Luo Ji didn even stop to think about it and sent a shot towards the top left corner, one that Chrome sent against the bar, and from there surprisingly it went to Xu Ron who was on the left-most side of the box. He cut back and saw Yuga call for a pass near the penalty spot, he unflinchingly sent the cross in and it was now Yuga versus Chrome who had rushed out with Genma and Zaza chasing behind.

Yuga and Chrome approached one another quickly yet when he got the ball got to Chrome the other two weren all that far behind. Yuga dummied the shot and Chrome ended up tackling Yuga so he was jacked into the air and landed heavily on his back, but the damage was done Callum had a free shot on goal and took it putting Astrakhan Youth up 4 – 1, as a result of Yugas fall though Yuga passed out and Chrome got a red card seeing as blood was leaking from Yugas eyes. It was assumed that the shock from the hit caused a rupture somewhere so Chrome had to be sent off, and just like that Genma ended up in Goal for Astrakhan and Zaza moved back up to attack.

Longwei: I don know why, but I can help but feel that it was for the best that it went this way

Tantai: (That… I can agree on)


Yugas P.O.V

I opened my eyes slowly with aches all over my body, my vision was a bit blurry but it cleared up quite quickly and everything seemed, normal though for some reason I was at the academys med room. Thats right the match, I try to jolt up but feel a sharp pain everywhere on my body before a wave of exhaustion hit me, and decide to lay back down, with a pounding head and an aching everything I decide for now its best too sleep and let myself drift off, hoping to soon forget everything.


Readers P.O.V

Yuga lay unconscious in an emergency room and was observed from behind a glass, outside that glass were Longwei and Tantai along with the doctor left in charge of Yuga for his injury period, Mika Nagisa.

Nagisa: Hes been like that for the past few days, slipping in and out of consciousness, suddenly going into shock and all, and as far as I can tell its not a fever dream, he has no outlining medical condition so even Im at a loss, I called you here to tell you that your teammate will definitely have to sit out a few matches if he wants to make a full recovery

Longwei: Don worry too much doctor, we know whats wrong with him it should be done by the end of the week or so, but since his case is a bit more unique though since he overdid it and got injured it may extend anywhere from a month to half a year

Nagisa: What on earth are you on about??

Tantai: Im sure you
e familiar with the Zone state of sports are you not??

Nagisa: Of course I am, usually when a player first steps into the real Zone their body feels bouts of exhaustion and shuts down for a day or two to readjust itself to that new feeling but that and what Yuga is experiencing are fundamentally different.

Longwei: Not really, Yuga here stepped into the deepest level of the zone in one jump, not because he is talented or overly athletic but because he has amazing vision, he is able to take every detail of a match into account simultaneously and use that to make accurate predictions and then that deepest level of the zone raised the quality of his vision and his reliance on that instinctual force

Nagisa: Yes and??

Tantai: its still just a theory for now but we, being people whove been in the zone before. They believe that Yuga not only reached the pinnacle of the zone and his vision but actually combined the two he applied the Zone to his vision and for that very last play that he made or at least when his eyes started bleeding, he had momentarily looked into the future of every player on that field and seen the future of the game, as such he acted on it without any doubt resulting in our final goal against Astrakhan

Longwei: the bleeding was a result of the overload of information he was receiving and the pressure on his eyes for well you know future sight and all that, to make it worse he received a heavy tackle that forced him both out of the Zone and his state of foresight which would have already both had heavy backlash if he eased out of it normally

Tantai: Right now Yuga is getting over the initial shock of the blow, after that he will likely slip into a coma for a month or so, for his body and eyes to recover and readjust so he can do it more frequently, for now, the best you can do for his is put him on a drip and give him sedatives periodically to make the process of getting into the comatose evolution faster

Longwei: Feel free to test him based on what we just said if you don believe it but make a decision quickly… You could save that kid a lot of suffering to come

Tantai: Later doc {leaves with Longwei}

Nagisa: (another case of foresight huh??) Fuck, Ill test it first

Yuga woke up for the first time in two months to find that his body was different, very different, and surprising even him who was aware of how long he was out his body could move as though he had just taken a light nap. If anything it felt lighter and more agile than before and his vision was even sharper than it was before. Though he knew he had missed most of the group stage and needed to know what happened to Asura Youth. The faster the better for him.

Group A-

Daitech Highschool: 18pts: 6W/0D/0L

Yufeng Highschool: 8pts: 2W/2D/2L

Aibo Academy: 4pts: 1W/1D/4L

Velmo Academy: 4pts: 1W/1D/4L

Group B-

Saber Academy:16pts: 5W/1D/0L

Asura Youth: 13pts: 4W/1D/1L

Astrakhan Academy:6pts: 2W/0D/4L

Silvio Academy: 0pts: 0W/0D/6

Group C-

Malmö Youth academy: 14pts: 4W/2D/0L

Naina highschool: 6pts: 0W/6D/0L

Onogiri Academy: 5pts: 1W/2D/3L

Crestel Highschool: 5pts: 1W/2D/3L

Group D-

Daitech B team: 18pts: 6W/0D/0L

Yuqing high school: 12pts: 4W/0D/2L

Haigun Youth: 4pts: 1W/1D/4L

Yinlab Youth: 4pts: 1W/1D/4L

2nd round

Daitech Highschool – Yuging Highschool

Malmö Youth – Saber academy

Yufeng Highschool – Asura Youth

Daitech B team- Naina Highschool

Yuga knew he couldn just up and leave so he decided to wait, the doctor would be here with his first visitors in a few minutes anyway, what surprised him though was that a team with guys Like Chrome and Zaza didn at least get a draw with Saber Academy, He knew the Saber academy offense was tight but, it would take at least two forwards who could access to the Zone to break past Chrome in a match and they had to be skilled with it as his eyes were the only reason he was able to do anything in the match against Chrome.

Yuga: (I guess my body has finished adapting to that feeling I had during the match, I can see a lot more as well) I should probably refrain from fully utilizing my eyes for a little while, if they start bleeding again things will get annoying

Longwei: {walks into Yugas ward} I agree, it would be annoying

Tantai: {walks I after Longwei} hes finally up and running I see

Yuga: Lets go, I have a lot of training to do if I want to meet up with the team and start the next match we have

Longwei: You won be starting in that match Yuga or any of the ones after that for that matter

Yuga: Why is that??

Longwei: Gareth King came back three days into your coma, and has been playing all our matches since for all 90 minutes, sometimes even more { turns towards the door and walks off} you aren important anymore little Cannon

Tantai: Ignore him, though it is true that Gareth is back so it would be smart not to act all arrogant from now on

Yuga: {grins} and why would you all assume Gareth is superior to me?? (Enters Zone} I have never backed down from a challenge and I don plan to start now

Tantai: {smiles in relief} just don fall too far behind alright?? {Walks} clean yourself up while I sign you out.

Yuga: got it cap {eyes glow ever so slightly}

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