Flames of love and war

When good had evil \'s eyes on it...

Korean origin Suhong murdered his uncle Kangho, the former Mafia King of underworld and established his own empire. He killed all the people of Kangho and assigned his own people for those illegal works. Inspite of being evil and ruthless he was very ambitious. Ambitions that destroyed the lives. He was five years old when he saw his uncle Kangho killed his grandfather and father to get the throne of mafia thats when he decided to take his revenge and get his throne back. He had set a limit of destruction and terror that was infinite. All he knew that he had to get most loyal and skilled people for the dream he had seen. His hunt for the men started when he was seven.

He was escaping after having murdered a police officer. He was running and running when he came across the abandoned part of town. The only thing in his mind was not to get caught. He came across a dark stinky street and entered without giving it a second thought. He cold hear the chaos of police getting closer when his eyes fell on a curled up figure lying on the cold floor. He almost have assumed it dead body if he hadn noticed it shivering. Suhong went towards the kid and placed a jacket on him. The kid flinched had by the touch. They were busy staring at each other with unknown gaze until they heard the shouts of policemen. That kid seemed to have noticed Suhongs expression and quickly hid him behind the junk and waited for the police to go. After Suhong felt that no one was left behind he came out.

”Whats your name? ” The first thing he asked that kid.

”Thanks for the jacket. ” The kid said

”Would you like to work with me? ” Suhong said forwarding his hand

”Will I get food? ”

Thats how Suhong got his first man.

*Meanwhile somewhere in world during night.*

The night was darker than ever with the stormy winds and loud thunders making it more scary. The people stayed at home hoping that flood might take place. When everyone was anxious for the upcoming night there was someone very happy.

”Yess!!! Woohoo!!! I did it. I knew I will make it. ”

The Korean-American scientist Dr.Jo exclamation in happiness. ”My invention can save this world. I just entered my name in the book of greatest revolutionaries!! I can believe it. I am genius. ” He continued praising himself.

He grabbed his coat and umbrella and left his lab. He was very happy and wanted to look around his city. He went to the biggest tower situated at the entrance of the city to have a better look of his city. He was busy admiring the city not until he noticed something that made his eyebrows to frown and eyes to be narrowed. He quickly rushed at that place. He reached there while panting heavily and being almost muddy because of slipping quiet a lot because of carelessness. Spotting the one he was looking for he bent down to her level.

”Hey… ” he said slowly tucking the wet strands behind her ear.

The little girl flinched hard by the touch and Jos eyes softened witnessing her vulnerable state.

*After some time at Jos house*

”Lia??? Honey!!!Look whos here… ”

Hearing Jo, his wife Lia and his son James rushed towards the living room with curiosity. But soon their curiosity replaced with confusion see a little girl coverd with mud and water dripping along with mud from her clothes, making a mess on the floor.

”Dad who is she? ” James asked pointing towards the girls who had been gripping tightly on his fathers hand ever since he entered.

”Introduce yourself to them. ”Jo told the girl.

”Uughh… my name is Raily. ”The girl said being nervous.

Lia didn understand the situation but before showering her husband with questions she felt pity for the girl.

”Raily you are all socked in water come I will give you a warm bath. ” Saying this she took her to freshen her.

”So now tell us. ”

Lia asked Jo as they settled in the living room leaving Raily in kitchen with dinner. The eight years old James was listening carefully to his parents.

”First of all I have completed my project. ” He said earning their wide smiles.

”I was returning to home when something caught my eyes. A car came and threw someone like a garbage bag in the mud and left it without caring about the heavy rain. When I went closer, I was so shocked to see the sight in from of me. She sat there hugging her knees. My heart broke even more to see her red eyes and the tears that were mixing with the rain. When I asked her about herself… ”


”Heyy… ”he said slowly tucking the wet strands behind her ear. Raily flinched hard due to touch.

”Don worry I am not going to harm you. My name is Jo but I think I lost my way to home what about you? ” He tried to be friendly with her.

Seeing the hesitation which was clearly written all over her face, he slowly sat beside her.

”Aghh I am so hungry ” Saying g this he slowly took out the chocolate from his coat.

”If you want I can share it with you. ” He said looking at that hunger in her eyes.

She sgain look at him with hesitation but finally took the chocolate. They both were enjoying the chocolate.

”Thanks ” The only thing he heard as she finished her part of chocolate.

”I only share my chocolate with friends so now we are friends so no need to thank. ” Jo said smiling. Seeing his plan work Jo again asked

”So now we are friends so you can tell me about you.

At first she thought but finally said after seeing the smile of Jo

”My name is Raily. Some months age few bad people took me away when I was on a trip with my orphanage and didn let me go back. They took me to a dirty place and told me to steal the things and I said no because stealing is bad. They didn give me food and hit me so much. But I am a good girl I didn listen to them so they threw me here. ”she let out everything crying.


”I couldn stand her state so I bought her here.i want to help her so I decided something if you two agree. Lets adopt her. ”said Jo

”Is that even a question to ask. She is so sweet and innocent. It will bless for my ears if she calls me mom. ” Said Lia whose eyes were wet due to the girls story.

”Wow so now I can flex that I too got a sibling as a baby sister. ” said James who had been hearing everything.

It has been 20 years since everything happened. Time flew like dust that got stuck in peoples lives by the name of Suhong, the dangerous mafia. The street boy Jungho had now become a deadly assassin of Suhong. James had grown to be a smart and calm man while his sister had grown to be the one of the finest artist known.

All of them were moving on their path swiftly achieve more.

But you never know it was the beginning of the mess…

Mess created by dangerous ambitions….

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