Its been two days since Raily tried to escape.

Looks like she has accepted that nobody can escape me. Jungho thought to himself.

Suddenly he stops citing the wood when he remembers what Suhong told him the another day..

*Flashback**On call*

”Speak ” demanded Suhong.

”I want to know about this mission ” Jungho spoke sternly.

”You just keep her till I say ”

”Her brother didn seem to respond. ”

”Don ask questions an do your work. ”

”I want to know because I have indirectly became a part of it. ”

”You suddenly seem too interested. ”

”And you don seem to answer me. ”

”Listen Jungho! I have been working on this for four years. Have you ever wondered why did I force you to take care of bait? Cause its in plan. I don want anyone to know about this. ”

”Damn it! I have become a part now! ”

”You will know soon. Till then just know that I will be the ultimate ruler of Eurasian continent. It has to succeed. If that bastard don hurry then I myself chop his sister and present it to him. ” saying this Suhong hung up the call.

Jungho found it extremely suspicious, cause never had he ever not been provided by the information of their mission.

He was already confused at first when he was told to kidnap a girl and keep her safe. This wasn the way they work. This wasn the way he work.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and thought seriously I need to find everything.

He knew that everyone was loyal to Suhong and doubted that Kimwoo was the only one to know details of mission except Suhong himself. He had to betray Suhongs trust on him to satisfy his curiosity.

He took his car out from the hideout and drove straight to nearby town.

Raily hadn recovered fully yet had been stretching her muscles whenever alone.

”I can waste my time here. I will initiate my plan tomorrow. ” she thought when saw Jungho entering with many bags in his hands.

”So he has a vehicle hidden. Looks like a town is nearby. she thought still staring at the man in her front.

”Don think much. You are not going to find anything. And its not like you can escape. ” Jungho said not looking at her.

”Huh! ” she was in perplex that how did he know what she was thinking!

”What are you talking about? ” she again she pretending to be dumb.

”Pretending to act dumb huh! Listen girl I am already in trouble by babysitting you. Don try me I dare you. ” he said firstrated

”You don have to babysit me if you didn had kidnapped mein the first place. ” she said rolling her eyes.

”You got guts! Lucky you I am patient. ” he said

Hearing this she looked upon him only to get feared by him. She said everything before being annoyed but when she looked into his eyes she just gulped hard.

” Not those eyes again! ” he internally scolded himself for loosing his mind.

”Take these clothes. We are having meat tonight. ” he said throwing a bag towards her.

”Did he just bought me clothes? ” she stared at him in disbelief.

She was laying on the hay bed which he made for her, little far from his. Both were pretending to sleep.

Jungho could feel the hesitation in her actions even with his back facing her.

”Say it. ” he spoke.

It took her a while to answer.

”You cook too good. ”

He looked at her with unknown gaze. She wasn looking at him but somewhere on wall. He always has known about his excellence in all the things he do. So it was common for him to get compliments and he never paid attention to any of those compliments. But today when she praised him out of blue, he surely felt different. He didn knew how to react and laid silently.

They woke up and went to lake to freshen up. Raily went first. She just finished wearing the clothes that Jungho brought her a day before. She suddenly felt a grip on her shoulder making her flinch.

She turned around only to see a middle aged tribal woman. She immediately remember her previous encounter with these tribal people. She struggled to go or when she felt the lady tightening her grip. She knew that this lady is no good for her. She twisted her hand and laid her on ground.

The lady seemed to know the fighting skills and within a blink of eye a cat fight started.

Jungho had been waiting for Raily a little far from the lake. But his patience grew more when she was taking more time then usual. He thought for a while and cursed himself before finally marching towards the lake.

He stood there, watching two women fighting with poker face, yet a little amount of astonishment in his eyes.

Huh! Only a woman can fight a woman he thought himself.

His slightest smile faded when he saw Raily tieing that woman with tree. He approached her with frown.

Raily saw him coming towards her while picking a stone in his hand. Before he could approach that slightly unconscious woman and kill her, she stepped in front of him.

”Move! Let me kill her already. ” he said.

”What for? She can do anything now. She is injured enough not to get out of these veils ties. Let her be. She is of no harm. ” she explained.

”She must die. ”

”I see no reason to kill her. She acted as per her nature. Let me act as mine. ”

He was looking at her with dazed eyes. Her explanation seemed so true. Listening to her, for the first time, he left the person who messed with him alive.

On their way back, Railys mind was so clouded. She thought that he might not listen to her and kill that woman. Maybe he is not that cruel.

Reaching the cottage, he faced her.

”I won be here for sometime. Everything you need is here. Dare to step out of here and you will regret. ” he said and again locked her in before going out.

Yeah this is the right time. Raily thought to herself as she packed some food and water while stretching her body.

She waited some time before breaking the door after struggling a little.

Ouch! My shoulder she winned as the door was quite strong.

As soon as the door opened, she started walking in random direction.

I have to find a way to town. said encouraged herself.


Junghos curiosity about the mission was rising so he ordered his loyal men to investigate about it. He knew how hard was it to get information and won be disappointed if they had no information. He parked his car near a hospital as soon as he reached the town.

He went to the basement where the dead bodies were kept. No sooner did he entered, then he was greeted by three men.

”Anything? ” he sounded serious as he took seat.

”Yes not much. ” one of the man named Jihon said.

”You were right something is very fishy. ” another named Sojun said.

”Suhong went to meet James around for years ago and returned furious. ” the third guy named Hojoon said after giving some pics to Jungho.

”I think Suhong wanted James to work for him and James being honest rejected his offer. ” Jihon said.

”It is sure that Raily is being used as bait for something big. ” Sojun said.

”The thing that bothers me about taking care of that girl. Who takes care of their hostage? ” Jungho said calmly.

Jungho knew how thirsty Suhong was for power. He trusted his men and they continued discussing till it was evening when Jungho decided to go back.

Raily had been walking continuously from dusk till dawn. She was tired when she finally accepted that she was lost in jungle. The only relief she had was being successfully escaping from Jungho. Not so later, when she saw the city lights at distance. Her body relaxed at the sight when her muscles automatically started going towards it. She soon reached the place reliasing it as a small suberg of a city. She entered a restaurant and requested the owner to lent her a phone call. She called James quickly. The call was received by Robert, James right hand.

”Hello? ” Robert asked.

”Hey Robert! Its me, Raily. I am at New Ritozs. Please came here quickly. I am waiting at church. ” she said in one go.

”Ok! Stay there. ” he said and hung up.

Jungho reached the cottage and his blood boiled seeing the door broken. He immediately took out his phone and started the track Raily down. He growned in anger finding her location in the suberg. He just returned from there. He quickly took out his motorbike and rode towards the place. His grip on accelerator tightened, increasing the speed he tried to control his anger.

”This girl!! I swear she will be the cause of my death. ” he cursed under his breath.

Nearly half an hour passed when she was sitting in church and eating berries she had packed when she heard helicopter sound. She immediately stood up and went out. She stopped when she saw a rope hanging down on her and Robert coming down. He was finally in front of her. He looked at Raily, held her firmly and said, ”You have a lot to tell. ” and ultimately climbed up the rope. She finally breath in peace as she was finally going to meet her brother.

Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at Robert who was already starting at her.

”How is James? Is he ok? Where is he now? Does he know about me? ” Raily showered Robert with questions.

”He is fine. A little stressed. I will take you to him tomorrow. Lets go to your house today. ” he said.

She would usually avoid Robert and his men cause she didn got good vibes from them.

They reached her house around 10.


Jungho was little far from the town when he said a helicopter with a man trying to take Raily up.

”This girl has got guts. ” he said not liking the way she was held in that mans grip.

”Now I have to kidnap her with more security around. ” he thought as he turned the location on.

He had been following the location since a long when he finally realised where she was going.

”She is going to her house back! ” he exclaimed.

Raily just took the shower and came out. Soon she frowned in confusion not finding any guard in her house.

”Huh! Where did all go? There are just two of them at gate. ” she asked spotting Robert in the hallway.

They went for dinner. Are you ok? ” he said coming towards her.

”Yea. ” she said not receiving good feels.

”Are you sure? He is a beast. ” he again said, stepping into her personal space.

Before she could find words to avoid the situation, Robert grabbed her shoulders, pulling her more closer to him.

Her breathing became unstable with sudden amount of anxiety rushing into her veins. She felt disgusted. She yanked his hands away.

”You don have to touch me. ” she said little angry.

”Why are you backing away. I promise I won hurt you if you behave. ” he chuckled.

”Don cross your limits if you don know consequences. ” she said fearing as she saw her worst nightmare coming true.

”Come on! Don play hard. You will love it. ” he said grabbing her waist.

Disgust. Thats all she felt; when she kicked his balls hardly before pushing him harshly on ground, running out. Robert growled at pain. Soon he composed himself.

”You are wild, I see. Don worry I will give you same pain on same place and you are going to love it. ” he said as he went after her.

She knew martial arts. But he was a well trained commando. She would hit him with all her effort and yet he wouldn even bulge.

She was running like crazy in her house when she was pulled towards a hard chest.

”Got ya! ” he said back hugging her as she struggled victoriously in his grip.

Robert was so done with her. He lifted her up and threw her on his shoulders like she was a cotton bag and carried her to her room.

Once in room, he threw her harshly on the bed and hovered above her. His legs on her legs, preventing them to move and his one hand pinning her hands above her head.

She was tired but still struggling non stop for her pride.

”You are so stubborn babygirl! Lets give you a little punishment. ” he said as he leaned to kiss her.

She was fast enough to move her face aside, making him land his lips on her jaw. He started sucking her jaw.

Tears brimmed in her eyes when she felt his lips traveling to her neck and his hand moving up to her stomach.

Her eyes were shut tight, when she felt the weight upon jerking off herself. She shot opened her eyes and found Jungho looking at her with red eyes.

She crawled back till her back hit the headstand as soon as she her Roberts grown. Junghos eyes went stuck on her observing her state; hairs all messed, tears on the cheeks, t-shirt torned from shoulders, and marks on her neck and jaws. He saw her trembling state and how her eyes were following Robert.

Robert got up and went towards Jungho to punch him which he successfully dodged with his eyes still on Raily.

Robert pushed him hard towards the cupboard, breaking it. Soon a deadly fight started between a cammando and an assassin.

Raily was scared enough not to see the bare handed fight of two men. She tightly closed her eyes.

It was a long time when she heard someones scream when she opened her eyes only to get them widened.

She saw Junghos hands covered in blood with a piece of broken glass and Robert lying lifeless on the ground with a cut on his throat.

Her breathes fastened as she saw him taking big steps towards her.

”I won carry you all the way back. Follow me. ” he said.

She quietly stood up started walking behind with her eyes not daring to leave his feet.

She bumped on his back when he suddenly stopped and then backed away.

”Take a bath and freshen up. I will be down. Don make me wait. ” he said and went out.

She let out her tears once the cold water of shower touched her skin.

Jungho was in kitchen, packing the food when his eyes went on the security alarm on the counter.

Looks like your brother is much worried about you. Still he won be able to save you from me. he thought.

”Lets go. ” he said as he felt her presence.

She saw him loading the bag on the bike.

”Bike? ” she mumbled.

”So? ” he said.

”You can use my car. ”

”So that your brother can easily trase you down. ”

She didn say anything further and sat behind him. ait was past midnight with almost no people around.

”AHH! Stop it ” she screamed while grabbing his shoulders from behind, being afraid of the insane speed of his driving.

He stopped the bike.

”Get down. ” he said.

”Huh! ” she frowned.

”Get down I said. ” he raised his voice.

She immediately got down. Soon after he stood in front of her glaring down at her head down figure.

”Look here. ” he commanded.

”Look here I said. ” he shouted again, grabbing her arm and pulling her closer.

”What do you think of yourself huh? I told you thousands of times not to test my patience, didn I? Why are you trying to be smart? Why the hell are you so desperate to get yourself in trouble? Am I misbehaving with you? You are a hostage here but did I treat you like one? Did I ever harmed you? Do you know what would have happened if I won have reached one time? Do you… ”

”Stop it! ” she yell for first time.

”What do you expect? You are taking care of me just to use me later. You think I don know? You are just a mere puppet of your boss. You will push me in the hell if he signs you to do so. Do you know how it feels when someone tries to take advantage of you? For you hurting me is as easy as throwing a stone in sea. But you will never know how deep that stone goes. I am not a weak girl. I will fight you no matter how many times you stop me. ” she say crying a mess.

He knows how much pain it gets being backstabbed by the loyal one. He knows how it feels to be used. He was starting at her with a little amount of softness. Usually, he won think anything but your words were true and he gave a thought to them.

The thunder rumbled and the sky cried with her.

He was about to hold her arm when he got a call from Suhong.

”Bring that girl to our island. Lets play with our beautiful pray. ” he hung up without hearing reply.

Now Jungho was feeling more pity of her. He knew that she was innocent and was being dragged into the dark. She was going to bere a lot.

He looked at her with concerned eyes and hugged her tightly.

She widened her eyes still crying and struggled to get out of his grip.

He tightened his grip when she stopped struggling and sobbed silently in his embrace.

There is mud everywhere

So dirty that no-one goes in

Amidst the ray of moon, a lotus seem to bloom in this mud

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