Darkness covering the wide skies,

Lightning that can cower someone with fear.

Loud thunder and heavy rain can only be heard everywhere,

The sky is weeping, as if feeling the pain this unknown man is having,

Weeping while his heart is being ripped to pieces. Begging for that cold hand to have warmth one more time.

As the thunder and lightning became louder, this man knelled beside the cold corpse.

”This is unforgiveable! This pain! This pain is invalid! This shouldn have happened! Because of a mere human being alive, the love of my life now lays lifeless! ”

For he has been living in solitude. Always alone. Being by himself all those years.

Slowly those tragedies came alive to his memories. But with a single hand that were able to reach him, these memories became vivid to him.

His life suddenly became unknown. This lifeless hand that hes been trying to grip is already cold. But his heart can
accept it!

”All because of this thing that the love of my life is gone! ” Screaming with so much pain is all he could do. Nonetheless weeping his heart out.

She easily gave up her life for this insolent child!

His vision became clear as the rain falls heavily.

”You are nothing but a useless life for her to die like this! ” A voice that full of hatred.

He looked around to his servants whos now on their knees.

This child must— ”

”Master I beg of you ” One of his servants beg in his crack voice. ”I beg of you not to hurt the young master. ”

His heart full of hatred, eyes that squinted to the newly born child that didn even shed a tear.

”You must know death— ”

”Master! ” Every servant trembled in fear.

Their Master is being devoured by anger. Hatred to the child that killed its mother.

”This child must suffer. This child must not know death! ”

A magical circle appeared to the poor child.

Servants tremble in fear when they witness the curse their master is about to create.

However one of his loyal servant came to the childs rescue, but it was too late for him to save his innocent young master from the curse.

”You shall not perish from this world! Every temptation of death is equivalent to excruciating pain! I curse this sinner to live for eternity! ”

”Y-young master! ” Cried from the servant who was swallowed by the magic circle.

”This curse cannot be undo, for this sinner must never die! this child will live eternally in pain, only in the midst of chaos you will be free from this! ”

Several ritual was done, the heavy rain continue to fall and the unknown man became lifeless looking at the love of her life turning into ashes.

Dead bodies of a saintess became ashes when they die.

As the remaining ashes was being scattered, thunders became louder, the fading light from that magic circle disappear, everything disappear as well as the unknown master of the servants.

”Young master, forgive me for failing to protect you. ” whispering this words. ”This curse your father do is irreversible. ”

”T-The young master, oh poor child.! ”

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