ed, where we will be sleeping together. Preapring meal for our dinner.

Since, am not much of a cleaner, going to the kitchen is all I can do. Cooking light food is easy, and food for our drinking seasion.

”Is everything okay there? ” Adriane ask while putting the beer inside the fridge.

”Yup, this is almost ready. How about the bed? ” I ask back.

”We moved it at the theater room, and we don have to worry about rest rooms and fridge, since its all in there. ” She explain.

”How about the two of them, they are not sleeping yet right? ”

”Nah, we took our time while taking our turn on driving earlier, so we are not tired at all. ”

After some time, preparing the meal is ready, everyone helped with the table setting and grab the food!

Enjoying every topic we are discussing, beer on each hand, laughing and singing, but me, on the other hand, infront of my laptop busy typing.

And Typing…

And typing…

”So you didn like that Gale before? ” Tessa ask the question, direct to me.

”Nope. ” I shake my head slightly and closed my laptop.

”We have been friends for decade yet you never get involve to any bachelors.. ” Ellis

Drinking the last shot of my beer, and opening a new one. ”I want someone, whos not after the fame, the money and the body…. ”

”The body! ” they said in unison and we all laugh.

”For real, what is your ideal? ” Adriane.

”Yeah, for real, you have never been kissed, damn! You didn live in the outskirts you know. ” Tessa.

I smiled. ”Someone whos willing to die for my protection… ” After I said that, something caught my eye again.

They were all talking, but I didn give them any attention. It was a blur light of blue and red. That was a fast light travel fast through my eyes.


I look back to them, they are still alive and non stop talking.

”You bet, no ones stupid enough to die for your safety. ” Adriane frankly said.

I nod. ”I know, and hey am still young. So thinking about ideals is out of way, yet. ”

”Yet, ” Tessa who even pointed her beer to me. ”Your books are enough to marry you.! Like, babe, flirt back sometimes! have a wonderful one night stand, gets chased by a millionaire! A handsome one! ”

I roll my eye and drink. ”If its millionaire, I have millions ”

”Well, thats the truth, anyway, you have the best love stories in your books, and here you are, with friends. ” Tessa

”Ah, so would it be rather to some random guy? ” I asked back.

They just laughed at me.

”I talked to Brandon about this outing. ” Tessa, the only one who has been in a long standing relationship.

”Well, am still enjoying with some other guys. ” Ellis answered.

”So am I. ” Adriane.

”Am Good, truth be told. And am happy the way it is. ” I honestly answered.

End of story.

Nah, we have another round of beers, and knowing them for years, this beer is not enough to make them get drunk.

When the time turn twelve and our beers are about to be finished, I slowly move to clean the mess we all created.

After I did some cleaning, I check the rest room to make sure its open, well, I really have a bad habit of going to the rest room in the middle of the night.

”Everything settled now to be asleep. ” Ellis

”Okay, I need a minute. ” I talk to her and prepare my things before sleeping.

I was in the middle of washing my face, when I felt a cold air behind me. What a scary air.

So instead of turning my head to face the strange cold air, I wipe my face first, took some breath and face this effin scary cold air.

I thought, I have seen something. But all I ever saw, was that weird blur light again.

This time, it passes through the closed door, it was not blue nor red. It was something near the color silver.

I almost run out from the restroom, when I saw Ellis standing infront of the door.

”Whats taking you long babe? ” She asked.

Shaking my head, ”N-nothing. ”

”Get some sleep now. ” She said and entered the restroom.

As I lay down beside Adriane, who is now sleeping peacefully, I stare at the ceiling.

Maybe, I have been so tired lately.

Yeah, maybe..

a cold wind, blows from my back, so I slightly move my body to look who it was behind me.

But that made me feel confuse, how..?

How am I standing now? In the middle of nowhere?

When I last remember was, laying beside Adriane.

How the hell did I come here?! In the middle of these weird feild.

Another cold wind blow, that made my hair fly anywhere, I used my hand to fix my hair in place and try to look around.

Without any directions, I started walking. I saw that tree again, that fat tree!

It was now standing infront of me, but I didn see this tree when I was walking!

Looking back from where I started walking, I found another place.

A guillotine?!

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