he time. ” She assured me.

Phin started walking so Adriane followed him and we continue this hiking.

Alas slowed down his pace and walking behind me.

”You must be careful. ” He reminded me. I smiled to him and followed Ellis, who is still holding my hand.

Few more steps, I have to make my pace faster since I can be any slower while Ellis holding my hand.

I stop walking when I heard a waterfall sound.

”Is there a fall nearby? ” I ask with excitement.

”Yeah, we will be reaching the river then we will head to the top. We will be able to see a waterfalls there. ” It was Alas.

So, as he said, I got excited to see the falls. I mean, enjoying the cold water in my feet won be bad, right?

I have always this excitement for waterfalls. It makes me feel like a child excited to bath in the rain.

Thats how I always feel.

”And we are here! ”

I was in awe for this wonderful nature my eyes have witnessed.

Clear water, the sound of that waterfalls, the green leaves of the forest. It was a magnificent view.

”Can we jump from here? ” I suddenly blurted out a question.

”We can, though the water level down there might be six feet tall. ” Alas.

Smiling and enhaling this fresh air, cities barely have this unpolluted airs.

”Sure? ” I wanted to make sure.

”Can you swim, though? ” this time it was Phin who asked me.

The four of us went into silent because of that question.

Knowing that only Ellis can swim,

”W-well, we can enjoy the view. ” Adriane.

Tessa looks like shes trying to hold her laughter, when our eyes met, I made sure that she can see my eyes rolling!

We checked for a place our mini picnick for resting. Under the shade of this huge tree near the river.

”So are you enjoying this? ” It was Tessa who asked me.

I gave her a nod and smile. ”Nature really is amazing. ”

”Truth.! ” Ellis. ”We can find something like this in the city. ”

”Yeah, even behind your mansion. ” Adriane, who is now busy sharing the sandwiches they made before we left the house.

”Well, behind my mansion is different from this. ”

”Yup! Though, maybe having a big mansion, far from the city, is quite amazing too. ” Adriane, who sit beside me.

”Theres nothing wrong with my mansion girls. ” I told them.

After a few more minutes of talking and eating, they all wandered and left me with my pen and notepad.

Starting to write down whatever ideas my mind have.

I was being drowned with my ideas. My hand starting to move faster to match with all of my ideas to jot down, when I felt that the entire place around me became so silent.

My eyes started to move around, the trees are all dancing with the air, it goes all in the same direction, I look down at the water flow.

I didn bother with the silence so I continued writing, when suddenly I heard a sound from my back. My heart started to rumble when I didn hear any voice from my colleague.

Another sound of a foot step that made me turn to look behind.

My heart didn calm down, due to this silence, that I just realize, why the hell I can hear anything?!

Despite the sound of the pen I am using.

Cold wind blows stronger. And what I saw made me gasp!


”W-w-w-w-wh-at….! ” I can find any words from my mouth, gaping wide as I stare at that guillotine!

I am all aware that this is not a dream! A freaking guillotine, standing firm in very front of me!

”T-Tessa….! ” I tried to shout, but it came out as a whisper.

Another blow of that f*cking wind cold. I heard a weird sound, I try checking only to find out the blade falling down!


I wanted to runaway. To run fast, but my feet feels like being glued.

”ELLIS! ” again, another whisper came out from my mouth.

I look away for a second, when I look again to that guillotine, It stands the way it didn fall its blade!

Another sound of a weird one, then the blade is about to fall again.

My heart can take this. I can barely breathe because of how scared I am, my sight became blurry.

Trying to calm down, when I heard the loud sound of that blade falling down, I wanted to pinch myself, but when I heard the sound of the blade, I lose all my concsiousness…

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