A cold feeling touched my cheek. I groaned from it, and another pinch from the other side of my cheek.

As I opened my eyes, it was a worried face of Ellis and Adriane is what I saw.

”G-girls… ”

”Oh goodness gracious! ” Tessa who hugged me, help me comeback to my senses.

”What happened? ” I asked them.

Adriane sigh. ”We came to check on you. Only to find out that you have a fever. ”

That made me realize. I suddenly got up and check my sorrounding, when I noticed that we are already inside the theater room where we slept.

”What ?! ” I was so worried about what happened. Why am I here with them now?

Didn they try to wander around the river….

”The river! What happened there? ” I panicked as I remember what I saw there.

”You have been asleep for the whole day. We even called a doctor to check up on you. ” Ellis

I was shouting for their names. The guillotine.

”oh right…back then, I saw— ”

They were all waiting for me say a word. But it really won come out. As if I forgot it all of a sudden. ”W-what happened, back then? ”

I look down to think, I can clearly remember what I saw back then, but why is it, that everytime I am trying to say a word about it, It made me feel like I forgot about it all alone?

”We came back to check on you, when I saw you were sleeping peacefully, I told them that we should go home. ” Adriane, gave me a glass of water. ”Ellis tried to wake you up, but we found out that you have a fever! ”

”If you aren feeling well, you should have just told us! ” Tessa, anger is being written all over her face.

”No, I… ”

”Look, we planned this out for you, even how excited we all are, you must keep your health in check first! ” Ellis.

”No, I mean, back then…. ” as I was trying to reason out, my head suddenly became dizzy. Again, this blurriness. I tried holding my forehead. ”Sorry.. ” Is all I could say, despite trying to explain to them what I saw earlier, it won come out from my mouth.

”How do you feel now? ” Tessa.

”Thanks… ” I gave back the empty glass to Adriane. ”Am all good now.Sorry about what happened.

”They were all worried. Phin has to carry you back. And we can go back there for now. ” Tessa.

”Its almost midnight. ” Ellis informed me.

”Sorry, I must have spoiled our outing. ”

”Your health matters! ” Adriane almost shouting at me.

”Let her be. ” Tessa ”Anyways, we can always travel back next time. ”

”Yeah, and next time… ” Adriane pinching my cheek.

”—ouch! ”

”…you should tell us if you are unwell. We can all set aside this travels, okay? ” Adriane.

”Promise. ” To end this discussion, I smiled, reassuring them.

It seems like, they are really into being my guardian, they didn really let me sleep easily, until I could say I finally understand every single words they said. Tessa even pinched my nose harder when I rolled my eyes to them.

”This is for your safety! ” nagging at me.

”I know, sorry about what happened. ” Smiling while in bed makes me feel assured now that I am with them.

Now that everyone settled down to sleep, I wonder what really happened back then.

I clearly saw that guillotine, but when I think about telling it to them, makes me feel dizzy all of a sudden and forgetting a word.

A guillotine, as if its ready to cut someone elses head. Isn it for executions before? Old times, used for executing criminals?

But, why am I seeing it?

Did I do something? Or will I do something in the nearest future to be subjected an execution?

Thinking hard, I faced to my right side. Its Adrianes sleeping face I see. Sleeping peacefully after nagging me for almost an hour.

I was fine when we left the house for that hiking. I simply spoil or outing.

My bad.

Looking at Adrianes sleeping face makes me feel calm. How can someone like her be so beautiful.

As I was pondering with my thoughts, I didn even know I fall asleep in no time.

When I open my eyes, again, I found myself standing in the middle of a feild. This time, this is no longer the weird feild. Flowers are everywhere.

Wasn I asleep next to my girls? So, where am I again?

Am I dreaming?

Maybe, yes, may this be another weird dream of mine.

I look around, this feild of flowers is huge, that I can see any trees within my sight.

This maybe a dream, So am sure that I will wake up in no time.

Thats what I am thinking when I started to walk around. My hand touching the tip of the flower.

Looking around and enjoying the scene, I smile. Fresh air, fresh sight.

What bothers me is that weird light again. This time no longer blurred. It is a silver light that I have been seeing when we came to our outing.

”Am I bothering? Or did I disturb something? ” I blurted out a question.

I followed that silver light, at first it was matching my pace, but in a second it feels like it wanted me to follow. So i tried to walk faster.

”Where are you going?! ” I ask. Though am not sure about why am I following this light, still I am being obliged to do so.

Five minutes has been passed, and I am now out of breathe so I stop walking.

I am ready to take some rest when I saw my legs. Shocked of the sudden change of my clothes!

Wasn I wearing my red pajamas? So, why, and how did I change from pajamas to this plain white dress?

This is still a dream right? A dream?

”What— ” My question stop midway when I noticed that fat tree standing infront of me.

”What is even happening in this dream?! ”

My heart started to rumble, I don wanna see that guillotine again!

Seeing this tree makes me tremble in fear. ”Please let me wake up from this tree.. ” I silently prayed.

I was ready to leave this place when that freaking tree! A freaking tree moving as if it was a human in a form of tree!

”P-please….. let me wake up from this dream. ” I closed my eyes, praying to be awake, but when I open my eyes, I am still standing infront of this fat tree!

”Please. Am nothing but a scaredy cat! ” The branches of tree moved. As if its laughing of what I said.

I took a deep breathe and talk. ”Will I wake up from this dream? ” Asking, talking as if I am infront of a human.

”Of course! ”

My heart stops when I heard that. ”You will milady. ”

Another words and am out of my breathe.

”You will wake up, this is not a dream. We wanted to see you. ”

”Oh…my… f*cking go— ” Even before I could finish my words, my concsiousness is about to lose. A tree talking to me?! A tree answering my question..?!

”Forgive us for scaring you, but we will meet again, and you shall be meeting Master…. ”

It was still talking, the words became hazy, I didn quite understand its words. But it mentioned about master.

Who ever you are, am not ready to meet you.

Gasping for air, I sit up from laying.

Looking around, my girls are still asleep. I wipe the sweat on my forehead.

”Yeah, it was all a dream.. ” I mumble and lay down again.

”You okay babe? ” I heard Ellis sleepy voice. She took an effort to touch my forehead. Checking if I still have a fever.

”Y-yes. I was just dreaming. ” I said and gets closer to her. She put her arm around my waist and whisper.

”Get more sleep, we will be going back home before the sun sets. ”

Nodding my head while smiling at her, I close my eyes.

Why the hell am I seeing those dreams? Are they telling me not to be here? Or was it kind of like premonition of my life?

For goodnesd sake, I am nothing but a writer. I may have saved for my future, but all I did was write a book! And I did not harras anyone to help me.

Please, I don wanna be in a dream again. I prayed as I closed my eyes to get back to sleep.

But to my disappointment, I opened my eyes infront of that fat tree.

”Girls, we can leave at Three PM. ” Tessa.

”I think, coming here is a bad idea at all. ”Ellis.

Seated in the couch, thinking deeply. Whats with that tree?! Why am I dreaming infront of that tree?!

Should I have cut that tree at all?!

”Yeah, it was really a bad idea. ” Adriane said.

I flinched when I felt her palm touching my cheek.

”W-what was it? ” I ask confuse.

”Maybe you are not cut out coming to forests. ” She said, smiling gently.

Again, confusion shown to my face. ”Why..how can you said that?! ”

”You have been sick, you sure you are not hylophobic, babe? ” Adriane.

”When did I ever said.. ”

”Did you gets scared of the forest? ” Ellis.

We are currently in the living room, discussing this scared of forests thing.

Its one PM, and we are just waiting for the car we used.

But why would I be hylophobic?

”No! ” I greatly disaggreed. ”I am honestly well when we came here! ”

”Nah! Talk to my hands! ” Tessa disggreed and gave me that deadly gaze. ”Yes, you were. But when we started going into the forest, you suddenly became unwell. ”

”Telling us you were fine was a lie, right? ” Adriane.

”G-gir— ” I did not finish my words when we heard the sound of an engine.

”Let-s continue our topic while on the way.. ” Tessa.

I followed them going out the house.

”Is everything ready, ladies? ” It was Phin who came out from the car.

”Yes. ” The three of them answered in unison.

Looking around, I saw that tree infront of the gate.

What confused me, was when I didn see the fat tree!

D-Did it really walk on its own?!

No, wait, in my dream I heard it talked. I talked!

”Prestine! ”

All my thoughts about that damn tree stops when someone called my name.

”You must leave sooner, it feels like Miss Pristine is not well. ” Phin.

Adriane agrreed and hold my arm to walk with her.

”She must be very tired. ” Tessa

”She looked like it. ” Phin even smile at me.

”Travel safely! ” It was Diane who came out from the gate and closes it.

”Thanks! We should get going now. ” Ellis who is now inside the car.

”Thanks for taking care of us. ” Tessa.

”Thanks for visiting, and thanks Miss Pristine for the autograph! ” It was Diane.

She gave me the copy of my books and ask for me to sign it for her, so the two, Phin and Alas did the same.

I still couldn believe that they have all the copy of my the books I published.

”Thanks, see you! ” I smile warmly.

Adriane help me gets in the back seat.

They even discussed not to let me drive, since they are all worried I might still be sick.

I snorted at them and rested.

Ellis, who is driving smoothly suddenly talked.

”What were you dreaming about last night Tine? ”

I look at her using the rear mirror. ”A weird one…? I could say? ”

”Was it really a weird dream? I mean, you were smiling at first, then all of a sudden you gets scared. ”

If it wasn for her driving, she might be looking at me weirdly, like these two doing right now.

”Ah, well it was like, I was in a feild of tree.. ” I got shock when I was able to say that. ”Yeah, I remember walking in an endless feild of flowers. ”

”Don flower usually have premonitions? ” Tessa ask.

Adriane shrug her shoulders. ”Maybe because we went to the river, not that there have a lot of flowers. ”

Tessa think for a second and look at me. She even remove her seatbelt for heavens sake!

”There are weird things, they say when you dream of flowers. ” Tessa said.

”Didn you live in States, why would you believe in such weird things. ” Ellis commented.

”I grew up with my grandparents! ” Tessa corrected her.

”Anyways, stay will us until you feel better. ” Adriane.

”Yeah! ” Ellis agreed.

”Didn you girls stays in condo? ” I asked them.

”You should be our neighbor, but you disaggreed, telling us, having a house on my own is better. But you live alone. ” Adriane said while rolling her eyes.

”I don live alone! I have Shane with me! ” I mentioned my secretary.

”Secretary, sort of a maid. ” Ellis

”Well, she asked it for herself. Free of lodging, food and everything. Still, am not living alone. She stays with me longer, even before I got my own house. ”

”Mansion. ” Tessa corrected me.

”Yeah. Mansion. ” I agreed.

As soon as we started talking about Shane, my secretary slash maid, the mood change. At least, they stops worrying about me, being hylophobic. Talking about Shane made me realize, that shes been with me even before meeting them.

Shane grew up in the orphanage, until fifteen, I was eighteen when we met, and she decided to stay with me. I was struggling back then.

Living in the smallest apartment, barely able to have my hand some food.

She supported me along the way, before my books became famous.

Now that she finished her degree, she thought of staying with me, she said, until I get married.

Marriage… is not what I am thinking now.

Then, suddenly I remember that manly voice from my dream.

”….and you shall be meeting Master… ”

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