. Holding my wine glass as I made my short speeck of thanking them.

Seemed like Tessa plan this surpise party.

”Congrats! ” I just smile and few thanking words to them.

They plan the party in my house! This won be a surprise if they ask permission. Anyhow, since it came to this, my plan to sleep early will be delay.

”Hows the tour? ” Ellis who came late.

When they got the chance, these three girls immediately sorround me. ”I hope you don mind the party. ” Tessa.

I shrug at what she said. Honestly speaking am getting drain now that I am finally at home.

Right after the party, Adrianes boyfriend came to congratulate me. They stayed for a few moments and leave.

Since there is no more guests, only the people they hire to clean the area and us are here.

I check the clock, almost 2 AM.

”Nah, as if I could still complain. ” I heave a sigh. ”I really am so tired now. ”

Ellis hug me and rested her chin to my shoulder. ”Am so proud of you! ” She whisper and gave me a kiss on my cheek. ”Congratulations! ”

”Thanks…. ” I hug her back. When I look at Tessa, shes smiling proudly, acting like a mother in that posture.

”Well, you are the best afterall! ” She said happily and hug us too!

”Ah! What would I really do without you girls..? ” I ask smiling ear to ear.

”You will still be succesful, but lonely! ”

”Yeah, a succesful yet lonely! ”

We laughed at what they said.

Maybe what they said was true. But I am not lonely. I have them. So being succesful with their support is really overwhelming.

It was around 4 AM when the two of them leave. Ellis bodyguard pick them up, so I was assured that they will be safe.

Even though I insisted for them to sleep with me in my room, they disaggree, Ellis still have work later.

”Shane… ” I peak inside her room. This girl didn really know how to lock her door!

When I made sure that shes asleep, I walk out to check the area where the party was held, it was completely cleaned. So I lock the front door and check the backdoor before heading to bed.

Now that I enter my bedroom, I suddenly felt drain. I have never been so tired like this before!

For a month, I have been traveling from time to time. Barely making it to rest.

I remember trying to sleep as much at possible when I have time.

Preparing early to meet the fans. The boom signing that took the entire day.

I raised my hand in the air.

The hand of a hardworking.

Smiling from todays success, I did great.

I woke up from the sound of an alarm, I reach for my phone to check the time.


Before getting up, I scroll my phone to check the text messages from my girls.

Even my social media accounts.

News from the gross of my book has been released. And its really something to celebrate about.

Well, waking up with these news really is something to be look up into.

There are even few pictures that was taken of me with some fans holding the copy of my books.

For this, I thank God for being talented enough to share my thoughts.

Relaying it through books is an amazing feeling!

”Prestine, your food is ready. ” It was Shane voice, she knock first before entering my room.

”Hey, ” I smiled at her.

”Hi, Ive seen the news of your succesful tour. ” She said smiling as well.

What a genuine smile, indeed.

I got up and prepare my routine before having my food.

I already set my plan for today, though I woke up late, I still have plan.

”By the way, will you be working soon? ” Shane ask.

”Yeah, after I rest, I will start as soon as possible. ” I answered, almost finish with my meal.

”Should I clean up your office? ”

”Okay. ”

I tilted my head as I stare at my things. This is the bag I used when we go out for hiking last time.

And I am forgetting something. I am sure of it. I brought a notebook at pen when we went to the river. I was writing something back then.

”Shane! ” I call out for her.

It was just exact when shes entering my office.

”What? Something missing? ”

”Ah, I think so, I had it inside for sure, but theres no way I lost it! ” I started to panick when I can see what I am looking.

She even tried to help me and remove the things inside of the bag.

Theres no way I will leave it there! Even if I collapse back then, I know they will pick everything up for me.

I enhale trying to calm down. ”It was almost finished… ”

”Should we ask your friends? ” She suggest.

I shook my head and sit on the floor. ”Nah, then I will have to start another. ” I said while trying to cheer myself up.

It took me an hour before letting that missing notebook go.

Right after my dream about that damn weird tree, I started having a lot of thoughts. So it went all for nothing.

I was a bit sad because of what happened.

So, instead of feeling lonely, I decided to stroll around the house!

As I was enjoying my time appreciating the plants Shane planted, something caught my eyes again.

It was only for a mili-second but I was sure of it.

Silver light pass through my eyes again!

My eyes widened when it stops not too far from me!

This is the silver light I have been seeing before at the forest!

I look around, no ones here. Even Shane. The entire vicinity is so silent.

Wind blows that made my hair fly at the direction, but my eyes got glued on that silver light!

My hand tried to reach for that light, but then when I feel its cold touch, shiver went down immediately. There was a light static that pass to my palm!

”W-what are you really? ” I tried enough courage to blurted out. ”Why am I seeing you? Why are you appearing infront of me? ”

I heard a static sound, not strong enough to hurt my ear, but it was still a freaking static!

”Why? D-did, did I bother the forest? ” Even if I know I won be recieving an answer, I still asked.

But to my surprise, I heard a voice came out from it!

”You are the one we are looking for! ”

I gasp for air when I heard that voice. It was the same voice from the weird tree. In my dream!

It was that voice! The voice that telling me about meeting their master.

”Ah…. ” before I could spout another question, my head feel dizzy, the dizziness became pain. The pain that throb mu entire body became intolerable.

”W–why… ” Another strong wind blows, the pain makes my eyes close.

But before I could lose my consciousness, another voice came to my ear.

”So it was her, the one you have been looking…. ”

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