Forever Immortal

Silver Palace

e trouble while here. I wouldn want to clean up after your messes and please clean yourself as fast as possible. You smell like a burnt rat and burnt vegetables. ”

She lifted her hand covering her nose with a obvious look of disgust. She had obviously been holding back her words till now but after hearing that this mortal would be living in one of if not the best rooms for disciples, she couldn help but feel bitter about it.

Jake: ”Wow, and here I thought you where a nice person. Looks like I need to work on my people skills again because not even being able to realize that I had such a rude individual beside me is definitely not good. ”

He didn even let her reply as he quickly went into the room. He obviously did not want to hear whatever that person had to say.

Quickly he began to clean himself up, of course it was a challenge to begin with. He hadn even figured out of to turn on the bath yet as it used some kind of water array. The only reason he thought of that was from the novels he would read in the past.

Alex: ”Try touching the center of the array and turn it clockwise. It seems to be kinda like the knobs on those old showers. Other than this I would need to study it more to figure out if there are anymore mechanisms inside the array. ”

Jake quickly did as Alex said only to suddenly get drenched by scolding hot water! Fortunately he couldn feel the heat, especially after bathing in the sun for so many years. What Jake didn know is since this is the room of a Core Disciple the people who usually live here are able to control Qi basically at will. This made it possible for them to not get soaked each time the activated the array since they could do it outside of the bath tube.

Jake: ”Man, I didn expect the water to basically just appear on top of my head like that. Oh well its not like I can get a new pair of clothes ”

He decided to take this as a learning experience and forget about the embarrassment. Eventually he cleaned himself up and got dressed. This time he had been wearing a outfit similar to the matriarch. It was a silver robe that fit perfectly to his body, honestly it wasn anything special. He was just copying what he has seen from manga with a cultivators robes before heading to the door only to find a meal already ready for him.

Jake: ”Well its better then nothing I guess. Wait what is this pill? ”

On the plate was a white pill covered in what looks like engraving. Obviously there was other items on the dish such as meat from some beast and some simple side dishes. He couldn wait to get to eating as he pulled the plate inside and began to stuff his face.

After finishing the meat he could feel something change inside his body. Almost like he had infinite energy he looked at his arms. The pale color of his skin slowly regaining its youth as it turns into a healthy white. His body slowly began to get some definition as the skin and bone appearance lessened as the beast meat fills his energy center with some unknown energy.

Once he began to realize that his body was continuously going back to the way it should be. He couldn help but smile, that was until he realized that his body was starting to bloat up more then what it should be. Almost like he was about to explode he quickly grabbed the pill and all the food and began to eat it all as quickly as possible. This was his last ditch effort before he had to go through another ”death ” again.

Slowly his body began to stabilize as the pill went to work. It absorbed the excess energy and helped solve the problem, it even had unknown benefits that was helping to improve the state of his body all together.

After about a hour his body was in his peak condition once again. Even though he still had barely any muscles or any fat to even talk about he still felt a lot better after his body was given the nutrients it craved for, for so long.

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