”Evelyn are you done ” Molly Evelyn mother ask Evelyn look at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath she has been waiting for this day since she was a little girl been a princess wasn easy she was never allow to make decision herself her life wasn hers in the palace she was just a tool to gain power to create an alliance with the king of Mush the most powerful king by marrying her off to one of his princes the prince she has never seen or met before her mother once told her you have a great responsibility to carry as a princess, your country comes first before your desire yes right she has to do this for her county taking one more look at herself in the mirror she studied herself very well the palace maid had spent hours in trying to make her look beautiful yuck looking beautiful is one of the thing she hated most she has always spent her time singing and playing guitar before her father stoped her from doing so saying a princess can waste her time singing and playing instrument she should be with her mother taking bridal lesson sigh…. but she has such a beautiful voice.

she was wearing a white royal wedding robe with long white veil her long length blonde hair was tied up in bun beautifully dress with white hairpins in shape of flower the make up to was perfect but too heavy that she almost did not recognize herself ”you look beautiful my dear it time the guest are waiting for you ” Evelyn instantly felt weak and nervous hearing her mother speak again she wish this could just be a dream she wish her mother could just laugh and tell her this entire marriage was a prank but her mother is not she look so happy this wasn a dream it was all real ”mom do i really have to do this? ” Evelyn ask Molly sigh and stood at front of her ”you have to Eve this is for your country ” she gave a reassuring smile but she still look worry tears flow down Evelyn cheek but Molly wipe it away ”am sure you can do this i wish i could stop this but am sorry i couldn so anything to stop your father ” she rub her cheek down to her chin ”you have always make me proud Eve am sure you will make me proud too this time ” Evelyn took a deep breath ”Okay mom ” she force a smile ”i can do this ”

”am sure you can ” her mother hug her then stand her up ”let go ”

Evelyn heart slam against her chest once her mother open the door she let out and deep sigh as she walk down gracefully with her mother she clutch unto her bouquet so hard that her hand was sweating ”we have to meet your groom and his family first before the ceremony starts ”

”huh? you should have tell me then I wouldn have get all dress up ” Evelyn said and her mother chuckle ”the ceremony will start immediately after this so don worry too much my darling ”.

Evelyn and her mother strode into the hall and all eyes suddenly fell on them Evelyn walk staring down at the floor she hate too much attention being on her ignoring her father who didn care about her she sit down at a nearby table besides her mother. After a while the huge door open and everywhere became slient as they waited for the groom to enter Evelyn look down instantly and rub her hand together her hand became cold and her stomach was arching her not because she was hungry but because she was nervous her mother patted her shoulder and Evelyn slowly raise her head up and glance at the door and her heart beat faster her lips parted in shock once she sight the groom she was expecting a old man with bald head and bare but the man walking in wasn old or ugly the man was tall he look so young like a man in his early twenties his long sliver hair fell over his shoulder down to his waist he has a sliver eyes which are very rare she has never seen a man with such hair and eye before he is white almost pale as snow his soft red lips were shining he was damn handsome Evelyn began to wonder if this prince is really a human maybe he is from the outer space

she has never seen a man with long sliver hair and eyes Who exactly is this man? who is he?

”your majesty ” a sweet masculine voice snap Evelyn out of her thought Evelyn jolted and look at the man even his voice was sweet s

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