Lucius couldn believe what happened earlier finally after so many years he found someone who could defend him who could actually take his side but for how long will he keep the real him to her for how long will he live under disguise with her.

They arrive at their room Evelyn went inside and open her guitar box she took the guitar carefully and sit in the bed but she look unhappy ”whats wrong ” Lucius ask edging nearer to her ”nothing your highness just thinking when I will ever get to play this again ” she replied Lucius smile then sit beside her ”you can play it for me every night you have a beautiful voice ”

”Really? Thank you ” she said ”do you want to go outside the palace? ” Lucius ask and Evelyn jolted with excitement ”yes! yes!! gosh when are we going ” her eyes bream with excitement Lucius smile at her seeing she like being outside ”not now, but I will show you round the castle you don go out of the castle do you? ” Lucius ask ”father never allow us it has always been a boring day in the castle all alone ”

”I will take you out of the castle tell me whenever you want to go out I will take you out ” he assure.


Lucius and Evelyn were walking round the castle in slience Evelyn was totally bored she loved having fun and getting excited she hate boring stuff Lucius noticing the boredom look on her face stood beside and hold her wrist ”this is the garden you can just come and play your guitar here anytime you feel bored ” he explain ”really? ” Evelyn ask ”yes ” she look around she love the garden it is surrounded by pink roses and cool breeze were flowing it is the perfect spot to play guitar.

Lucius show her round the castle the castle is huge and it had different quartile every family had their own room and servant there were different guard working the castle multitude of them, he show her the kitchen and the store room he show the guest room and library to study but it kind of weird he wasn suppose to be the one doing this, it was the work of the maid ”am tired your highness ” Evelyn said ”okay ” Lucius lift her up ”hey what are you doing ”

”What does it look like ” he tease ”I can walk ”

”You said you are tired so I thought of helping you ”

”Your highness ”

Lucius carry Evelyn in his arms and walk away as they move through the hall all maid look down as they saw them. Getting to their room he put her on the bed gently and inhale sharply ”I think it high time you change into comfortable dress it twilight ” Lucius said ”I will be back ”

”Where are you going ” Evelyn ask ”library ” he turn and leave.


Evelyn change her heavy dress and wore short gown while waiting for her husband she decided to take a walk round the castle getting to the garden she saw three little kids in the garden they were moulding something they look so happy having fun she stare at them for a while smiling happily at them then heavy wind blew for a while. While Evelyn try to arrange her hair she saw two of the kids get furious she wonder what could have happened she move closer to them to make enquiry getting there she saw three kids trying to build a bird house actually two of the kids who got furious actually built theirs with stick and wind blew it away that reminds her of a story about three little pigs ”hello ” she greeted with bright smile ”hi ” a short black hair with big brown eyes boy replied he seem unplease not at Evelyn but at his falling bird house ”who are you guys ” Evelyn ask ”am Felicia crown prince daughter ” a long blonde hair little girl reply ”my name is Conrad ” the black hair reply ”am Felix ” the third reply smiling he look so young than the others ”may I ask whats wrong ” Evelyn ask ”I was trying to build a bird house with stick and the wind blew it away ” Conrad reply ”look princess I built mine with sand and it did not fall ” Felix said ”that reminds me of a story you wanna hear them ” Evelyn ask they look at each other and nodded in agreement Evelyn smile she love telling stories especially to kids she sit on the grass not caring about her status a prince wife shouldn sit on the ground but she didn care after sitting on the grass the three kids sit down rounding her forming a circle with Evelyn in the middle ready to listen to the story ”once upon a time there were three little pigs living under the green hills they were looking for shelter so each of them decided to build a house the next day the three little pigs went out that day the first one build a house made out of hay the other pigs knew the house would fall but the first didn care at all, the next day two little pigs went out the second pig made his house of out stick the third pig knew it would fall but the second didn care at all, the third knew bricks were the way so he work hard to build the house ” she rub Felix cheek and smile at him Lucius who has been standing there for minutes was staring at his wife playing happily with the kids he was happy that she never treat those kids bad but they were the child of people who don like him they will never be in surport of her relationship with them but nevertheless she was an angel sent to blow away the darkness around him ”then came a wolf who was big and bad he was incredibly hungry and mad the three little pigs saw the wolf that day they slam their door and hid away ” she squeeze Felicia nose and the girl smile ”little pig little pig let me in ” she sings ”not by the hair on my chinning chin chins then the wolf said ”and I huff and puff and I will blow the wolf blow the hay house away then the first pig ran into the second pig house made of stick the wolf walk to the stick house and knock

little pigs little pigs let me in
ot by the hair on our chinning chin chins

and Ill huff and Ill puff and I blow and the stick house flew away the two pigs then ran into the third pig house the wolf knock the door and said again

little pigs little pigs let me in

ot by the hair on our chinning chin chins

and Ill huff and Ill puff and I blow but the brick house surely did not go. Well the wolf was at his writ end you see he climb the roof down the brick chimney he came to the pig with all his teeth bare and the three little pigs got sacred so the third pig lit a log fire the smoke rising higher and higher and the wolf burn his tail and the wolf ran out of town. The two other piggies of hay and stick learnt a lesson about work and bricks an hardwork job wouldn fall to a huff or a puff at all The end ” she smile the kids stare at her blinking their eyes ”yeah yeah thanks for the story ” Felicia and Conrad yawn and leave but Evelyn didn felt upset about that ”that was incredible ” Felix said ”thank you Felix you are awesome too ” she giggle ”nice story ” Lucius said walking towards her Evelyn look towards the direction the voice was coming from ”your highness ” she smile and stand up ”uncle Lucius ” Felix said smiling showing his uncompleted upper teeth Evelyn was quite surprise the kid looks like he loved Lucius a lot she saw Lucius pat his head with a smile ”how are you Felix ” he ask ”am fine do you know this aunty? ” Felix ask ”yes she is my wife ” he responded ”wow uncle Lucius you are married and did not tell me ”

”Sorry Felix I promise you an ice cream for that ”

”Really? ” Felix ask ”yes go in now before your mum sees you here ” Lucius said and Felix run off ”aren you tired ” Lucius ask Evelyn ”of cause I am he is adorable isn he? ”

”Of cause he is, he is the only one who like me ” Evelyn nodded.

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