”you left me all alone for days and you are sitting there asking me what am doing here? ”

”Did you like it with me around? ”

”Of cause you are my husband why won Iike it ” she grasp hearing those words escaping from her mouth ”I thought you are still angry ”

”Yes I was and am still annoy ” he stood up then walk slowly towards her ”why don you sit down and lets talk about it ” he pull out a chair for her to sit Evelyn politely sit down she had no intention of solving this early he had abandon her for days ”had a great time with Alexa your highness ”

”Sure I did ” he reply with a smirk ”guess am not enough for you princess Maddie was right Alexa is the only one who could handle you I can mother was right royal marriage is always boring you won get to enjoy your husband and it all my fault ” she said feeling so hurt she inhale and leave the library. Lucius knew she wasn annoy at him at first she was hurt telling her that he had a great time with Alexa will have hurt her more he felt stupid for saying that to her but he can go back now unless he find a way to control himself or else he will end up forcing himself on her.


There was a blue lake besides the throne room Evelyn didn know how she got there but she found herself there it was cold outside especially beside the lake but it was too beautiful to resist she was hurt she need somewhere relaxing to comfort herself the place was quiet and nothing could be heard expect from the sound of the bussing waters she sit at the edge of the lake and dip her feet in the cool water ”shooo…. ” She exhale sharply the water was so relaxing but cold she didn care all she knows is that the water is conforting

what if I back down now cause am afraid of what might happen

What if he turn away when I show him who I truly am

What if I lose my breath when I throw those big doors open

Or tonight just tonight

she sing exhaling ”you got a beautiful voice ” Lucius said ”yeah I know ” Lucius stood behind her and hug her from behind ”are you jealous now? Wife? ” Lucius whispered ”why will I be jealous you are a prince anyway you have the right to sleep around with who ever you want ”

”Thats too rude to say you were not even there why don you find out about the truth first ” Evelyn remove his hand from her waist ”the truth is you have been abandoning me for Alexa and theres nothing more else to find out ” sigh…. ”you are more free to go to her tonight too she is the only one enough for you ” she stand up she didn know the floor was slippery she stumble and fall down when trying to walk ”haaa…. ” She groan in pain Lucius eyes widen she just fall and he wasn there to hold her and protect her from falling ”are you okay? ” He panick ”yeah it was just a little cut ” her ankle was bleeding ”lets get you treated ” he help her up but she couldn stand well he put his arms around her knees and back hoping her up in princess style ”put me down I can walk ” she said ”if I let you walk reaching our room will take forever.

Lucius put Evelyn down on the bed gently he took first aid kit siting besides her he remove her long down off her ankle to above her knees ”I will do it myself ” she said not because she is annoy but because she is shy ”let me take care of you if that will make you forgive me ” he hold the back of her ankle with one of his hand and Evelyn body shiver even his hand were cold and soft Evelyn wonder why a man could have such a soft and cold body that make her body yearn for his touch Evelyn was staring at his red lip until a burn interrupted ”it will hurt a little ” he warned Evelyn bit her lower lip so hard that she could not breath ”are you still annoy ” Lucius ask blowing soft breeze on the wound making Evelyn body shiver even his breath were cold no wonder why Alexa won let him go ”tell me are you still annoy ”

”No ” she bit her lower lip this man eventually make her fall on her knees ”good ” he stop blowing on the wound and cover her leg back with her dress ”goodnight ” he lay down and close his eyes Evelyn blink at him confuse why he reacted like that is he annoy too? Or he didn like to be with me anymore? She ask herself.

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