Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 1 - Slime Symbiote Maximum Compatibility!

Chapter 1: Slime Symbiote, Maximum Compatibility!

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“Students, please be prepared and enter the hall in an orderly manner.”

“When choosing an appropriate symbiotic body in the symbiotic pool, please bear in mind the following points.”

“One, you only have one hour after entering the symbioticpool. Please bear this in mind.”

“Two, during the symbiotic process, if the symbiote entity resists, please remember not to try violent symbiosis.”

“Three, in the symbioticpool, you are not allowed to do anything that interferes with someones symbiosis. If you are found out, you will be severely punished!”

“Finally, I wish all of you can obtain your own symbiotic entity!”

Wuzhou Citys No. 2 High School, in a corner of the Symbiotic Pool Hall.

Ye Fengs eyes were dull as he looked ahead.

The crowd was bustling, and the crowd was excited.

After an unknown amount of time, he suddenly came back to his senses and shouted, “F*ck!”

“Ive transmigrated!”

Looking at the familiar scene around him, a piercing pain struck him, and countless memories suddenly emerged.

Not only had he transmigrated, but he had also returned to his high school days.

As for the teachers and classmates, they were all exactly the same in his memories!

The only difference was that…

The worldview here completely overturned Ye Fengs understanding.

This was a parallel world of global awakening.

All kinds of living creatures and non-living creatures would undergo varying degrees of mutation at a certain stage.

Strangely, only humans were not affected by the awakening.

Darwins theory of evolution, which had always been advocated, was also overturned along with the Great Man Chuannais theory of human symbiosis.

All 18-year-olds could enter the symbiosis pool and get a chance to choose a soul-compatible symbiote!

Through symbiosis with other species, humans could obtain the corresponding special ability of the species.

Although the symbiote body be could be chosen by yourself, it was not the case that the stronger the body, the better. Ultimately, it still depended on ones adaptability.

The specific species of the symbiote depended on each persons adaptability. The higher the adaptability, the greater the room for growth in the future.

Some of the chosen ones, after fusing with a Giant Dragon, would possess a terrifying power that could move mountains and fill seas. They could even contend against nuclear weapons!

Some people, however, could only coexist with cats and dogs. Their abilities were not eye-catching, and they declined from then on.

There were also some who defied the heavens and changed their fate. Through the opportunity of late-stage cultivation, they leaped up and reached the peak of their abilities.

In this world, only powerful symbiotes were truly superior to others.

In addition, with the recovery of Earths spiritual energy, danger lurked everywhere!

Only symbiotes had the ability to fight against it.

And with the degree of mutation, there were also different grades, from high to low, and in turn, S, A, B, C, D, E, F.

Each grade also had a detailed division, such as within the F grade, there were F+, F, and F-.

Therefore, symbiotes had already exceeded normal legal restrictions.

Even if they had committed a heinous crime, ordinary courts were not qualified to judge them.

They had to conduct a special trial through the Symbiote Organization.

For ordinary people, the only chance of symbiosis this time was exceptionally precious.

After understanding all of this, Ye Feng also began to look forward to it.

Because today, the reason why he appeared here was because he had just turned 18 and entered the symbioticpool to choose a symbiotic body!


“Ye Feng, are you afraid…”

His gay friend, Zhang Yuns face was deathly pale as he forced a smile at Ye Feng.

“It will definitely go smoothly, right?”

“Yes.” Ye Feng nodded.

Hearing Ye Fengs affirmative answer, Zhang Yuns expression recovered a little.

Actually, both of them knew that it was really too difficult to find a suitable symbiotic body.

Although the teachers had taught them too many things to pay attention to and some techniques during the class.

But those were just words. When they really reached the symbioticpool, it was difficult for them to remain calm as they had never experienced symbiosis before.

Unknowingly, the symbioticpool had been opened.

The people who were waiting in the hall, under the guidance of the teachers, began to enter the symbioticpool according to class.

The symbiotic pool in Wuzhou No. 2 Hi

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