Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 15 - Mingjin Retreat Send the Great Contributor Back to His Nest

Chapter 14: Devour [Brain-Hunting Demon], Learn Mimicry

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Facing Brother Dachuis threat.

Ye Feng sneered. “I see that you dont seem to understand your own situation!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Fengs thoughts moved.

Goddess Scattering Flowers!

Suddenly, a burst of spirit energy surged.

Ye Feng suddenly waved his right hand, and like a flood, dozens of little Slimes appeared densely.

“Eat him!”

Ye Feng gave the order, and all the little Slimes fell on Brother Dachui like they had been injected with stimulants.

The toxic characteristics of the Slimes were displayed.

In an instant, Brother Dachuis eyes widened, and his head was covered in cold sweat, but he could not speak.

He was paralyzed!

“It seems that having poison characteristics is not bad!” Ye Feng looked at the effect of Brother Dachuis poisoning and was very satisfied.

“It seems that as long as I steadily improve in the future, I can also have decent attack power.”

“When that time comes, I will also have the capital to fight against large creatures!”

Below, Brother Dachui was still struggling.

Not long after, he was wrapped within the giant Slime formed by the little Slimes.

Once the Slimes finished assembling, even if it was a cow, it would still struggle for a long time before it could escape.

Moreover, this fatty did not have the strength of a cow.

Under normal circumstances…

There was no chance for him to escape.

The few Army Ants saw that the person inside was wrapped up by a Slime.

They were confused, so they did not dare to go over.

They just watched quietly.

After seeing Brother Dachui being wrapped up by the Slime…

Ye Feng activated the [Devour] ability.

After a while, a flash of light appeared. A ray of light was drawn out from Brother Dachuis body and finally attached to the Slime.

This ray of light was Brother Dachuis symbiote, [Brain-Hunting Demon].

At the same time, the systems voice suddenly sounded in Ye Fengs mind.

[Ding, devour successful. Acquired ability [Possession]!]

Ye Feng also felt as if he was hit in an instant.

He suddenly felt dizzy and almost fell down.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that the color of the entire world had changed.

It became even more vivid.

And looking at the few Army Ants below, it seemed that there was a kind of power that could control their minds.

Ye Feng immediately activated his ability.

One of the Army Ants seemed to have its soul sucked out instantly, and it lost all of its reactions.

In the next second, the Army Ant was following Ye Fengs will.

It walked forward step by step.

Then it rolled, somersaulted, stood at attention, at ease…

Under the shocked gazes of the other Army Ants, the Army Ant continued to perform a series of very strange actions.

After a few minutes, it suddenly regained its consciousness.

Looking at its companions who were far away, the Army Ant seemed to know nothing about what had just happened.

“Its actually so magical!” Ye Feng retracted his thoughts and exclaimed in surprise.

This ability could actually control the spirit of a creature.

But Ye Feng also felt that when he was controlling this Army Ant just now, it was still somewhat strenuous.

Perhaps it was because of the level.

The spirit energy that Ye Feng could use was limited.

In addition, the Army Ants level was also F, so it could be considered a relatively powerful existence among small mutated creatures.

In other words, as long as he increased his ability to a sufficiently powerful level, he would be able to control even more powerful creatures.

“This ability is so abnormal. Ive picked up a treasure today!” Ye Feng was secretly happy. This instantly formed a sharp contrast with his Slimes ability.

No wonder it was said that the Slime was just a useless symbiote.

It was weak to the point of exploding.

Before this, Ye Feng had never been clear about it. Now that he had obtained someone elses ability through devouring, he realized that the gap was so big.

It was just like how others would drop equipment at the start of the game, but you only had a knife at the start, and the rest depended on picking up loot…

At this moment, the system notification sounded again.

[Ding, spiritual energy fluctuation of the same nature detected. You have awakened a new sequence!]

[Ding! Successfully awakened the [Mimicry] sequence!]

[You have obtained two special attributes: [Quick Camouflage] and [Quick Simulation]!]


Listening to the systems notification,?Ye Feng could feel the intense changes happening in his body and couldnt help but exclaim, “Its only been a few days, and Ive already awakened four out of six sequences.”

“Looks like the abilities of a Slime really cant be underestimated.”

According to the systems prompt, the [Mimicry] sequence was too abnormal.

Not only could it mimic the forms and characteristics of other species, it could even mimic the strength of others!

What kind of concept was this?

If he met an E- class powerhouse and directly simulated the other partys aura, it meant that Ye Feng could also emit the same aura!

Of course, other than posturing, this had no real use.

But it was best used to prop up the situation and intimidate the other party!

And the form simulation was needless to say. It was equivalent to pretending to be the other partys form.

These characteristics added up, allowing Ye Feng to have another trump card in this forest.

And it was an ace!

The primeval forest was very complicated. The creatures in it had all kinds of camouflage colors and all kinds of hidden ambushes. If one was careless, they would die in the netherworld.

Ye Feng had [Mimicry], so he basically did not panic.

Looking at his wristband, his points had now reached 140 points.

It seemed that the improvements brought by devouring the [Brain-Hunting Demon] could also increase his points at the same time.

Looking at the points rankings, he was currently ranked first. This was also the result that Ye Feng had always wanted.

In this training match, he did not want to do anything to hide his strength.

After all, he was born in a humble family and did not have much of a background. Everything was earned by getting close to him.

Other than wanting to get the rich rewards from the training competition, Ye Feng was also very concerned about the winners of the training competition.

He was also very concerned about the spots for the winners of the training competition to enter the higher education institutions without any examinations.

Only by entering the higher education institutions would he be able to obtain more resources.

This was also his only way out.

Therefore, in this competition, he had to fight for a top spot, and he also had to be first.

For this, he had to use all of his strength, regardless of the cost.

Moreover, Ye Feng knew that his actions were being broadcasted live.

Therefore, he would deliberately keep some sensitive actions secret.

Just like when he swallowed Brother Dachui, he was also very careful.

He disguised it as an Army Ant that killed Brother Dachui.

Ye Feng thought about it and prepared to leave.

Looking at Brother Dachuis corpse, Ye Feng recalled all the Slimes.

After all, the method of swallowing a human corpse…

He couldnt do it. After all, they were of the same species. He felt bad and simply let the corpse fall to the ground.

Ye Feng had just left when a number of ants suddenly appeared not far away.

He focused his eyes and saw that the Army Ant scout team was rushing over in a mighty manner!

That guys goal of destroying everything has been achieved! Ye Feng thought to himself and began to think about how he could escape.

The method of Brother Dachui tearing open the wound and letting the blood splatter out to reveal the location had obviously worked.

Following that, there were hundreds of Army Ants.

With this number, Ye Feng was naturally not their match.

This was equivalent to having hundreds of F grade opponents.

And Ye Feng was only F+ grade. He might be able to parry a few against one, but good heavens, this was a one against a few hundred.

Who could withstand this!?

“Got it!” Ye Feng smiled knowingly and boldly jumped down from the tree.

One second before he landed…

Instantly, [Mimicry] activated.

The moment he landed,?Ye Feng successfully turned into a serious Army Ant.

He extended two pairs of antennae and touched himself tentatively. After confirming that he had completed the [Mimicry], he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

Then, he walked out openly and faced the ant colony.

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