Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 17 - Devour Time Evolve Crazily

Chapter 16: Meeting the Ant Queen, Receiving a Reward

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Seeing the mighty formation,?Ye Feng was dumbfounded.

He wanted to leave, but countless pairs of eyes were staring at him. Where could he run to?

Originally, he wanted to mimic the Army Ants and then make up some random excuse to take the opportunity to escape.

He did not expect that he had already made the formation.

He had become the hero of their ant colony.

And he had to be escorted back to the ant nest!

“What should I do now…”

Ye Feng looked at the large number of ants and his entire body went numb.

“System, save me!” Ye Feng summoned the system and began to think of countermeasures. “Deduce what I should do next to escape from here!”

[Ding, deduction complete!]

[Deduced 3700 possibilities. The best solution is to follow their recommendation and return to the ant nest. You might receive an unexpected surprise and your probability will increase!]

[Special reminder, the probability of an accident will also increase as you enter the ant nest. I wish you good luck!]

After hearing the systems deduction, Ye Feng was also relieved.

Since he could follow the call of these ants and get an opportunity to improve, why not?

Following the systems reminder,?Ye Feng followed the crowd and began to walk toward the ant nest.

On the way, it was also the first time Ye Feng observed the characteristics of these ants at such a close distance.

He remembered that it was mentioned in the class before.

The vanguard unit he was in now belonged to the Soldier Ants, and they were the main offensive force of the ant colony on the battlefield.

And the ones who were cleaning up the scene just now and were in charge of carrying the spoils of war were the Worker Ants.

It was worth mentioning that Worker Ants did not possess offensive power, so the ones who were usually small and did not have the two pairs of pincers in their mouths were the Worker Ants.

The entire ant colony also had a brain-level existence.

That was the Ant Queen.

The entire ant colony, everything.

It was the Ant Queen who made the unified dispatching and arrangement, or in other words, everything the ant colony did was for the Ant Queen.

This was also why the ant colony usually had to go out to gather a large amount of food and supplies.

That was to provide the Ant Queen with a certain amount of supplies. Then, she could lay more ant eggs and continue to strengthen the entire ant colony.

They walked for an unknown amount of time on the way.

Because the Army Ants were not slow to begin with, coupled with their advantage in size, their movement speed could be considered as fast as a high-speed motorcycle.

Before long, they reached their destination.

It was an incomparably huge hole that was formed from countless piles of soil.

Around the hole, there were many Soldier Ants who were in charge of sentry duty.

And inside the hole was the true face of the ant nest.

There was an extremely huge hole that connected to countless tunnels. It extended in all directions and led to any place.

The tunnel that led inside was tens of thousands of times more complicated than a spider web.

Under the coordination of the Ant Queen, the entire ant nest had evolved into an extremely complicated spider web map.

When the Soldier Ants on sentry duty saw Ye Fengs group return… they immediately moved aside.

Entering the hole, the vanguard general was taking Ye Feng in one direction.

This was the main tunnel, and it was a lot bigger than the rest of the tunnels.

“This should be the direction to the Ant Queen?” Ye Feng looked around some furnishings. Through the size of the tunnel, he guessed this to be the case.

As they went deeper, it became darker and darker until the darkness completely enveloped them.

“Its so dark, but fortunately, the ants have night vision.”

After a while, Ye Feng adapted to the darkness. His entire field of vision became like a night vision device.

Everything was quickly seen clearly.

The ants all had the characteristic of hoarding food.

Therefore, as they went deeper and deeper, Ye Feng discovered that the surroundings of the tunnel were full of a dazzling array of things, all filled with food that had just been plundered not long ago.

As well as the branches around the tunnel, there were many things stuffed inside.

A large number of insect corpses, and in a more spacious area, there were even the corpses of small mammals.

The dazzling array of things simply stunned Ye Fengs eyes.

Releasing his perception, the entire ant nest was instantly scanned by Ye Feng.

“F*ck, there are so many things. If I were to devour all of them, then the improvement wouldnt be just a little bit!” Ye Feng exclaimed.

This ant nest wasnt small and this was only one corner of it.

One had to know that these were all mutated Army Ants.

Their nest-building ability was top-notch. Moreover, due to the influence of their size, their nests were all very large.

If all of them were opened and spread out according to a two-dimensional plane, it was as big as two football fields.

One could imagine how many resources were stored here.

“Think of a way to devour some before we leave. These are all good things!”

Just as Ye Feng was thinking of how to secretly devour some without being discovered, they had already arrived at an incomparably huge hole.

In front of them were two extremely thick and sturdy Army Ant guards on the left and right.

These two guards actually looked bigger than the vanguard leader leading the way.

Ye Feng naturally knew that ants were classified according to their size.

With this calculation, the status of these two guards was even higher than the vanguard leader who unified a thousand troops!

“What rank could they be?” Ye Feng was puzzled.

Seeing the vanguard leader go forward and mutter a few words, one of the guards stood up and walked inside.

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng was naturally curious. As his perception probed, Ye Feng immediately understood the situation inside.

So, inside this huge cave was where the Ant Queen lived.

And these two guards could be considered the Ant Queens personal guards.

Only relatively strong Army Ants could take up such a post.

After a while, the guard came out and indicated that they could go in.

Then, the vanguard leader led Ye Feng and walked in.

In front of them was an incomparably huge, extremely huge giant ant.

Behind it, a transparent and white abdomen that was even thicker than its body was squirming.

Around it, many workers were busily moving food and placing it in front of the giant ant.

There were even workers lying on its body and rubbing it non-stop.

This… should be considered a massage?

The cave inside was very big, with all kinds of food placed there.

And the workers were also very busy, just like a super factory, very lively!

“So disgusting… This is the Ant Queen, right?”

Looking away, when Ye Feng looked at the extremely terrifying giant ant again, he secretly guessed in his heart.

But very soon, the leader gave an answer.

“This is our supreme queen. Ordinary ants dont have the honor to see her. Boy, you are very lucky!” the vanguard leader said with praise.

This… who would want to see it!

Ye Feng was speechless. The vanguard generals voice sounded in his ears again.

“Queen, this is the great contributor to our attack this time!”

“He was the first to attack and beat the humans into fleeing!”

“In the end, he successfully killed him and finally obtained the final victory of this battle. His contribution is very great. Respected Queen, please reward him!”

After the leader finished speaking respectfully, the Ant Queen glanced at Ye Feng and said after a long time, “Allowed!”

“Special permission, go to the food storage room and rest for seven days!”

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