Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 18 - Advance Scout Head to the Miasma Land The Territory of the Demonized Spider King

Chapter 17: Devour Time, Evolve Crazily

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“Congratulations on obtaining our highest reward!” When the vanguard general heard the gift from the Ant Queen, he immediately revealed some envy.

“What does that mean? Going to the storage room to rest is the highest reward?!” Ye Feng did not understand, but then he thought that this might be a unique way for ants.

Originally, Ye Feng thought that he might obtain some kind of ants weapon.

But thinking about it, even if he obtained some kind of divine weapon, it was only used by the ant tribe.

He was a human, after all. He had to return to the origin. How could he maintain [Mimicry] for his entire life?

Therefore, going to the storage room to rest for seven days was the biggest surprise for Ye Feng!

He wanted to see what good things were inside!

As he was looking forward to it, soon, Ye Feng was brought to an extremely huge storage room.

As soon as he walked in, Ye Fengs eyes immediately lit up.

Inside, there were all kinds of things, a dazzling array, and countless kinds of things were arranged in an orderly manner.

On the wall, there was countless food, ranging from tiny creatures to even the dried corpse of a giant elephant.

In the eyes of the ants, these things were all kinds of delicacies.

Ye Feng, who was in the form of a Soldier Ant, swallowed his saliva as he looked at the food.

Because, this was simply… too fragrant!

Other than the endless amount of food, all kinds of items were placed on the ground, on the table, on the cabinet…

There were weapons, magical artifacts, medicinal herbs, and medicinal pills…

There were too many things here!

“Im rich!” Ye Feng couldnt help but reveal a look of joy on his face.

He had made a fortune this time!

This was simply the national treasury of the ant nest. All the good things would be transported here endlessly.

Therefore, the reward of coming to the storage room to rest was a reward that all ants dreamed of.

This was because ants were born for a life of hard work. The opportunity to rest was something that they would never dare to dream of, not to mention that they could enjoy the delicious food that only the Ant Queen could enjoy!

Ye Feng also directly laid out his cards.

After releasing his perception and confirming that there were no other ants around to monitor him, he was absolutely safe.

He directly released all the Slime sub-bodies that could be split.

This was because his devouring speed was definitely not that fast.

Since he had so many underlings, why not help him together!?

In the next moment, 20 Slime sub-bodies jumped and appeared.

Under Ye Fengs command, these Slime sub-bodies began to devour crazily!

[Eating… Body Size increased!]

[Eating… Agility +1…]

[Eating… Vitality +2…]


After a large amount of devouring, Ye Fengs various attributes were continuously refreshed.

“What an obvious increase!”

Feeling the spiritual energy churning within his body, Ye Feng was overjoyed.

Ye Fengs aura was rising steadily.

Not long after, just by relying on devouring, his level had already broken through to E- rank!

Moreover, it was at the later stage of E- rank!

“This is only devouring a small portion. This storage room has really brought me a huge surprise!”

“If this continues, I believe that it wont be long before I break through again. Breaking through to E- rank is a small matter!” Ye Feng said, still wanting more.

The feeling of his level rising was simply so comfortable that it made one want to die. It was so satisfying!

At the same time that his level had increased by a large margin, he also felt that his strength was lacking.

He needed too many resources!

[Ding, [Perception] sequence obtained experience increase!]

[Perceptive sensing ability obtained a large increase! Perceptive range expanded!]

[Ding, [Devour] sequence obtained experience increase!]

[Your ability [Enhanced Absorption] evolved into [Accelerated Absorption]!]

[Your ability [Possession] has evolved to [Ultimate Possession]!]


“Whats going on?”

“The sequences actually have a second evolution?”

Looking at the notifications that the system kept spamming on the screen, feeling the tremendous changes in his body.

Ye Fengs expression became extremely exaggerated.

One had to know that before this, regardless of whether Ye Feng devoured or obtained an increase in resources, he had never attempted a second evolution of the sequences.

Now that he had devoured a large number of them, he unexpectedly discovered that the sequences he had awakened were only at the first stage.

He could still continue to develop!

It could undergo the second evolution and the third evolution!

The originally [Enhanced Absorption] had also evolved into an [Accelerated Absorption]. He clearly discovered that the speed of the little Slimes devouring had also become faster and faster!

My luck is too good!

Ye Feng was extremely happy.

[Ding! The hosts ability is still at the primary stage. The probability of the sequence ability evolving to the extreme will greatly increase all abilities below the sequence!]

[Host only needs to absorb enough spirit energy to evolve!]

Hearing the systems explanation, Ye Feng was enlightened.

“I see!”

“I didnt evolve before, because I didnt absorb enough spirit energy.”

This knowledge was simply a blind spot for him.

After all, no one would use a useless symbiote as a subject of study!

Thinking about Ye Fengs situation, he was the only one in the entire history of mankind.

Therefore, ever since Ye Feng fused with the Slime symbiote, he was bound to become a unique existence!

Such a powerful wave of devouring gave Ye Feng wave after wave of upgrades.

Almost all of the awakened sequences obtained different levels of upgrades!

While Ye Feng was in shock, he did not stay idle either.

He picked up a mutated gecko corpse under his feet and directly devoured it.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the skill [Severed Tail]!]

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the skill [Stench]!]


“Thats great!” Ye Feng smiled as the spiritual energy in his body churned once more.

These two skills were both excellent escape skills.

Even if he could not defeat others, he could still retreat unscathed!

This kind of ability was simply too great!

Ye Feng left the outer area to the little Slimes to deal with while he continued walking forward.

The entire storage room was very, very big. After devouring it for half a day, he had only eaten less than one-fifth of it.

“Arent these people Brother Dachuis underlings?” Ye Feng walked and saw a few corpses on the ground.

The appearance of the sharp-tongued person was too extreme. Ye Feng easily recognized him.

Since they were all dead, Ye Feng did not stand on ceremony. He directly released [Devour] and took them away in one wave.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have unlocked the new sequence [Evolution]!]

[You have obtained two characteristics, [Accelerated Evolution] and [Probability Evolution]!]

[Your symbiotic Slimes evolution speed will be accelerated. Every time it evolves, it is possible for it to awaken a new ability and feed it back to the main body to a certain extent!]


His body was once again attacked by a large wave of spirit energy. Ye Feng also noticed that at this moment, an evolution progress bar appeared on his attribute panel.

[Ye Feng]

[Symbiotic Body]: Slime

[Body Size]: 19%

[Subsidiary Bodies:] 30

[Attributes]: Strength 10, Agility 60, Vitality 70, Spirit 90

[Special Attributes]: Poison Immunity, Poison, Swift Walk

[Sequence]: Perception, Split, Devour, Regeneration, Mimicry, Evolution

[Skills]: Goddess Scattering Flowers, Severed Tail, Stench

[Evolution Progress]: 87%

“So much already? Looks like theres really a lot of devouring this time.”

“However, to reach 100%, I still have to continue devouring!”

Ye Feng put away his attribute panel and continued walking forward.

According to the systems notification, after the evolution progress reached 100%, a brand-new sequence would be unlocked!

What was this brand-new sequence?

Ye Feng did not know.

Because everything was random!

But what Ye Feng knew was that the 7th sequence of Slimes would definitely refresh everyones knowledge!

Because no one had ever awakened the 7th sequence!

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