Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 19 - Spider Web Binding

Chapter 18: Advance Scout, Head to the Miasma Land, The Territory of the Demonized Spider King

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[Ding! Congratulations, Host, leveled up successfully…]

[Leveled up successfully, leveled up successfully, leveled up successfully…]

[Success, success, success…]


During this period of time, Ye Feng had been continuously devouring, and his body had been undergoing changes as well.

The rate of improvement increased.

It also caused Ye Feng to fall into a deep sleep.

A few hours later.

Only then did Ye Feng slowly open his eyes.

“I feel that my entire body has been impacted to different degrees.”

Ye Feng stood up and stretched.

All over his body, crackling sounds could be heard in an instant. Countless nerves and meridians had all obtained different degrees of improvement.

“What powerful spiritual energy…” Ye Feng sighed and immediately felt his [Mimicry] sequence and obtained a great harvest.

Ye Feng sensed his specific ability.

He could not help but sigh again.

He had originally thought his symbiotic body was trash.

He did not expect that he could improve so quickly.

Moreover, he had also derived several special attributes. These special attributes could make him stronger.

It could be said that although his symbiotic bodys value was still far from being as high as the mythical symbiotic body, it was not necessarily weaker than them!

In terms of combat strength, he might still be at the beginning, but in terms of development, the Slime had never lost to others.

Moreover, his level seemed to have increased a little?

“Eh? E-?!”

Only then did Ye Feng react.

Looking at his attributes, it was indeed E- grade.

He did not expect that he had only fallen into a deep sleep once and had already broken through E- grade!

What made Ye Feng feel the most incredulous was that his cross-realm increase was actually so fast.

There was actually no feeling of rejection.

This was a genuine E- level!

[When the host swallowed a large amount of spiritual energy, the hosts body also received countless washes. The increase in physique is also very easy.]

[It was precisely because it was washed away by spirit energy that the hosts improvement was also extremely fast.]

The system reminded him at this moment.

Only after hearing the systems explanation did Ye Feng come to a sudden realization.

He really did not expect that he would actually be able to obtain so many improvements on this trip.

His level rose from F+ to E-.

The six great sequences of the Slime had also all been awakened.

His entire body had undergone different levels of evolution. Now, he had become a rather strong opponent.

“Since everything is done, then the next step is to prepare the next step of the plan!”

Ye Feng looked around.

Two-thirds of the storeroom that was originally filled with food and various supplements had been emptied by Ye Feng.

The remaining items were all items that could not be eaten.

[Perception] was released.

He discovered that his surroundings were as calm as ever. Ye Fengs place had experienced so many upgrades over the past few days.

They actually did not discover any movement at all.

With a thought, Ye Feng strengthened his [Mimicry] once again.

The current him was already able to release most of his power.

This allowed Ye Feng to raise the ability of the ant that came from [Mimicry] to an even more powerful level.

There was still some time, so Ye Feng did not waste it. He sat down and continued to cultivate.

With the systems optimal cultivation method, he could also convert all the spirit energy he absorbed into his own power in the shortest amount of time.


Very soon, the seven days of rest time was up.

An ant opened the door and was about to go in to remind Ye Feng that the time was up, but as soon as he walked in, he saw an extremely strong ant resting with his eyes closed.

“The time is up…” The ant was extremely shocked when he saw Ye Feng in this state.

He remembered that Ye Feng was not like this when he first came in.

At this time, Ye Feng opened his eyes and completely restrained his aura. He looked at the ant and slowly said, “Okay, I got it.”

Even though the Army Ants all had the strength of F-, their common spiritual sense was not high.

So even if Ye Feng released all of his spiritual power, they would not feel anything special.

Firstly, they simply did not have enough spiritual sense to understand. Secondly, Ye Fengs strength was too much stronger than theirs. Even if he only released a portion of his spiritual power, they would not be able to feel it.

Just like how ordinary people could only hear normal sound waves and could not hear ultrasonic waves or low sound waves, it was the same principle.

Ye Feng stood up. Under the shocked eyes of the ant, he turned around and walked out.

Before he left, he even secretly hid Brother Dachuis sharp blade on his body.

After all, this blade, Ye Feng could tell at a glance that it was not an ordinary blade. The runes on it were enough to surprise Ye Feng endlessly.

Following Ye Fengs huge increase, in an instant, his status in the ant colony tribe rose by several levels.

He became one of the top three Worker Ants.

At the same time, his status rose. Not long after he went out, he received a new order from the vanguard general.

“In order to expand our tribes territory, our tribe needs a lot of advance scouts to go out and explore.”

“This is our tribes greatest and glorious post. Because of your outstanding performance, your strength isnt weak either.”

“So from today onwards, you will officially become a glorious advanced scout!”

The vanguard leader looked at Ye Feng. In his eyes, there seemed to be a malicious intent.

Ye Feng naturally didnt mind and nodded in agreement.

The entire ant colony was still of some use to him.

He could even explore his own resources through the area of influence of the ant colony. The effect was very obvious.

Moreover, there were still many resources inside the ant colony that had yet to be utilized by Ye Feng.

Therefore, Ye Feng did not plan to leave during this period of time.

After agreeing to the vanguard leaders order, he walked out of the nest.

“Its better to find a less dangerous place!” Ye Feng thought and activated his perception to the fullest.

The surrounding area of more than ten kilometers was within his detection range.

“There isnt any special place…”


Just as Ye Feng did not find any place worth exploring because of this area, he suddenly discovered a very strange place through his perception.

In the entire primitive forest, almost every area was scattered with all kinds of monsters.

But in this place, there was actually no aura of creatures at all!

It was very strange!

“Then lets go here!”

Ye Feng confirmed that direction and then got up to walk.

As the attributes of his body increased greatly,?Ye Fengs speed was also very fast.

Originally, it was a distance of ten kilometers, but Ye Feng arrived at his destination in a minute.

As Ye Feng went deeper, he learned more information.

It turned out that this was a swamp that was not big.

The miasma was everywhere.

Moreover, the miasma in the primitive forest was abnormally toxic.

Therefore, generally speaking, the swamp did not have any living creatures.

Therefore, as Ye Feng continued to go deeper, he did not see any living creatures.

Facing such a dangerous miasma,?Ye Feng did not panic at all.

He had long possessed a constitution that was impervious to all poisons. In addition to increasing his great poison resistance, this miasma had no effect on Ye Feng at all.

If the other ants in the ant colony saw Ye Feng dare to walk into the miasma like this, they would definitely be scared silly on the spot.

In the miasma, there was dead silence.

He did not see any living creatures, but quite a number of them died.

There were countless bones on the ground, and corpses scattered everywhere.

These were all creatures that had entered this place by mistake, and countless of them had been poisoned to death.

However, not all creatures could adapt to the miasma.

There were even creatures that used the miasma to disguise themselves and hunt.

The Demonized Spider King!

Walking to a puddle, Ye Fengs perception suddenly moved.

“There are creatures here?”

Ye Feng carefully looked around. Due to the miasmas influence, he could not completely release his [Perception] inside. He could only perceive a place within his field of vision.

With his [Perception] moving, it let Ye Feng know that there must be a creature within his field of vision!

Ye Feng suddenly raised his head and looked up.

As expected, on the branch, an incomparably huge white silk net spread out.

Hanging upside down were many things that were wrapped up like cicada pupae.

If one did not look carefully, one really would not be able to find them.

Ye Feng counted and there were dozens of them!

These hanging on the web were obviously the spoils of war of this spider.

And the ones wrapped up like cicada pupae.

Were small animals that accidentally entered this area.

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng immediately understood.

“As expected, this is the territory of the Demonized Spider King…”

Looking at the densely packed cicada chrysalis, Ye Feng smiled.

How many good things were there!

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