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Chapter 25 - Choosing the Path of Evolution Gained a Lot

Chapter 24: Turning the Tables, Defeating the Leader, And Unlocking the Evolution Sequence

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At this moment, the leader was sitting on the throne of the Ant Queen.

Below, an extremely bloated body was lying on the ground. Liquid kept flowing out from below, drenching a large area of soil.

This was the Ant Queen that had been killed.

Dozens of trusted aides were standing by the side, ready for battle.

It was obvious that the leaders coup was very successful.

The entire ant colony was about to face a new era!

“Sweep out the Queens trusted aides. Capture one, kill one. Leave no survivors!” the leader ordered. Everyone below listened and immediately set off.

The second round of fighting had arrived in the ant nest…

“Whats the situation at the front?” the leader began to ask. His biggest enemy right now was still Ye Feng.

If Ye Feng was not eliminated, he would not be able to feel at ease for a day. In fact, his fear of Ye Feng had far exceeded his understanding.

Therefore, getting rid of Ye Feng was something he had been preparing for all this time.

“Report, the front has just received news of a complete victory!”

Hearing the report from the scout, the leader immediately jumped up. “What did you say?!”

This news was like a bolt from the blue to him!

“The front also reported that all the trusted aides that we had planted inside had been killed by him!”

Hearing this news, the leader could no longer sit still.

The trusted aides below furrowed their brows even more.

The trusted aides that the leader had placed inside were the top experts of the entire ant colony. The ants above them had all been killed.

But Ye Feng could easily kill all of them!

Most importantly, when did he know his goal?!

The leader began to panic and his entire body couldnt stop trembling. If he let Ye Feng return to court, the consequences wouldnt be so good.

“This fellow is actually so powerful!!!”

While the leader was still thinking of a countermeasure, his trusted aide below suggested, “King, you dont need to panic. We have more than twice their military strength. What is there to be afraid of?”

“This subordinate suggests that our coup is already a fact and has been a great success. When that fellow returns and is rewarded, we can take the opportunity to kill him!”

“As for the Queens corpse… We just need to hide it. When the time comes, we can find a reason and let King give the reward!”

Hearing his subordinates words, the leader nodded silently.

“Then lets do it!”

On the other side.

Ye Fengs army had already arrived at the ant nest.

“Congratulations on the great generals triumphant return!”

At the entrance of the ant nest, there was an army of ants defending the city. When they saw the leader Ye Feng return, they cheered.

“You want to play this game with me?” Ye Feng released his perception. He understood the situation in the vicinity.

The entire nest was under the control of the leaders armed forces.

The soldiers guarding the entrance of the nest.

They were obviously waiting for him to arrive before surrounding him and killing him.

“Welcome the great generals triumphant return!” At this moment, the leader also came out. There were ant tribe experts on both sides.

In the leaders hand was a fiery red fruit.

“The Queen is currently in the midst of reproduction and is in poor health. Its not convenient for her to come out to welcome the great generals triumphant return!”

“She specially asked me to come and reward the great general!”

“This is the tribes sacred fruit. Its called the Flame Fruit. The Queen specially instructed me to reward the great general for his meritorious service in defeating the enemy!”

“The appearance of the great general has saved our tribe many times and won many meritorious deeds. This is a great honor for our ant tribe!”

After saying this, the leader raised the sacred fruit, the Flame Fruit.

For a moment, a dazzling light entered his eyes.

Within the Flame Fruit, a wave of heat rolled out.

“This is a good thing!”

Ye Feng felt the vigorous aura emitted by the Flame Fruit.

As one of the sacred fruits.

Ye Feng naturally recognized this thing.

The Flame Fruit grew in a very tricky environment. It could only survive under extremely high temperatures. Under normal circumstances, it was impossible to find it.

Moreover, as it was a fruit that absorbed the power of flames day and night, it also contained a great amount of spiritual energy.

After eating it, it could bring energy from the source.

It was an extremely mysterious and very powerful spiritual energy.

For improvement, it was undoubtedly one of the best supplements!

I didnt expect that this small ant nest really has everything! Ye Feng thought in his heart, but he was not seduced.

Ye Feng knew that the scene before him was a trap set by the leader.

The leaders scheming had long been seen through by Ye Feng.

They used this Flame Fruit to bribe Ye Feng, which was equivalent to giving both sides a way out.

Since they did not bring Ye Feng into the nest, the leader must have known that Ye Fengs strength was not weak. If they really fought, they would definitely suffer heavy casualties.

Therefore, the leader wanted to use this method to persuade Ye Feng.

The leaders intention was also very obvious. He wanted to use the best things of the ant tribe to ask him not to interfere in their coup.

It was a bit like taking the benefits and leaving.

However, the leader still underestimated Ye Fengs ambition.

“I want to see the Queen. I have something to report personally!” Ye Feng said coldly.

“Didnt I say that the Queens health isnt good? Its not convenient…”

Before the leader could finish, Ye Feng cut him off. “Is it inconvenient for you, or is it inconvenient for the Queen?”

As soon as he said this, all the ants present were in an uproar.

Such a confrontational tone.

The atmosphere at the scene instantly fell to freezing point.

On one side was a senior figure with absolute power in his hands.

On the other side was a newly promoted great general, a famous hero in the tribe.

For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

“So what if you know? Its already a fact that Im the King. Since you want to die, then go die!” The leaders face turned black. With a wave of his hand, a black mass of army instantly surged out from the four hills.

“Kill them all!”

“Leave no one alive!”

The leader roared angrily. Countless experts appeared, along with tens of thousands of Soldier Ants, charged toward Ye Feng.

Seeing this, Ye Feng immediately mobilized the army.

In an instant, two waves of ants charged together.

Who would have thought that during the day, they were still as close as a family? Who would have thought that when they returned, they would immediately turn against each other and become enemies?

Under the effect of Ye Fengs [Leaders Oppression], the ants that he led were loyal to him to the death. It was impossible for them to harbor any disloyalty.

These soldiers charged over without hesitation.

For a moment, blood stained the ground. Broken limbs and flesh splattered everywhere. The scene was extremely bloody!

Under the effect of the [Leaders Oppression], even if Ye Feng wanted them to commit suicide, they would not take a moment to stop.

The scene was a mess. Ye Feng had to act in time to stop them. He took a step forward. His goal was to kill the leader!

A battle started once again!

Ye Fengs spirit energy surged crazily.

Although his [Mimicry] was like an ant and there was a limit to the amount of spirit energy he could release, when his spirit energy was fully unleashed, he was like an invincible existence in the ant tribe!

Sharp claws and teeth that could tear through steel, ghostly speed, coupled with Ye Fengs various attribute bonuses, and the addition of all kinds of poison…

All these factors added together caused such a situation that almost no ant dared to approach Ye Feng because the most powerful ant only lasted for 10 seconds before appearing in front of him. The result was certain death!

Even if the strongest ant appeared, it would be a one-hit kill for Ye Feng.

There were no exceptions!

Looking at the number of kills that kept refreshing, Ye Feng felt great, but the leader was angry.

So with anger, the leader rushed over himself.

“You came so quickly to die?” Ye Feng smiled, and all the strength in his body exploded.

As soon as the leader touched Ye Feng, he was immediately attacked by endless brute force. As if he was hit by a high-speed train, the leaders entire body was sent flying, and he spat out blood continuously.

After taking a direct hit from Ye Feng, the team leader was either dead or crippled. He was hurriedly taken away by his trusted aides.

“You want to run?” Ye Feng snorted coldly. White spider silk silently appeared on the team leaders body from god knows when.

In the next second, it wrapped around, retracted…

And finally, pierced through!


The moment the team leader chose to fight with Ye Feng, the outcome was already determined.

“Overestimating yourself.” Ye Feng withdrew his offensive and looked around the battlefield.

In just a short while, more than half of the ants on the field had already been killed. In other words, almost half of them had died in battle!

Half of it was because of Ye Fengs effortless killing, and the other half was because of Ye Fengs loyal soldiers bravely killing the enemy.

Now, the total number of soldiers and ants added up was less than a thousand people.

A total of more than 10,000 people, almost half of them died at this moment!

This was Ye Fengs first time experiencing such a war.

However, for Ye Feng, it was not overly sad.

What lay on the ground would become his food, and instead, it would bring him good profits.

“Do you still want to fight?!” Ye Feng looked around, and a wave of pressure followed.

All the ants on the field stopped fighting.

They all looked at Ye Feng.

“The leader who led you to kill the enemy is the sinner who killed your Queen with his own hands!”

“And I have already killed him!”

“From now on, I am your new King!”

“Those who support me, stay here and build a new home together!”

With that, Ye Feng walked into the nest with great boldness. He did not care whether they stayed or not.

This place was just a springboard for him to harvest resources. When he emptied all the resources here, he would leave.

Devouring the leader and the Ant Queen,?Ye Feng immediately felt that his body was undergoing drastic changes!

Evolution bar skyrocketed!

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, the evolution bar is 100%!]

[Successfully unlocked the [Evolution] sequence. There are two evolution paths. Please choose!]

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