Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 30 - Perception Resonance The Pressure of a School Leader

Chapter 29: Uncles Reminder, Principals Office

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The transaction was completed.

Ye Fengs inventory was also emptied.

Looking at the sudden increase of 2.25 million…

He couldnt help but sigh.

Having lived two lifetimes, this was the first time he had seen so much money.

Moreover, it was also the first time he realized that making money could be so simple.

What kind of concept was this money?

For a family like Ye Fengs, if he were to work honestly and steadfastly, he would never see so much money in his entire life.

This money was enough for all the expenses of his family in his entire life.

“And this is only for low-quality items.”

“Only the Flame Fruits can be seen.”

“If its C grade, B grade, or even higher… S grade!”

“What kind of strength do I have to be worthy of such a high-quality treasure?!”

In his words, Ye Fengs eyes revealed a hint of anticipation.

Ye Feng believed that he would definitely reach this step. When that time came, he would be able to bring about a world-shaking change to his family!

Moreover, he had the system on him. In this aspect, he had an advantage over anyone else.

With many expectations, Ye Feng yawned and fell into a deep sleep…

Transmigrating to this world, he had been here for more than a month.

One of the months had been spent in training matches, experiencing all kinds of battles and games.

The things he had experienced were really too many.

Although in theory, he was the one who did not need to worry about safety the most in the training hall, it was also impossible to truly sleep at ease.

After all, it was a primitive forest, and the newly awakened Ye Fengs ability was also extremely limited.

Every time he rested, he would fall asleep with great vigilance.

Many rookies were the same.

However, there were still quite a number of people who let down their vigilance while sleeping, causing them to feel cold.

It was not until the end of the training that Ye Feng returned to the real world that he dared to completely relax.


Ding! Ding!!!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!!!

After an unknown amount of time, Ye Feng was woken up by the ringtone of his phone. His drowsy eyes were wide open.

Ye Feng turned on his phone.

When he saw the time, Ye Feng was instantly stunned.


It was already three days later!!!

He did not expect that after going through a training match, his consumption would actually be so huge.

However, the benefits that evolution brought to him were also very obvious.

If not for the ringtone waking him up…

He would still be able to maintain his lethargic state for another three days and three nights!


Opening the message, Ye Feng rubbed his eyes until he clearly saw the content displayed on it. It was a message from Li Ruyan.

[Ye Feng, how are you resting?]

[Is it convenient for you to come over to the office? The principal really wants to see you!]

“Principal?!” Ye Feng was puzzled.Why did the principal want to see me?

He glanced at the time. In a few hours, it would be time to announce the results. At that time, he would also go over to receive the award.

Ye Feng casually packed up.

Then he went out.

The building where Ye Feng was resting was a special dormitory for symbiotes. Because it was a new symbiote, entering and leaving the dormitory gate required authentication.

Walking to the door, Ye Feng took out an identity card and handed it over.

When the guard found out that the young man in front of him was Ye Feng, he narrowed his eyes. His originally bored expression suddenly became serious.

“Youre the contestant Ye Feng of this years training competition.”

Ye Feng nodded.

“Not bad. To be able to smoothly break through above E- grade at such a young age, youre really promising at such a young age.”

The uncle stroked his beard and spoke?with a smile.

Hearing that this uncle was actually able to directly state his realm, Ye Feng broke out in cold sweat.

He did not expect that the aura that he thought he had hidden very well would actually be seen through in an instant!

But at the same time, it also meant that this uncle was not an ordinary person.

“As your senior, I can also be considered as someone who has been through it. Let me give you a reminder. If you can understand it, then listen!”

“A very important point. While improving the symbiosis body, you also need to pay attention to the cultivation of the main body.”

Hearing this, Ye Feng was stunned.

Between the symbiosis body and the main body, was there a saying that they complemented each other?

With many doubts, Ye Feng looked at the uncle and continued to listen seriously.

“Although your symbiosis bodys adaptability is extremely high, I can still tell at a glance that the growth rate of your symbiosis body is far faster than your main bodys cultivation. You have to pay attention to this. Once this situation continues for a long time, it will develop irreversibly. ”

“After the main body cannot withstand the spiritual energy of the symbiosis body, the result is very tragic. The rapid loss of spiritual energy is the simplest. If you fall into the path of the devil because of this…”

After saying that, the uncle patted Ye Fengs shoulder and laughed loudly.

“Of course, this kind of thing is not common. It just depends on how much talent you have to give you a reminder.”

“Good luck, I look forward to your performance in the future!”

Ye Feng nodded again. As he watched the uncle walk away, he had an additional guess in his heart.

This uncles words and actions were very strict, making Ye Feng feel that he wasnt simple.

After all, in this training competition.

He had indeed absorbed a large amount of spiritual energy.

But because he was in the state of mimicking an ant half the time, his cultivation also stagnated for a period of time.

It was just like swallowing was eating, and cultivation was digestion.

After a large amount of food, if it was not digested, then the food would continue to pile up.

Of course, since the human body awakened the symbiotic body, it would have its own digestive function, which was to passively carry out a certain level of cultivation.

This was the effect of the symbiotic bodys augmentation.

However, Ye Fengs symbiotic body was a Slime. This kind of low-level creature, passively cultivating naturally had little effect.

Naturally, it was impossible to achieve the goal of digesting all the spiritual energy.

However, Ye Feng himself was powerful enough. Even if he absorbed a large amount of spiritual energy, he relied on the continuous evolution of the Slime to offset this side effect.

In other words, the current effect on him was not big.

But after that, it was hard to say.

This was also the point of this uncles kind reminder.

Ye Feng had improved by leaps and bounds.

If no one reminded him, it would really be a big mistake!

After all, he had only transmigrated for how long? This kind of even more obscure knowledge was naturally impossible for him to know.

“Fortunately, this uncle is kind-hearted…”

Ye Feng wanted to go back and thank him and ask for a few more suggestions.

But he found that the uncle had long disappeared.

Since that was the case, he could only visit him again next time.

Ye Feng continued to walk out.

It was the time for class, and there were almost no people on the road. There were only a few lonely buildings and fallen leaves everywhere.

Wuzhou No. 2 High School was one of the top three high schools in China.

Every year, it nurtured countless top students.

And Ye Feng was worthy of being the winner of Wuzhou No. 2 High School this year.

As for what kind of reward he could get…

Ye Feng was looking forward to it.

“If I remember correctly, the reward for first place is a top-grade Soul Gathering Pill.”

To be called a top-grade pill, the level of this thing was not low. Moreover, this pill could gather spiritual energy, so Ye Fengs physical problems could be largely solved.

Coincidentally, Ye Feng needed this pill.

Not long after, Ye Feng arrived at the door of an office, he knocked on the door and walked in.

The first thing he saw was a very majestic elk head, with two long horns on its head, looking down at the front.

This kind of boldness made people naturally think that this mutant elk should be the overlord of a certain grassland.

But now it was hung in the middle of the office.

It was only used to improve the rooms prestige.

This was too tragic!

The decorations were also very gorgeous. Even the carpet was made with the hair of some kind of creature. The moment Ye Feng stepped on it, it was as if he was standing on a cloud.

That kind of light feeling actually resonated with the spiritual energy in his body.

“So magical…”

Following that, a voice interrupted Ye Fengs fantasy.

“You are, Ye Feng?”

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