Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 9 - Kill the King Cobra The List Appears!

Chapter 8: The Opportunity Has Come

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Under the rapid circulation of [Regeneration], Ye Fengs agility and speed had greatly increased.

The instant it pounced over,?Ye Feng easily dodged it!

That pair of incomparably large venomous fangs slashed across a distance of fewer than 10 centimeters from Ye Fengs body.

In that instant, Ye Feng felt the King Cobras terrifying spiritual energy.

This guys level is actually E-!?Ye Feng thought to himself as his body continuously circulated his spiritual energy.

One had to know that when they first started exploring the map, there were already three to four students confronting an F+ Giant Saber Mantis.

Moreover, their odds of winning were not high because the two were not even on the same level!

Even if there were more people, under that incomparably large and sharp Giant Saber Mantis, it was only a one-on-one effort.

That was only an F+ creature, yet it had such powerful strength.

The King Cobra in front of him was even higher in level than the Giant Saber Mantis.

Facing such a powerful mutated creature, Ye Feng did not seem to panic at all.

But in his heart, he was already prepared to fight to the death!


The King Cobra let out a low roar, and its seven-to-eight-meter long body surged again, charging toward Ye Feng at an unimaginable speed!

A huge wave of hostility came towards Ye Feng.

The moist soil in the cave was forcefully crushed by the King Cobras huge twisting force, forming an extremely deep ravine!

This stance, if any student participating in the training competition were to experience it personally, there would be many people who would be scared to death!

The huge body continued to crawl.

Ye Feng felt the constantly shaking ground.

The King Cobra was a cold-blooded animal. Its bones were filled with a bloodthirsty aura.

The cold killing intent would make even the Giant Saber Mantis tremble in fear!


The huge impact caused the entire cave to tremble.

The King Cobra was able to cause so much damage just by pouncing over. Seeing this, Ye Feng did not dare to continue to confront it.

After all, he did not have any offensive means at the moment. He could only rely on dodging to slowly exhaust the King Cobras strength before he had the chance to take the next step.

The King Cobras speed increased, but due to its large size, it was unable to fully display its abilities in the narrow cave.

For Ye Feng, this was also an excellent place.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss–!!”

The King Cobra was furious when it missed another attack.

In the next moment, it kept shaking its body and immediately released waves of poisonous fog.

This was the King Cobras ability. It could release poisonous fog through its body and paralyze its prey.

The lower-level creatures were like prey trapped in a bottomless swamp once they came into contact with this poisonous fog, unable to break free.

Ye Feng was fearless. When he smelled the poisonous fog, he did not panic.

In such a narrow space, even if he knew it was poisonous gas, there was no way to dodge it.

If the King Cobra were to pounce, due to the terrains restrictions and Ye Fengs heightened sensitivity, it would still be relatively easy to dodge.

But after a while, he felt that something was not right.

His body began to slow down.

He was paralyzed!

His [Regeneration] was fully activated. Even if the poisonous gas were to invade, he would be able to reduce it by 70-80%.

But the remaining 10-20% still made things difficult for him.

Compared to the King Cobra, its level was not low. It only had the strength of an E-.

If it was outside the cave and there was no terrain to restrict its figure, Ye Feng would not be able to deal with it like this.

The King Cobras speed increased.


After a loud explosion, dust was raised and the surrounding cave walls were directly pierced through.

Under the rock walls, there was a pool of fresh blood.

Ye Fengs shoulder was directly pierced through by the venomous fangs.

Just by a hairs breadth, Ye Fengs heart was almost gone.

Facing such a ferocious beasts bite,?Ye Fengs expression did not change.

He was forcefully carried down.

At such a close distance, he seemed to have smelled blood other than his own.

Perhaps not long ago, this fellow had eaten some kind of creature outside.

In the next second, the huge snake head lifted up.

The bewitching vertical pupils flickered with threads of red light. The huge long tongue continued to swallow and spit, emitting low hissing sounds as if it was mocking Ye Fengs weakness.

Ye Feng dodged to the side.

At the same time, he activated [Split], gathering all eight little Slimes once again.

Although the little Slimes were only the size of a palm, they could quickly gather and even block as a shield.

Because of [Regeneration], the overall defensive ability of the Slimes had been greatly enhanced.

The King Cobra itself was extremely poisonous. The greatest poison was not the poisonous fog that had nowhere to hide, but its pile of extremely sharp venomous fangs.

After Ye Feng was bitten, the pain and burning sensation all came at once.

A creature like the King Cobra was also common in Ye Fengs high school curriculum.

The teacher once said that the King Cobras poison would kill within five steps after being touched.

However, this was not unsolvable.

Within a hundred steps of a venomous snakes existence, there would definitely be an antidote.

As for Ye Feng, he had already swallowed all the edible things in the cave.

In other words, Ye Feng had already taken the antidote.

Coupled with [Regeneration]s own ability, no matter how strong the King Cobras poison was, it was unable to penetrate Ye Fengs body in the slightest.

The burning sensation only lasted for a short while.

Then, it immediately disappeared. Ye Feng used his spiritual energy and felt that his body was fine, so he was confident.

As the [Regeneration] was further released, every time the King Cobra pounced on him, Ye Feng did not dodge anymore.

He sat down directly and began to cultivate.

He only mobilized a few small Slimes to protect his important organs.

The other parts of his body were attacked by the King Cobra.

The pain and burning sensation covered his entire body for a moment.

The poison could not reach Ye Feng. At most, it would hurt a little.

But at the same time, the more Ye Feng was bitten, the higher the improvement he received.

Every time he was bitten, with the recovery ability of [Regeneration], the wound healed almost instantly.

And as the degree of damage he received increased, the healing speed also increased exponentially.

The speed of the venomous fangs invasion was never as fast as Ye Fengs healing speed.

This was also why Ye Feng did not need to dodge.

[Being attacked. Defensive ability is slowly increasing…]

[Being attacked. Vitality +1…]

[Being attacked. Vitality +2…]


After an unknown amount of time, Ye Feng looked at his attribute panel and could not help but smile.

The King Cobra continued to bite down, but Ye Feng was still safe and sound. It was already surprised, but when it saw that Ye Feng was still smiling foolishly, it could not help but be angry.


With an angry roar, the King Cobra collapsed to the ground. Its aura was no longer as fierce as before.

Instead, it was in a very bad state.

Ye Feng calculated the time. It had already been five to six hours.

During this time, Ye Feng continued to cultivate. His various attributes had increased quite a bit. Under the continuous circulation of [Regeneration], his condition was getting better and better.

He saw the King Cobra crouching on the ground.

The corners of Ye Fengs mouth rose.

He had been waiting for this moment!

Now, it was his turn to counterattack!

Eight little Slimes were instantly released.

Although they did not have much attack power, the King Cobra saw a few little things flying towards it, so it still swallowed them in its mouth.

Seeing this scene, Ye Feng smiled.

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