Xalkren left the room of later he acknowledged that it was an inn named {Camelias Inn}. He didn expect Kian to have already paid up the sudden stay in the inn along with paying for the priests healing.

[Pretty sure we had to pay some silvers to enter into the city. He paid that too, right?]

A sigh escaped him as he left the inn.

”Psh. ”

His eyes widened as if he was being called. He glanced toward the corner of the inns building as he saw a hand calling him with a wave.

”Over here, you little rascal. ”

Xalkren clicked his tongue as he approached the backside of the building. His eyes shrunk as he saw a similar body of his grinning at him while remained seated on top of a large rock.

He patted an empty rock, beckoning him to get comfortable, his eyes were dark… no, his sclera were dark and his iris were blood red coloured. He had a similar hairstyle as Xalkren, almost mimicking his entirely.

His devil-like grin gave a start in Xalkrens heart. He felt like he know this person.

”Who the hell are you? ”, he stands firm, not taking his seat with a stranger.

Xalkren felt as if his words caused the air to turn cold. His heart began racing as he felt a great pressure leaking out of the strangers mysterious body.

The stranger grinned after sizing Xalkren up, ”Not a disappointment. ”

He stands up, patting his pants as if there are any dirt left on top of his black armour.

He then walked toward Xalkren with no intention to stop. Xalkren lifted his arms to strike but the stranger suddenly vanished into black miasma after passing into his body.

Then, a voice entered his mind.

”I am Nerklax or Neruk, an illusion of your sole and so-called {Taoist} lineage. ”

Xalkren felt as if the voice were eating his brains. He held his head from the throbbing headache. He gasped for air as he couldn breathe properly under the pressure of the sudden headache.

”G-Guh… g-get out of my head! ”

The one called Nerklax grinned maliciously as he whispered into his mind, ”Fret not, o {Prince of Evil}. You
e a fine masterpiece of that mans seed. ”, Xalkrens eyes shrunk, was Nerklax talking about his damn father?

He gritted his teeth furious.

”Seek out, the {Red Elf}, Elena, o {Prince of Evil}. Ill be in touch. ”

”Ha? Ahh… haa… haa… ”, Xalkren fell down on his knees, gasping for breath after the voice vanished from his mind, getting rid of the painful headache he tried to endure with his willpower.

*cough, cough*

He coughed heavily after feeling the pressure from before dissipated completely as if the stranger named Nerklax before had left him alone.

”…Hell… that was a hellish experience, who was that? Illusion? {Prince of Eviler}? {Red Elf}? ”

He bit his lips in frustration, he was angry at the sudden terror he had experienced just now and he was furious over his unknown origins.

”I need to find out more… about my damned Father. ”, he regained his strength and left the dark backside of the {Camelias Inn} behind him.

[{Red Elf}, Elena… Tell me where you are.]

Xalkren moved around in the {Calda City}, asking necessary questions to bystanders about the {Adventurers Guild}s location and a certain dark green haired boys last whereabouts.

”The handsome {Blacksmith} apprentice? He went to the guild. ”

He managed to gather information on his friend as he focused his attention toward the direction of where a kind bystander had pointed out. It was already helpful enough for the entire place to have various signs and symbols fitting to their field of expertise.

He took notes of {Paxurs Potions}, {Big Mans General Goods}, {Azirs Meat Trades}, and other common shops and the like on his way toward a sign of an illustration of a sword behind a medium sized shield on a large building in the city. As expected of the city dubbed as the home of {Adventurers}.

He noticed a sight of a dark green haired boy leaning against the wall of the guild.

[Looks like hes been waiting on me.], he thought as he approached him with a smile on his face.

Kian, his friend, noticed his arrival by the sound of his footsteps closing in on his position. His lifted his head to greet him, ”Yo, slept well? ”, his eyes had terrible dark circles. He hasn been sleeping and in dire need of it real badly.

Xalkren felt the need to apologise, ”Sorry, you can head straight back to the inn right after we registered as {Adventurers}. ”

His friend nodded as he closed his eyes, ”Lets get inside, Mary will be handling with our applications by the desk since I came here early. ”

He leaned in for Xalkrens ear, ”That dagger is in her possession right now, since I didn have time to explain about your case. ”

Xalkren nodded, reassuring his friend calmly, ”Don worry. Ill explain to her myself. ”

*creak open*

*chatter, chatter*

”HAHA–HA!! ”

”Oii~ Who told you to get drunk in here? Haar?~ ”

”You… hiic, are no different~~ ”

[Damn, its packed in here. Does the guild also provide food for their {Adventurers}?]

Xalkren thought to himself as he basked in the loud atmosphere of the tavern part of the {Adventurers Guild}. It reminded him back home at the pub with his friends and uncles enjoying their time chattering and boasting over their latest hunts.

However, it was no time to reminisce of the good times. Xalkren has to go to the receptionist desk with Kians leading in front in order to receive his dagger and apply themselves as new {Adventurers}.

One of the receptionists working on duty during that time noticed Kian and Xalkren and approached the desk wearing a polite smile for them. She was Mary.

”This must be about the owner of this dagger, yes? ”, she asked as soon as Kian stopped in front of the desk. Xalkren stepped up and placed his hand against the desk, ”Yes, could you give it back to me? ”

She looked at him, sizing him up from her long humming to inspect his torn appearance. She tossed the dagger at him as he caught it with ease.

”Thank you, now onto the- ”

She suddenly slapped two empty application forms on the table, cutting his words in half as she taken the lead, ”Registration? Here are the forms, enjoy writing them. ”

She excused herself rudely as she left the two to fend for themselves with no means to jot down their answers to the forms. Xalkren sighed as he read out the forms first before channelling chakra into his sharpest nail on his left index finger.

Kian widened his eyes as he watched him write down his details with ease using his chakra infused finger as a writing method. He however, instead of following the method of his, went after another receptionist to ask for a pen to write on.

Mary came back with two pens only to find a filled out application forms from the both of them. She had a nervous giggle as sweats dropped from her forehead. She was more surprised by how clean the handwriting of the two forms.

She jolted at one of the forms as she lifted it up to see holes through the writings, she called the name on the form out loud, ”Xalkren? ”

He lifted his hand to receive her attention, she had her jaw dropped by how much skills hes got with his excellent control of his magic. He wore terribly like a sore beggar but his writing are topnotch as if he was taught by a noble no less!

The same can be said to the next name she called, ”Kian. ”, his writing are clean and clear with necessary details of his equipments. Xalkrens details were vague but understandable as he didn bring much to the table.

He kept a tight grip on his dagger as he looked at Kian, ”Are we done now? I want to hurry up and become stronger, its the only thing I can do for now. ”

Kian nodded as he faced the awestruck receptionist, ”Miss, our badges, please. ”

”Ah. ”, she leaned under the desk and grabbed something from below. She then stood up straight and carefully handed the two their {E-Rank Adventures Guild Badges}. Mary never given these kind of service to lower ranked {Adventurers} as they
e bound to come and go, to die or to rank up on another place.

She was mostly afraid of offending these two due to their noble backings.

Although, she never knew that they weren backed up by any nobles in the first place. Xalkren pricked the badge against his torn shirt after noticing Kians similar motions to follow his actions. After doing so, they walked for the request boards to pick their first ever quest as aspiring {Adventurers}.

The quest they took were;

{Investigation: Locate a Golden Mushroom}

{Details: This golden mushroom is a little trinket belonging to our family. It is however lost in the {Deep Dark Forest} of the {Black Mountain} west of the city. I believe that the goblins had stolen it. Please find it and youll be rewarded with a gold per person in the same party.}

{Rewards: 1 Gold per person and any Items you found along the way.}


[A/N: A quest! (I need to stop acting like this.) And Ill explain the concept of money later when we do finish this quest! Woo!]

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