”Please… no harm… us… and grandchildren… ”

Kian widened his eyes as he bare witness of the old goblins ragged movement to lift its hand to point toward its four little goblins who were smiling at Kian.

The four male goblins were unarmed and happy to see a strong human despite shivering from witnessing how close was Kian to killing their grandfather and how dirty Kian looked with the blood of its kin.


”Me… and five grandchildren… no harm for… humans. ”, the old goblin even lifted five fingers, four and a one as goblins only have four fingers per hand compared to humans.

Kian asked, ”Five? Wheres the last one, grandpa? ”

The old goblin jolted as it turned around to find a missing grandchild from its watch, ”Susuk!! Keukkk… she… gone! ”, his panicked voice caused the male grandchildren to also panic.

”Susuk? Susuk gone? ”

Kian tried to communicate with the old goblin as he felt like they won cause any harm to humans, and hearing the old grandpa mentioned the missing goblins gender somewhat surprised him.

The old goblin nodded frantically as it looked at its grandchildren, ”Susuk, where? ”

”Mata… see Susuk… there! ”, one of the young goblin pointed at their youngest sibling, and then toward the abandoned structure like ruins. Kian remembered that Xalkren had rushed over to the ruins to chase after the dark elf.

”Mata? True? ”, Kian found it odd that the goblins were trying to communicate in Common tongue rather than in their own language. He watched the youngest looking goblin named Mata nodding non-stop after being questioned by their grandfather.

”Oh… no… ”, the grandpa was saddened to see Mata nodding so sure of its eyes. It faced the human with dark green hair and asked, ”Friend… please help us. ”

Kian nodded but said something regarding the missing child, ”I will help… but, I worry about your Susuk, I don know if Kuren might hurt her or not… ”

”… Let us… go, friend. ”

”…I thought that I saw a little human girl being surrounded by goblins, but… ”

Xalkren scratched his forehead as he furrowed his brows to look at the little female goblin smiling at him, ”…Did I… accidentally kill your brothers? ”

She shook her head as she opened up her arms as she said with a cute happy tone, ”Hug, human? ”

”Huh? ”

Xalkren was stunned by what she had said. There were several points he would like to talk about when he first hear her.

First, how is a goblin capable to proper human language, the Common tongue that he and Kian used in {Calda City} and {Cold Dread Village}?

Second, why is she shaking her head after completely watching her brethrens getting stabbed by Xalkren and still smiling at him?

Third, how do he reply to her request?

He decided to accept her request to hug him. He lowered down and crouched down enough for her tiny arms to wrap around his neck, Xalkren didn feel any murderous intent behind her hugging his neck as she sounded happily to have a hug with a human larger than her.

To her, it was like seeing a friendly giant. To Xalkren, it was like seeing a deformed human baby with terrible skin condition.

”… You
e pretty heavy, ain ya? ”, he lifted her up and felt like he was carrying Kians large sack of wonders. She made pouting noises as she voiced herself at him, ”Valgor mean! ”

”Mean monster? Sorry for hurting your feelings then, little kid. ”, Xalkren knew the meaning of her words at him.

After all, he used to attend classes of an old man who claimed to be a scholar. He was surprised by how unique the Draconic Language as he learned some of it from the old man.

However he sighed mentally after remembering about the state of his village, [Right… that old geezer Butler is dead too.]

He wondered as he patted the goblins head, ”How did you goblins learn how to speak some Draconic Language? ”

”Would you like me to answer that for you? ”

Chills suddenly entered both Xalkren and the little goblin girl as he quickly put her down on the floor. His eyes stuck on the approaching {Red Elf}s dark sclera and white eyes as he said calmly to the girl, ”Little kid… if you can understand this, run away, now! ”

The goblin nodded as it ran away from the ruins.

Xalkren stood up as he got ready to defend from the {Red Elf}s possible attacks.

”I guess you didn want to know… haa~ ”

She sighed after raising her brow at him as she charged at him, surprising him of her speedy dash!

However, he could read her fast movements despite how fast she was. He blocked her left stabbing arm by gripping onto her left elbow and countered by having his palm immediately on her exposed neck.

She exhaled almost whistling at his capabilities, ”You
e good. ”

”…Thanks. ”, they backed away after Xalkren released her from his hold. She took off her red hood to reveal her white hair somehow complimenting her pale purple-ish skin.

Then, she asked him, ”Whats the business of his dear son to come find me? ”

”I am his son, no more. ”, Xalkren interjected.

His words did make her feel something off about him, however, she shrugged internally as she continued asking, ”You haven answered me. ”

”Someone told me to find you, {Red Elf} Elena. ”

She had her mouth agape after hearing him say that old title of hers, ”Oh… ”

As if she did it on perfect timing and on purpose, Xalkren blinked and found her vanished, leaving behind dark miasma similar to how that illusion with his face has done to him before.

He then felt something soft pressing against his back as a warm breath blew into his left ear by surprise.

”What are you? ”, he struggled but stopped when she said something to him.

”Was it Illusion that told you of me? Why? ”, her voice was cold despite the soft embrace on his back. He composed himself as he replied to her question, ”To tell me everything you know on how to kill my damned father. ”

She was surprised with him addressing his own father as such, she could really wonder what caused Xalkren to bear such deep hatred for his once beloved father.

”And… that illusion said that hell be in touch. ”, he said after a long pause, he was wondering why Elena hasn said anything yet.

The {Red Elf} sighed as she whispered into his ear, ”{Prince of Evil}, would you care to listen to a little lullaby of mine? ”

”…No– ”

She cuts him off, ”I didn say you can reject. Don you want to grow stronger? ”

[You literally asked if I wanted to…] ”…I want to become stronger than my Father. ”, he spoke after being taken aback by the dark elfs question.

She was satisfied with his conviction as she leaned closely to breathe into his ears, ”May there always be angels… to watch over you… ”

She sang deep into his ears with a lovely and calming voice as if she was chanting a sleeping spell onto him, ”To guide you each step of the way

To guard you and keep you, safe from all harm…

Loo-li, loo-li, lai-lay~ ”

(Secret Garden – Sleepsong)

*stomp* *stomp* *stomp*

Kian and the goblins arrived into the ruins to find out the ruins were used to be a prosperous church with the Holy Guidance inscription on the walls now destroyed with time and vandalism.

He stopped on his tracks upon noticing Xalkrens unconscious body on the floor as he shouted with great worry, ”Kuren!! ”, he started dashing for his friend!

”I won come any closer if I were you. ”

He stopped again and this time to glare at the {Red Elf} relaxing on top of an odd mechanism. He shouted at her as he immediately gathered Wind energy around him.

However, the Wind elemental energy were much weaker inside of the ruined structure compared to the outside where Wind was more freely available unlike in enclosed spaces.

The grandpa goblin bit his lips as he kept a close eye on his grandchildren behind him. He couldn see Susuk anywhere as his heart drooped from the possibility of her dying.

He shouted at its kin, ”Tangan, Mata, Jari, Kaki! Behind gramps! ”

”Keuk! ”

”Oh? ”, she vanished suddenly. Sending fear into everyones hearts as she soon spoke from behind the old goblin, ”This one seems worthy of that. ”

”Keuk, keukkkkk!!~ ”

The grandpa turned and shouted at her, ”Bad elf! ”, he fetched a rock and threw it at her only to completely miss her as her body vanished again into dark miasma.

He looked for his grandchildren as his heart dropped at the now missing kid, ”Jari!!! ”

Kian gritted his teeth as he dashed ahead!

She appeared by the mechanism as she said to Kian calmly with a young but unconscious goblin in her arms.

”Are you deaf? You don want to get any closer now. ”

She pulled down a lever near the mechanism as Kian stopped to watch the cauldron above the mechanism slowly turning toward the unconscious goblin. The grandpa goblin yelled as he held his palm toward his unconscious grandchild, ”«Sobast! Sobast!» ”

Magic gathered into his palm as a young hyena popped out from his palm as it charged toward the mechanism.

The {Red Elf} was amused with the old goblins ability to summon creatures but didn want to let the experiment to be halted any further as she jumped in the air!

Kian widened his eyes in confusion as he realised that he needed to somehow stop her!

He threw his broadsword toward her!


”No! ”

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