May wasn comfortable with Mr Obaro situation, she didn want to have any relationship with him but if she didn , her grades will suffer really badly and with so much going on in their home, she didn want to add to their problems. Mrs Baker noticed that her daughter, May wasn eating at the table, she touched her daughter on her face before May returned to reality.

” You want to tell me whats going on May? ” Mrs Baker asked May, worried about her daughter.

”Mom, what do you mean? I am totally fine. Just tired a little bit ” May said, trying to clear her mothers doubt.

” You sure about that, because this is your favourite food or youve switched favourites ” Mrs Baker asked her daughter still not convinced.

” No Mom ” May smiled.

” Okay baby ” Mrs Baker said.

Audrey, May was called to their parents room. They both sat on the couch in their parents room.

” Girls…

” Mom..

” You very much know that I want to be a part of your lives. So if you are having any problems, you should speak to your mom about it hmm ” Mrs Baker spoke with concern.

” Mom, whats with all of this advise? Did we do something wrong this time ” May asked while staring at Audrey a little longer as if trying to ask what the latter had done again.

” I just want to talk to my girls ” Mrs Baker said smiling inwardly about how perceptive her girls were.

” Okay Mom ” May said first, pecked her Mom cheeks and went out of the room.

” Mom, I appreciate the advise though. All through I hoped you wouldn yell at us and thank goodness you didn ….

” Audrey Baker, spit it out…

”It crossed my mind some weeks ago, George and I have decided not to break up for now and concentrate on our studies ” Audrey announced to her Mom

” Baby, I didn get the break up thing but I know that you are doing what we advised you both to do ” Mrs Baker smiled.

” Oh Mom, you
e so sweet sometimes. I know that. Your dad tells me sometimes ” Audrey smiled widely and hugged her Mom.

” Audrey, let go of your mother and can someone tell me why you both are gushing with happiness ” Mr Baker asked his daughter as he entered the bedroom.

” Michael, your daughter has left the relationship with George completely ” Mrs Baker announced completely to her husband

” Well, thats good news. ” Mr Baker said and pulled his wife closer to him on the bed

” Dad and Mom, not completely though. Till we
e done with our exams and we talk about it ” Audrey told her parents whose smiles had flown from their faces.

” Really Audrey? Just leave and go rethink on your actions ” Mrs Baker yelled at her daughter

” Let me handle our daughter Mary ” Mr Baker told his wife calmly then turned to his daughter. ” Audrey, you know why we are asking you to leave that relationship. You
e too young to be in one and as your parents, we don want to see you with him ever again. We take care of you and we call the shots here since you
e our responsibility okay. Till when you
e ready and can take care of your responsibilities, we shouldn have this conversation. Now leave to your room, have a good night ” Mr Baker spoke to his daughter with a straight face.

Audrey left her parents bedroom quickly.

May put a call through to her elder sister, she couldn sleep as if she were afraid that something would eat her up later on.

” Hi sis ” She said immediately Felicia picked up her call.

”Hi May ” Felicia responded back

” How are you doing over there? And Auntie Gracie and Auntie Chiamanda? ” May asked cheerfully

” We
e all good though they
e not home yet. I would send your greetings to them ” Felicia assured her sister.

” Well I wanted to speak to you ” May told her sister the smile totally disappeared from her face.

” Tell me about it ” Felicia told May

” Mr Obaro just threatened me..

” Come off it May, thats expected ” Felicia retorted

” I refused him. I just couldn bring myself down to such ridiculous level. But what do you think I do about it? ”

” Well I think you just made the right decision, now stick to it May Baker ” Felicia advised hersister

” Thanks sis but… ” May was interrupted

” If he really carried out the threat and your grades dropped because his course has a 3 or 5 units ” Felicia completed her sisters statement. ” Well, we know someone who is bigger. Guess what he is ready to listen to you, talk to God in prayers, fast if you can while I do same over here ” Felicia continued.

” Sis, Im not so sure about that. You know I don believe in all of that. I need a very practical solution ” May asked again

” Well Im very sorry about that, just told you who could solve this real quick ummm. Pray to God hmm, speak to you tomorrow ” Felicia said to May before hanging up.

God??? Whom she had abandoned. How could she pray to him.

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