”We got forty six individual applicants but I ticked some boxes and narrowed it down to just ten applicants. ”

”Just ten? ” Richard McCaul asked as he readjusted his tie and shrugged into his black suit jacket.

Truthfully, Richard wasn interested in how many people that applied for the job. He just needed someone, fast.

His housekeeper and cook of over twenty years had just decided to take three months off to go stay with her daughter who had just given birth.

At first, he was reluctant about letting her go but that would be selfish and insensitive of him if he declined to give her the three months she had requested.

Maria, his housekeeper and cook, has been nothing but of great service to his family. So, he had given her the three months she asked for and had also signed her a fat check.

Being the CEO of one of the countrys top three biggest Estate development company, gave him the opportunity to get whatever he needed at every point. But that wasn who Richard was.

He loved the idea of a clean home and coming back to home made meals. Maria had helped him raise his two daughters so he owed it to her to oblige her.

She had travelled just last week and Richard had started having it tough.

Victoria, his thirty three year old secretary, had been ordering his meals but the rest of his house had remained the same. He only had time to make his bed and that was it.

”Thirty two housekeeping agencies and twelve catering companies applied too, sir, ” Victoria continued and that earned her a sharp glance from Richard who pushed himself up from his leather swivel chair.

Striding over to the floor-to-ceiling window that earned him a beautiful view of Bellamy city. That was one of the perks of being a boss in his field.

Hed built RMCauls from the scratch. Being a young widower with two daughters to raise was not really easy, but hed done it.

”I told you I don want such agencies. I don like strangers in my home, Victoria. ” He looked out and took a deep breath.

He needed to find someone. And soon.

”I believe I can find a really trustworthy agency that can take care of the house, quickly adding, ”and the meals too. ”

Turning away from the view, he fixed his dark gaze on Victorias face.

”So, how would you know who they send over? ” Taking slow strides back to his desk, his eyes still pinned on Victorias face, ”and even if you run checks on that one person, what of the next person and the one after that? ”

”Well_ sir_ ” she started but came up blank.

”Just do what I asked you to do Victoria. Interview the applicants and find someone who can fill Marias vacancy for three months. Please, don let just anyone into my space. ” Richard warned sternly.

Victoria nodded instead, ”you want one person to do both the housekeeping and cooking? ”

”Thatll be very much appreciated. ” He replied absently as he shuffled through the files on the desk.

”What time is my lunch meeting with the governor? ” He asked and picked up three folders from the desk and deposited them in his briefcase.

”Just in less than thirty minutes from now. ”

Nodding, he picked up his phone and slid it into his jacket pocket and carried the briefcase with him as he made for the door which Victoria quickly threw open.

”Tell the chauffeur to pull up front. ”

Stopping shortly at her table, she dropped the applicant forms and picked up the work iPad and other files and her shoulder bag and hurried behind Richard.

She pulled out her phone and dialled the chauffeur, spitting instructions at him.

”Did Mr. Xavier call back? ” He asked and shot a glance at his wristwatch.

If there was something Richard despised more than strangers being in his space, it was being late to somewhere.

His employees knew that. Everyone knew that. They tried to adhere to it. He had fired people on the spot just for being late to work. Richard wasn a terrible or an arrogant employer, he just had rules that he needed everyone to conform to. He was just that strict.

”Yes sir. He said hell send the necessary documents for the takeover before the end of the week. ”

Richard just nodded at that. He was more than satisfied that the bid had gone the way he wanted. Acquiring Xavier Co. was not his biggest wins, infact, there wasn much profit in it for him. But he just thought it was worth a shot and had gone for it..

Xavier Co. had gone bankrupt and had lots of debts to clear. Richard had swooped in and made a bid with him. It was favourable to the two parties, obviously, since Xavier would be sending documents and they would be signing over very soon.

Richard had made the call and he knew it was the right call. Xavier Co. might be a small company but it had potentials and he was willing to take it up from there.

He hadn bought it under the companys name. He had opted a takeover under his name. Privately. He knew why he did that. He had plans for it.

The elevator opened at the ground floor and they marched to the turnstile to the already waiting car. The uniformed chauffeur scurried over to open the door for him while Victoria got into the front seat.

Driving into the busy road, he busied himself by reading the Financial

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