Times that was always kept in the car.

Richard particularly didn come from money, infact his father was just a school teacher and his mother had died when he was just fourteen. Things weren really difficult because his father, although wasn rich, knew people and had connections.

It had helped him when he went on the journey of building RMCauls. His father had died twelve years ago but Richard still carried his fathers memories with him. Maybe he had learned how to be a father from his own father.

He was glad RMCauls had reached a height and his father had seen it before he died from pancreatic cancer.

Putting the newspaper aside as he couldn concentrate on anything that was written there, he looked out through the window and watched the busy road, the traffic lights, the street lights and road signs and symbols.

He didn commit them to his mind but he thought about how hed survived the times he raised the girls alone. It was really tough for him but thinking about it now, he felt satisfied. He had done a good job.

But sometimes he wondered. He wondered about how his life would have turned out if he hadn married at twenty two.

Would he be happy?

Would he be in the financial times?

How would have things turned out if he had given up on his dreams?

He might be forty nine and many months away from fifty, but he still had his charms with him. From everything about him, it was obvious he was someone important.

He still had women drooling over him when he entered a room. Though hed kept himself away from relationships and all those attachments.

For a man of forty nine years, he still had the strength and features of a much younger man in his thirties. His grey hair and beards, his piercing dark eyes, and his evenly muscles, makes him all the more compelling. He did his exercises and took walks when he could. He ate the right food and although he might not really get enough asleep, he could still find his way around a womans body.

And truth be told, he sure knew how to give pleasure to his women.

There weren many women he indulged because he always set the boundaries and cut things short when they start asking for too much or when things started to get intense.

The lunch meeting had dragged on till six in the evening and by the time the chauffeur turned off the engine in front of his mansion, he decided that he needed a hot bath and just go straight to bed. Thankfully, he had a great meal at the meeting.

He had keyed in the lock combination at the front door and dragged his legs halfway into the living room when the lights turned on and a feminine figure appeared from across the hall, clad in a bathrobe.


”Hello, handsome, ” she purred at him, beaming wide smiles at him.

Turning sharply to his chauffeur, he took his briefcase and spoke briskly at him. ”You can take the rest of the day off, Henry. ”

Henry- the chauffeur- nodded, and left hurriedly.

Turning back to face the familiar intruder, he advanced closer. ”Simone, ” he muttered, ”what are you doing here? ”

The lady shrugged and met him midway, wrapping her arms around his middle, ”I missed you. ” She smiled widely at him.

She looked like she had just stepped out from the bathroom because he could smell her expensive body wash on her skin.

Warding her off with his free hand, he dropped his briefcase on a side table and took few steps away from her.

”What are you doing here Simone? When did you even get back? ” Richard tugged his tie lose and started to remove his jacket.

Simone drew closer to him and helped him get rid of his jacket, ”this morning, ” flashing him another wide grin, ”Im here because I missed you. ”

”I told you to never come here uninvited. ” Richard swore at her and continued tugging at his tie till it came undone. He looked really upset.

Simone rolled her eyes at that. ”Come on already! Weve been at this for two years now. Im already past that little secret romance. ” She retorted sharply at him.

Richard swung over to glare at her. ”Thats not the point and how are we in a little secret romance… ” He used his fingers to put air quotations, ”when my daughters have seen you countless times. ” Richard was really getting more upset by the second.

This was not how he intended his night to go. All he needed was just a hot shower and a long sleep. Was that too much to ask?

”Im sorry I didn tell you I was getting back this morning, ” Simone finally apologized, knowing that Richard was not going to buy into whatever she would say.

Unbuttoning his crispy white shirt swiftly, Simone moved closer and took over, ”you shouldn be mad at me for missing you so much. I know you hate surprises or having people over when they
e not invited, ” shrugging his shirt off his shoulders and over his arms, she let it fall behind him.

”But Im no more people Richard. ”

Standing on her toes, she wrapped her arms over his shoulders and pressed a wet kiss over his mouth which he returned.

Drawing back for a second to catch her breath, ”at least we agree now that you miss me too, ” she teased.

Without bothering to respond, Richard leaned and clamped his mouth over hers.

The hot shower can wait.

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