Somewhere on a mountain peak which was 40km above sea level , the tranquil surroundings were disturbed by a dense fluctuating mass of energy which expanded suddenly to form an Enneagon shaped portal.

A person stepped out of there slowly , with a little Feline over his shoulder. He looked to be in his mid twenties, a pair of dark starry eyes as if the whole universe was inside them, jet black hair blending into lustrous grey in the middle and going Milky white at the end.

Pale blue skin draped by a Purple-Gold dress and a pair of black gloves made of what seemed to be Nightcrawler spider silk which was a rare commodity in this world .

”Where are we , Ren ? ” he asked as the portal behind him closed and they both were left alone on the barren Mountain top which was surprisingly not cold.

The Little Black Feline who didn even bother to open her eyes replied in a sleepy and indifferent manner

” Don ask meaningless questions to which you know the answer already just to start a conversation with me. It doesn show the charm of a man rather his insecurities and desperation and makes him completely unattractive. ”

”Well , those wise words and that aloofness doesn make you a sage you know, you
e just my mascot after all. ” That was the snarky remark she got in return which made her open her eyes showing a gleaming emerald pair of pupils and opened her little mouth, her fangs ready to bite.

The world started shaking and the wind halted , beings all around felt a strong pressure suppressing them down which made them scared.

” ok-ok, you know I didn mean it . No need to be angry or you might scare the Protector of this World. ” Tian tried to calm her down before her aura destroyed this small world.

”Hmph!.. like I care about that. ” Ren gave a disdainful snort before closing her eyes again and snuggling comfortably on his shoulder. ”

The suppression disappeared and the inhabitants of the world were able to breathe again but the fear didn go away. They tried to locate the source of the anomaly but didn find anything.

Tian gave a knowing smile before shifting his attention ahead of him which made him smile even more with a playful look in his eyes.

” You can even wait one minute, can you ? ” Ren , of course knew what was on his mind but didn say more.

” You know me well, then why ask ” he didn get any counter argument , so he started walking down the mountain slowly , like he was just taking a stroll in his own garden.

Not long after he saw a cave guarded by two female cultivators. They were just standing there without any movements but judging by the strong restrained qi around them , both were not just any nobodies.

” Two peak Divine Transformation Realm cultivators just for guard , and the Yin Qi coming out of there, whatever that is inside must be important. ” Tian was talking to himself as he continued walking towards the gate because his companion didn bother to join him.

They were wearing a golden mask whic

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