When they got out of the Teleportation channel , they were in a spacious room . There was a luxurious bed made of Purple Jade wood with a delicate crafting. The cover was made from a Three-horned two tailed Qilin beast fur.

There was a table, an opulent wine bottle with two glasses placed over it, two armchairs by its side. A cabinet made of 10,000 years old Black Volcanic wood , a Eugle plated human sized mirror with a stool by its side.

The carpet was made of a Blood-Thunder Leopard skin.

The whole room screamed luxury. There was a woman sitting on one of the chair. Her glossy Black hair were covering one of her eyes and reached her knees. Her Sultry Pink lips were twisted in a faint smile. Her visible eye had a tint of redness, and her buxom chest was holded by a crossing dress piece.

Her belly was exposed for all to see and there was a only a slim piece of black silk extending from her hips till down, barely covering the place between her legs making her thighs bare. Her silver-white stockings were covering her legs below her knees. And a pair of silver guard over her knees and thighs on both sides and one covering her right hand in full length .

She was sitting in her seat in a relaxed manner, sipping her wine from the glass.

When Shen Ziyen saw her, she was confused for a moment before stepping forward and cupping her hands.

” Disciple greets Master. ”

No doubt she was the Master of Shen Ziyen and the Sect master.

Tian freed his hand from Shen Ziyen and got near the table. The female Sect Master was paying attention to this man her disciple had already informed about secretly.

” Master Tian, My name is Qin Wanyu. Please have a seat . ” Qin wanyu offered with a smile .

But her smile was lost when she saw Tian suddenly transforming into a Little Black Feline. She was Ren from the beginning!!

Even more shocked were the two female guards who followed Shen Ziyen, not to say Shen Ziyen was dumbstruck. She didn even realise the whole time that the person next to her was someone else!

I have been tricked! Whos this cat !! she was cursing inwardly.

Ren walked next the empty seat and climbed on air and rested herself there. Soon a man appeared before their eyes, with a cat on his lap.

Turns out Tian was sitting here all along even before Qin Wanyu entered. The person walking with Shen Ziyen was Ren from the beginning and the cat over her shoulder, that never existed. I mean no one saw it, right.

She wanted to have some fun, and Tian let her be. They were communicating via Divine sense from start.

Tian just smiled and filled his cup of wine , stirring it twice before he took a sip and savoured the taste.

” Who knew there are still some people who enjoy drinking Wine made from 20.000 years old Azure Honey. Thats really a unique taste. ”

Although Qin Wanyu was shocked, she was after all a Sect leader and a Half-Step Mahayana Realm Cultivator. She collected her thoughts and gave a polite smile.

” And I didn expect Master Tian would be a wine lover. ” She wanted to add when I heard you were a vagabond , but seeing his Celestial looks she stopped saying that.

Shen Ziyen and her two followers were still in shock with this sudden development. This was the first time they had seen a man this Handsome and with elegant demeanor. They were not as mature as their Sect Master so they were still admiring his figure.

Tian noticed their stupor, ” If you keep looking at me like that, Ill feel shy. ” he chuckled. This brought them out of their dream and they felt embarrassed, but soon they calmed themselves.

Shen Ziyen came forward and clasped her hands while giving a light bow ” My apologies for being rude , Master Tian. ”

She was after all the Holy Maiden of her Sect , she was not a little girl who would fall in love at first sight with a handsome man. The number of deaths by her hand were in thousands if not tens of thousands. Her Dao was The Slaughter Dao .

It was looked down by the whole World but she didn mind , because it was her path, her own choice. Her two followers also came forward to apologise.

” Ling Bai apologises to Master Tian ”

” Ling Meng apologises to Master Tian ”

Apparently their names were Ling Bai and Ling Meng. Most likely they were twin sisters.

” A stable midset is a must for Slaughter Dao. Good, you have not let down your Sect Master ” Tian praised them a little before shifting his attention to Qin Wanyu.

” Miss Qin , I appreciate your warm welcome. I hope you forgive me for my Little Rens mischief. ” He said while patting the sleeping Feline on his lap.

Qin Wanyu didn expect him to be so polite.

” Master Tian is joking. That was just a harmless prank. I don mind. But I was wondering what purpose Master Tian has for visiting my Sect? ”

She was half-curious and half-cautious, because she was feeling the same aura from Ren when she felt from that suppressive aura.

She knew , that adorable looking Feline was a monster in disguise who shouldn exist in this world. Qin Wanyu was sure that Ren was above Mahayana Realm!! And this was not a good news for anyone if they were a hostile party.

” Miss Qin need not be so wary, we don mean any harm. Truth be told, I am actually someone from Middle Heavens, though I was at bottom there, I relied on myself to keep moving.

I was about to breakthrough to the next Realm, I just needed an opportunity. And one day the said opportunity came to me, a Secret Realm. I entered alone there, and what I found was more than I was searching for, a Rank-4 Divine Essence Condesing Pill.

But before I could take it, I was surrounded by several Cultivators who got the news about my treasure. I fought as my life depended on it and killed half of them with Rens help, but they were too many and I had no choice but to burn my Cultivation to escape. I just chose a random world from Lower-Heaven to hide myself for a while as I recover my Strength.

That is all, if there are any doubts Miss Qin, please ask. ” Tian gave a brief yet long recall of his experience before taking another sip from the glass .

Qin Wanyu kept quiet for a while , she half believed in him and there was half of doubt. She knew he was hiding something but couldn find out what.

” I understand Master Tians situation. Its been really hard on you. I would have liked to help in someway, but I don think I can offer much. ”

Her meaning was obvious, I feel for you, but if thats it then goodbye.

Tian didn mind her words ” I wouldn dare to trouble Miss Qin for anything more than I already have. I will be staying in this world for a few years as my Cultivation recovers. I thought it would be nice to get to know the people here. ”

As he said that he stood up and took out a vibrant green pill, there was a thunder mark over its surface.

” I have noticed that Miss Qin is at Half-Step Mahayana Realm, not even 5000 years old. That talent is really admirable and makes me feel ashamed.

This is a Rank-9 100% purity Essence Seed Pill , itll be a little helpful to Miss. I hope that Miss will take it as a token of our new friendship and will not refuse me. ”

He opened his palm and the pill flew over to Qin Wanyu.

She was a little shocked by this development. She thought that this man had ulterior motives and would make some reason to stay at her Sect. But instead he gave her a valuable Pill which she needed very much at this time and didn ask anything in return. And it seems like he was about to walk out.

” Master Tian , this is too much. I don know how will I repay you if I take this. Im sorry but I have to decline. ”

She instantly refused. First, she didn want to owe this unknown person anything. Second, even he looked like a harmless person ,one can be more sure.

” Miss , if you
e thinking about owing anything to me then Im sad you think so low of me. Though it might be a treasure for you , for me it is really useless.

I just hoped that Miss will remember me as a friend after taking my gift. Because Im new in this World, I don know anyone and it would have been really nice if my first friend would have been a beautiful person like Miss Qin.

But since you refuse, I wouldn Insist lest you think I have some hidden agenda. ”

He had a gloomy smile over his face as he took back his pill and kept it. He thought for a second and took out a simple jade token.

” This is a jade token imbued with my spiritual qi, if you need anything please call me anytime. Though I hope that you call me even if theres nothing going on. ”

He handed her the jade token which she didn refuse as it would look impolite if she refused him twice.

” Master Tian , I will remember you if theres anything. ”

Qin Wanyu just smiled politely without making any promises.

Tian nodded back to her and turned to Shen Ziyen. ” Miss Shen has a firm Dao Heart, your future will be bright. ”

He gave a last smile before disappearing from the place.

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