After everything settled down, Tian asked that he stay near Zhao Li on the third peak, so as not to waste any time.

In truth that was just an excuse, he just wanted to be left alone with his disciple .


Third peak:

”Rock, Paper , scissors ”

”Rock, Paper , scissors ”

Two people, or you could say one person was playing rock paper scissors with himself.

Ren , who was watching it from the sidelines, couldn hold it any longer.

” What are you doing? ”

Tian ”Can you see? ”

Zhao Li ” we
e Playing rock paper scissors ”

Ren ”…. ”

Tian ” we
e deciding who will be going to Thousand-Beast-Valley to find the ingredients to concoct a pill for my damaged Cultivation ”

Ren closed her eyes again as she didn want to watch this idiocy anymore ” more like to show others that you are looking for something. ”

Zhao Li ” Its the same thing. Hah! I won, Ill be staying here Master. ”

Tians eye twitched after a long time in millenium. He ignored his disciple and turned to Ren ”You
e coming? ”

Ren just lifted her paw and waved goodbye.

” Get the new one and discard the old one? ” Tian was a little irritated.

Ren jumped in Zhao Lis arms and snuggled in his chest ”Yeah , I am sorry but I found a new lover. You can go now. ”

Zhao Li was satisfied and he patted her softly. ” Good girl ”

Tian watched these lovebirds and was ready to fight but he forced himself to calm down ” Then at least do your task. ”

After saying that he disappeared.

Zhao Li and Ren looked at each other and smiled ” ”Hes pissed ” ”

Saying that, Ren split herself into two , and one of them disappeared after Tian.

Zhao Li smiled ” Can see me alone, huh? ”

Ren snorted, ” You know I can . So don play such games next time. ”

They both were just having fun from the start. They understood each other the best and there was no need for words for them to communicate.

Zhao Li descended the mountain and came out of the inner region. No one could see Ren over his shoulder as she was not supposed to be with him in the first place.

After entering the outer region he headed towards the Million Treasure Auction Hall. It was actually a chain business. Its branches were spread from Middle Heavens to Lower Heavens. That is, in every big city from Tier-1 to Tier-6 World there was a branch.

By this one could only imagine how big this Chain business was.

Zhao Li entered the auction Hall and was led to the VIP area. It was reserved for Sect masters of second rate Sects like Raging Flame Villa , Mystic wind city and other 11. Zhao Li was seated in VIP box 1 which was reserved for the person with highest authority in Zhou Province which was Zhao Xuefeng.

Since Zhao Li was the Holy son of the Brilliant Saber sect, he represented the Sect Master. When people saw Zhao Li, all of them stood up to pay respects. Even the Sect masters of second rate sects.

All except one, there was a person sitting next to the sect master of Raging Flame Villa, Lin Feng.

It seemed that after getting his Golden finger, he had already climbed up ranks and was about to be the son-in-law of the Raging Flame Villa or already was.

The sect master of Raging Flame Villa, Gao Jin and his daughter Gao cai were anxious when they saw Lin Feng showing such disrespect. They thought that Zhao Li would punish them for such an act.

But Zhao Li didn even bother to look at them , he just cupped his hands and greeted everyone ” No need for such courtesy, please take a seat everyone. ”

Saying that he sat down first and rest followed. Some people saw Lin Fengs disrespect and thought the same as Gao Jin but we
e surprised when nothing happened.

Most of the sect masters from second state sects were early-stage Soul Fusion Realm or mid-stage Soul Fusion Realm, but Gao Jin was already at peak-stage Soul Fusion Realm. Most likely the perks of being the father-in-law of someone with a Golden finger.

Gao cai was at Nascent Soul mid-stage Realm while Lin Feng was at Nascent soul late-stage, or at least thats what he showed others. In reality he was already at the early-stage Soul Incarnation Realm.

” After two months he would have been mid-stage Soul Incarnation Realm, with the natural ability of a heavens favourite to fight one Realm above them, the real Zhao Li would have died even without knowing why.

So boring, so cliche. Now lets see what his Golden finger is. ”

He took a glance at Lin Feng before closing his eyes. ” Transmigration plus a Soul fragment of an Infernal King in that little ring. What is cheating? Well, this is cheating. Isn he just basically grinding his character in a Tier-2 world with such cheat. Speak about unfairness. ”

Ren was used to these heavens favourite different abilities. ” So, what now ? ”

Zhao Li ” Its no fun bullying him. Lets crush his spirit first, and when he starts crying, K.O. ”

While they were talking about how theyll make this guy cry , Lin Feng was having a different conversation with the soul inside his ring.

”Master , do you see anything unusual about Zhao Li? ”

The soul inside was a beautiful woman, her name was Su Mei.

” Nothing, just nobody in mid-stage Soul Fusion Realm. Though he is considered a genius here, hell be only a stepping stone for you. ”

Lin Feng gave a cruel smile ” Hmph! Who asked Zhao Ximen to come after me. Now hes dead but I will destroy the Zhao family by its root. ”

Su Mei frowned ” Lin Feng, Revenge is good but don let it blind you. You must remember that there are other heavens favorites in other worlds too and theres always a bigger Mountain. You should think before acting. ”

Lin Feng gave a light snort ” what heavens favourite, theyll be my stepping stone to become supreme one by one. And that Zhao Li would be the next. ”

In the VIP area ,room no.1 Zhao Li opened his eyes.

Ren smiled a little. ”Be careful, someone is planning to make you his stepping stone. ”

Zhao Li just shook his head ” Well too bad for him, there won be any stone left for him to even stand properly soon. ”


After some time the auction started, the one managing the auction was a girl , someone at Peak-stage Divine Transformation Realm and there was a man standing next to her at late-stage Tribulation Transcendence Realm , in case anyone tried something funny.

” To have such experts small auction like this, either there is something valuable to be auctioned or that young miss whos pretending to be a Soul Incarnation Realm expert is having some fun. ”

The other person who saw through her was Lin Feng, most likely Su Mei had informed her.

The woman was wearing a tight black gown coated with silver Stardust. It gave the image of sparkling stars in a night sky. She was looking gorgeous, but no one could see her face as it was veiled. But still some Cultivators were cheering at her sight.

She got in the middle of stage and clapped twice. All the noise was reduced to silence. Seeing that everyone has calmed down, she spoke softly.

” Greetings everyone, my name is Dazi, I will be todays auctioneer. The rules will be same as usual. There will be 50 items auctioned today. The items are accessed by experts of Auction Hall and their credibility shouldn be doubted.

The main items will be auctioned at last, so you should bid carefully. Now lets start.

She clapped again and a servant girl pushed a trolley in the middle, covered with a silk cloth.

” Todays first item is a Mortal-grade Rank-6 80% Harmony pill. The starting price will be 10,000 mid-tier spiritual stones. Minimum increase is 1000 and we accept only mid-tier or above spiritual stones for this one. ”

There was already an uproar in the Hall. A 80% purity was very rare , even Major Sects only had 70% purity pills. A Harmony pill was used to breakthrough to Soul Fusion Realm. It helped the person to resonate his Nascent soul with his body and help with Fusion. The better the purity, the more the resonance and better the chances of breakthrough.

A 80% purity simply meant that there was 80% chance of breakthrough! It was shocking for the crowd.

”15,000 ”

”20,000 ”

”30,000 ”

”35,000 ”

”36,000 ”

”37,000 ”

After the initial outburst, the bidding slowed down. The people bidding earlier were just some vagabond cultivators and third rate sects. Most of the third rate sects had an annual budget of around 100,000 mid-stones. So they had already reached half their annual budget just for the first item.

Thats how important was a 80% purity pill. For any pill , a 10% increase in purity simply doubled its price!

After it reached 45,000 , no one bid anymore.

Dazi came forward ” The final bid is 45,000. Anyone wants to bid more ? ”

”60,000 ” someone from VIP area spoke. He was the Sect master of Hundred Spears Sect.

”70,000 ” This time it was the Sect master of Mystic wind city.

”80,000 ”

” 90,000 ”

”100,000 ”

It seemed that the real bidding was starting now only.

Everyone was bidding was from the VIP are now.

” That Gao Jin is not participating, you know what it means? ” Zhao Li smiled as he looked over to his side.

” That he doesn need to, what else. ” Ren knew what was going on but she didn care.

” Yeah, so lets make it more interesting. ”

”120,000 ”

Zhao Li made his bid. This time there was no more counter. No one wanted to go against the Holy som afterall.

” I need this Pill for my junior brother, I hope everyone will give me some face and this Zhao will remember this favor. ”

Hearing his words even the dissatisfied people smiled. A favor from Holy son was much more valuable than this pill.

” Since Holy son wants this Pill, then this Zhu wouldn be so shameless to fight for it. ” It was the Sect Master of Mystic wind who spoke. He was not trying to be a ass kisser.

He knew that there was no way he could outbid Zhao Li anyway so why not give up and show some sincerity to earn good points with him. The rest also did the same.

Since no one was bidding, Dazi came forward ” The last bid is 120,000. Anyone wants to bid more? ” Even though she knew no one would bid anymore since Zhao Li had spoken, she still had to follow the rules.

”120,000 going once ” *Thump*

”120,000 going twice ” *Thump*

”120,000 going thri– ” ”150,000 ” before she could finish someone bid again.

Everyone looked over and saw that it was Lin Feng who bid this time. People thought that this brat had some guts for going against Zhao Li. Some just thought he was stupid for not knowing his place.

”Others might be afraid of you but Im not ” he thought to himself.

In truth, this pill was given by himself to the Auction Hall. It would be nice if he could raise the bid as much as he could and since the other party was his enemy ( in his mind ), then the more reason to bid higher.

Zhao Li turned around to see Lin Feng, everyone thought that he would suppress him using his status but he didn do anything.

” 170,000 ”

”200,000 ”

” lets see how much money youll give me, hehe ” Lin Feng rubbed his hands like a crafty person.

”220,000 ”

”250,000 ”

Lin Feng was raising his bid much higher than Zhao Li. Everyone wondered where did he got this much money.

Only Lin Feng knew that out of the three main items at last, two were given by himself, which would make a lot of money. So his bids were on credit by auction Hall.

”270,000 ” Zhao Li was frowning by now. Everyone thought that he was going to reach his limit, as he had to save for the main items too.

”300,000 ” Lin Feng also saw his expression and thought it was time to stop raising his bid so he made his final bid.

”350,000 ” Zhao Li stood up and looking at Lin Feng he said ”Fellow daoist, I really need this pill. Do me a favor and don fight anymore. This Zhao will remember your generosity. ”

Saying that he sat again and closed his eyes as if the pill was already his.

Dazi knew that the bid was over. That kid should not be stupid enough to bid against after Zhao Li asked him to give him some face. That was just not putting Zhao Li and even Brilliant Saber Sect in his eyes. She spoke again

”350,000 going once ”

”350,000 going twice ”

”350,000 going thr– ” ”400,000 ” But again Lin Feng proved her and everyone wrong by bidding 400,000 straight. He really wasn giving any face to Zhao Li !!

Even though he wanted to stop bidding, when Zhao Li asked him to give some face , he wanted to go against him even more.

You must know that even Sect masters of other First rate sects would consider twice after Zhao Li asked so politely as a sign of courtesy. But Lin Feng didn care at all !

Everyone thought that he was the most stupid kid they have met in their life. Dazi knew that Lin Feng was more what he looked from outside. He had some secrets of his own. She was a little impressed by him for going against Zhao Li.

Zhao Li of course was not in a good mood. Someone had slapped him in face afterall,or so others thought.

”500,000 ” he raised the bid by 100,000 directly to show his anger.

Lin Feng thought that he had baited the fish so he smiled in a wicked manner.

”600,000 ” he also increased his bid by 100,000.

” Just some young master of a big sect, they can take it when someone slaps their face in front of so many people. Thats what I was waiting for. ” Lin Feng was talking to Su Mei.

Su Mei agreed with him, she didn like the arrogant young masters of big sects too. Just because someone says something against them, they try to kill you.

”Lin Feng, you must not become an arrogant fool like him. ” She advised Lin Feng, worried that he might become the same.

”Don worry Master, I know what Im doing. ” Lin Feng assured her. There was a secret that he didn even tell his master, not because he didn trust her but because it was a very big secret of his.

He was actually a transmigrated soul from a Nameless world which wasn even Tier-1. In his world there was no such thing as Cultivation, but it was just a topic of entertainment in books and historical records. He had read too many novels about Cultivation and knew the general trend.

He knew that the young masters of big Sects are always arrogant and considered themselves high and mighty. He even knew the typical cliche in every novel about auctions.

He wanted to use his knowledge from previous world to play with young masters here and use them as stepping stone to make his path for Cultivation. He even had a beautiful master. He obviously coveted her , but she kept her distance.

There was only a little flirting now and then, but he didn mind. He knew that sooner or later his master would fall for him. He knew this by his experience .

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