the supreme treasure of the Blood Cloud Clan, being like what the Dragon Bone Chain was to their Green Dragon Mountain.

Of the current five first grade bloodlines of the Floating Life World, other than the Green Scaly Dragon being dead with Green Dragon Mountain being in possession of its remaining essence blood, the origins of the four other bloodlines, the four powerful demonic beasts that were the Golden Ape, the Blue Bird, the mixed blood Suanni and the Fire Crow, were all still of this world.

These four demonic beasts could basically be considered overlords of all the demonic beasts of the current Floating Life World.

Amongst them, the mixed blood Suanni and the Fire Crow had antagonistic relationships with the Thunder Rumbling Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan which respectively held their bloodlines.

There was only the Blue Bird which instead had a rather good relationship with the Blood Cloud Clan which grasped its bloodline.

The Blue Bird had accepted being fed and housed by the Blood Cloud Clan, staying on as a longtime resident of their clan.
While it would not do anything for the Blood Cloud Clan on its own accord, it also served as a form of intimidation.

Whoever wanted to attack the Blood Cloud Clan would also have to consider the Blue Bird that stood at the peak of the demonic beasts of the Floating Life World.

Other than the comparatively moderate temperament which it possessed, a very important reason for the Blue Bird residing there was the Blood Cloud Clan nourishing it with the Blood Cloud Gourd.

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The Blood Cloud Clan was not like Green Dragon Mountain, the Blazing Fire Clan and the Thunder Rumbling Clan, whose names had come about from the first grade bloodlines that they possessed.

While this had also been done in respect for the Blue Bird, having named their clan after the Blood Cloud Gourd was already sufficient to show the significance of this treasure to the Blood Cloud Clan.

“The Blood Cloud Gourd can forcibly wrest away the essence blood of other people or demonic beasts, sometimes even being able to refine their bloodlines.
Such a powerful treasure, was actually…” Looking at the two broken halves of the Blood Cloud Gourd, Elder Qi’s eyes grew wide.

As a longtime Elder of Green Dragon Mountain, Elder Qi had wished countless times that the Blood Cloud Gourd could be destroyed.

Doing so would be equivalent to clipping off one of the Blood Cloud Clan’s wings and even further.

Despite having come west in conquest together with the Blood Cloud Clan now as they cooperated extremely closely with them, the Rumbling Thunder Clan and the Blazing Fire Clan also wished greatly that the Blood Cloud Gourd might be destroyed or wrested away.

While a scene from countless dreams had now truly occurred before their eyes, everyone here found it greatly difficult to believe.

One of the three greatest treasures of the Floating Life World, the Blood Cloud Gourd that countless people hated to the core yet also yearned to desire, had been lost just like that?

Elder Qi felt like his mind was collapsing.

Luo Jinghao felt like his mind was collapsing.

Every single person of Green Dragon Mountain felt like their minds were collapsing.

Watching Yan Zhaoge breaking the fire crows with a single arrow and suppressing the Blazing Fire Demon Slaughtering Grand Formation with the pillar of the Divine Palace afterwards, the minds of Luo Jinghao and the others had already almost collapsed to the point of being numbed.

With it already being like this for the spectators, even less had to be said for the allied forces of the three clans that were directly facing off against Yan Zhaoge.

The Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan hesitated repeatedly with an expression of immense struggle on his face.
Finally, caring no longer about preserving his strength, he raised his hand and threw out a stone tablet.

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He spat out a mouthful of his own essence blood.
It landed on the stone tablet, which instantly shuddered intensely.

Amidst the tremors, the stone tablet suddenly split mightily apart from the centre.

After having split apart, incomparably violent thunderbolts surged from within, causing chain explosions to occur in the space about the surrounding area!

Amidst the light of thunder, a small purple orb the size of a chicken egg appeared, shocking the surrounding area!

“You forced me to do it!” The Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan roared, spitting out another mouthful of essence blood onto that purple orb.

The infinite power of thunderbolts contained within that purple orb instantly grew even more violent, as if it were about to explode.

The Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan immediately retreated!

Even he was unable to control the power within this treasure.

Therefore, he had never been willing to use it.
Now, however, he had been forced by Yan Zhaoge to go all out for his very life.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge instead burst out laughing.

“Unexpected gains, unexpected gains! Haha, I must thank you!”

Amidst his laughter, a similar purple light of thunder flickered within Yan Zhaoge’s right eye as a large purple orb now appeared within!

Afterwards, under the virtually dazed stares of the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan and everyone else, the purple orb from the stone tablet shot towards Yan Zhaoge’s Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment like a child returning to a parent’s embrace!

The two purple orbs, one big, one small, merged together, coming together to form an even larger orb which then spun around as it was retracted into Yan Zhaoge’s right eye.

The body of the Chief of the Thunder Rumbling Clan swayed in mid-air as he nearly plummeted straight to the ground

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