Hollywood [The Dreamer]

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

A tall young man about 62 with dirty blonde hair and amber eyes with handsome facial features was running frantically. In the streets of new york people running looking like there in a rush is normal

this is our protagonist

Henry Sebastian Amberstein or now legally known as Henry A.(Amber) Stein

backstory on our mc

Henry Sebastian Amberstein is the eldest son and heir apparent to The Dukedom of Westminster considered to be a financial genius surpassing Buffet because at the age of 10 he was able to accurately predict the entire outcome of the dotcom crash making the Amberstein family tens of billions of dollars after following the instructions given by henry and he is currently on the run from his father William Charles Amberstein the Duke of Westminster, Marquess of Westminster, Earl Amberstein, Baron Amberstein,Baronet of Eaton his father has a lot of titles inherited from his family through almost 500 years of service and loyalty to the crown through trade and war which means hes extremely powerful..extremely

back to the story

Henrys currently running towards to the last stage of audition for pacific war here in new york hes been here for over 3 months now he hasn had any contact with his family ever since he ran away

he stops to breath and rest his phone suddenly starts to ring he look at whos calling him..his father hes surprised he caved and called him first he pressed the accept

Sebastian I know you can hear me talk to me now William his father said in an extremely authoritative voice in a british accent

Father Im sorry if I upset you henry responded in an elegant british accent

Upset you ran away from our family which caused for us to become a laughing stock to the entire european aristocracy for what to become an actor a jester a laughing stock William said angrily but still maintaining the eloquence in his voice

Father this is my dream Henry tried to reason with him but like for the past 18 years of his new life he never got a chance to say anything

You will return to London immediately and in return your mother and I will get you an acting job in Hamilton understood this is the end of this discussion he responded

Father I want to get a role because Im the most suitable for the role not because of my family henry said emotionally

Sebastian what are you doing throwing your life because of a hobby you are supposed to lead our family into becoming a financial giant rivaling the Walton family(Walmart family owners) only a few more billion and were there he said with frustration in his tone

We both know you
e just using me to complete your sadistic little dream of rivaling the royal family since we can become royalty we can only become more powerful than them politically henry said with anger

So what if Im don you want the Amberstein family to grow and to become more powerful he said

I don care the reason I even gave you that presentation about the dotcom buble and why I kept working, slaving away was because I wanted for you to become proud of me maybe even say good job son did you ever think about…that I only wanted a family that loves me but no…nothing this will be the last communication between the both of us henry hangs up the phone and smashes it while thinking back at his emotional speech ”God or whoever you are you gave me a new life a life where Im not suffering from Cancer but at what cost ”

mcs background from last life

Tang Xioali raised by loving parents with his entire life filled with laughter and joy until some blood came out of his mouth that day forever changed his life he went in and out of the hospital for months bedridden for years only feeling and remembering pain nothing but pain the only thing making him feel a little alive was some movies and tv shows some songs he was given to by this middle aged man he met whenever he was at chemo until it went dark everything went dark it felt cold and..just cold

back to the present

”Well can keep sulking all day I have to go or else Jeff will kill me he ran


Henry there you are where have you been a chubby short middle aged man yelled at henry

this is Jeff Robinson an senior agent for William Morris Endeavor Talent Agency he discovered Henry in a play in the West end back when he was 17 he doesn know about his background only that hes from a strict family and powerful family he

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