Today, he is working in the laboratory. Another employee who wants to tell the latest information comes to see and tells Dong Min that the significant company asked him to come, ”Manager Jang, are you moving? ”

”Not. ” Dong Min was also confused, ”Did they say something? ”

”Of course not, why would I dare to ask that? ” The staff fell silent before replying, ”Central corporations generally don really care much about this research institutes matters . Youd better go first, someone has already picked you up at the front desk. ”

”Okay. ” Dong Min returned to the laboratory and greeted the other coworkers before going straight to the primary company. He hesitated whether to call and ask his Professor but decided to check the situation first.

A significant company, Chois group, cost nearly six hundred million won to build, thats high. Most of the time, Dong Min came here to the cafeteria. He rarely sets foot in an office or scientific research area.

He entered the lobby and saw three or four people at the front desk. He didn know who was waiting for him. However, as soon as he walked in, a young man dressed in a black suit and leather shoes greeted him, ”Manager Jang, right? Hello. ”

”Hello. ” The two shook hands. Dong Min said, ”How should I call you? ”

”My name is Cha Yeong Ho, Im President Chois assistant. ” He made a welcome gesture and casually took Dong Mins hand as he stepped forward. He looked like he was in a hurry, ”Lets walk while talking. ”

”Uh, okay. ” Alpha is generally high, so Dong Min had to quicken his pace to catch up with the man, ”Assistant Cha, may I ask if I…. ”

”Through this way. ” Yeong Ho uses a special employee card to open the elevator.

The majestic interior of the elevator was covered with a thick wool carpet. It can be seen that it is an internal lift for superiors at first glance. Dong Min walked in uncertainly and wanted to ask again but was interrupted by Yeong Ho, ”Actually, I don know the specific situation either. I was just ordered to pick you up. ”

Dong Min frowned. He didn know what he was getting into. Science researchers like them usually catch a bit of inspiration or follow directions before judging and experimenting. But here, he wasn given a clue and couldn figure it out.

From the corner of his eye, Yeong Ho suddenly saw a sign indicating the pheromones identity in the gland at the back of Dong Mins neck. He was dumbfounded and subconsciously took a half step back to the side, ”You are… an omega? ”

Dong Min smiled and nodded.

”Forgive me. ” Yeong Ho apologized awkwardly. He secretly sized Dong Min up and down to judge. The youth in front of him was tall and slender, and his skin looked clean and pale. He gave off a soft but manly tone. The lab coat he was wearing happened to accentuate his curves well. His straight shoulders and waist looked well under the fabric. If it were a little thicker, it would look exaggerated, and if it were a little thinner, it would look too weak. His temperament was the same as his appearance, and the impression he gave people was just right. If he were too much, he would look cold. If a little less, he would look ordinary. As the elevator goes up, Yeong Ho feels his heartbeat become irregular. Why had he never heard that there was such an omega in their company before?

According to the etiquette for strangers, alpha and omega should not touch more than shaking hands. Thats inappropriate when Yeong Ho was holding the omega mans arm. However, Dong Min didn feel offended, and he knew that his appearance wasn as smooth and gentle as most omegas, and he knew that he was more like a beta. In addition, the pheromones are usually very faint, leaving almost no scent after installing the insulating film. He is often mistaken for a beta. Though, its good for him, especially at work.

The elevator goes up to the 38th floor. As soon as the door opens, a beautiful handmade carpet stretches until an office door with black wooden gates can be seen.

Dong Min took a deep breath, ”President Choi who wants to see me? ” Will he be promoted? But he hasn produced much work lately.

Yeong Ho regained his senses and said, ”This way, please. ”

Dong Min followed him to the office. When he saw the people in the room, he was dumbfounded. The black wooden door… how had he not thought of it before? He subconsciously put his hand into his lab coat pocket. The people around him always said that he was like his name. They praised him with words like calm, level-headed, steady, and the like. However, he didn think he had any special calming skills. He just thought that humans should use their brains more and emotions would be less, but that didn mean he wouldn be nervous.

”President Choi, I have brought Manager Jang here. ” Yeong Ho looked at his watch. ”The meeting will start in fifteen minutes. ”

”Well. ”

When Yeong Ho left and closed the door, the person sitting on the sofa and reading the documents raised his head. Two pairs of eyes met.

That figure was a handsome man who could give light to all of space. His face was full of fantasy, his sharp nose, broad forehead, and eyes filled the entire planet, and his facial features were as solid and perfect as a dagger. He sat relaxed on the soft sofa but still had a sharp aura. It was just that he gathered and restrained himself as if he was a calm sea, yet no one dared to underestimate the surging undercurrent. This was because he was a top-class alpha. He is the son of heaven, who was born with a top-tier pheromone and stood at the top of the human chain.

Hes the principal heir of the Choi Group, Choi Yeong Sik.

Dong Min looked at Yeong Sik in a daze. It had been a long time since he had seen this person that close. It seemed he could still smell the ebony scent from his memory. Of course, this might just be an illusion.

Fortunately, I put on some good insulation film today. Inner Dong Min

He calmed himself down as soon as possible and realized that someone else was in the room. A middle-aged alpha with glasses sat on the other side of the sofa, looking like he was waiting for orders. Dong Min knows this person, who is from the Choi companys legal department. He wasn sure about the mans specific position, but he was a high-ranking official.

Yeong Sik assesses Dong Min without hesitation. His eyes were calm but unexpected. He smiled, ”Manager Jang, have a seat. ”

Adam apple Dong Mins moved. He walked over and bowed slightly, ”Hello, President Choi. ” Only after nodding to the executive did he finally sit down.

He glanced and found that the document in Yeong Siks hand was his data, with a two-inch photo pasted. Why is Yeong Sik looking for him?

”Jang Dong Min. ” Yeong Sik lightly touched the information file with his slender fingers, saying his name clearly, ”Dong Min is from the east, right? ”

”Yes. ”

”Nice name. Who gave it to you? ”

”My grandfather. ” Dong Min felt a surge of emotion. ”He is a traditional painter and loves to paint about nature. ”

It was hard to imagine an omega carrying such a beautiful name, but strangely, Yeong Sik felt that this name suited the person in front of him very well.

Dong Min smiles, embarrassed while being stared intently by the alpha, ”Maybe he just likes nature. ”

Yeong Sik looked at Dong Min, ” The accident in the laboratory two years ago didn have a bad impact on your work, did it? ”

”Not anything. ” Dong Mins face suddenly burned, ”Y-you still remember. ”

”I have a good memory. ”

”That time…thank you for helping me, President Choi. ” Dong Min will never forget that day. At the most humiliating, terrifying, and hopeless moment of his life, Yeong Sik came as if he had descended from the sky. He not only saved him but also blocked the news from coming out and solved all the other problems after that. Recalling the day after the trauma, his most profound memory is the pheromone attachment, desire impulsiveness, torment, restraint, and insatiable that slowly settles in the bottom of Dong Mins heart.

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