Since then, he would pay particular attention whenever he saw or heard Yeong Sik. He didn know if this included secret liking, but he sometimes had unrealistic fantasies. However, it was more of admiration than a sexual desire because this person was of high status, too distant, and too perfect. He never thought hed get another chance to be so close after the accident.

”You are a very good researcher of our company, I should have helped. ” Yeong Sik added, ”I asked you to come here today because first, I want to get to know you formally, and secondly, I want to know about your request. ”

”Request? ” Dong Min doesn understand.

”President Choi, I don really understand. The Professor hasn mentioned anything to me recently. ”

Yeong Sik raised his eyebrows slightly, ”What I mean is, after marriage. You can make any request you may have, such as living expenses, living environment, personal habits, dietary habits, beliefs, car preferences, and so on, as long as its not excessive. ”

Dong Min only heard a loud voice inside his head. He is not stupid, he can even be called brilliant, but he can react for a long time.

Yeong Sik quickly looked at his watch. He bowed slightly, and while he didn look impatient, he lowered his tone, ”Manager Jang, President Lee said that you personally agreed to marry me. Was there a mistake in the information? ”

Dong Min started to sweat. The person in front of him seemed far away yet close, blurred yet clear. His brain froze, and he suddenly lost the ability to think. All his emotions disappeared in an instant. He just felt unreal.

Yeong Sik remained calm as he looked at Dong Min.

Dong Min put his hand in his pocket and lightly clenched it. After silence, he said, ”That … I didn know it was… you. ”

”You didn know it was me. ” Yeong Sik repeated it once, and the corners of his lips curved slightly.

Dong Min wanted to hide out of shame, it sounded unbelievable, and even he wouldn believe it himself.

”Did I disappoint you? ”

”No, no. ” Dong Min hastily said.

”Then lets get back to the point. ” Yeong Sik said, ”What wishes do you have after marriage? ”

Dong Min sighed slowly, ”What request do you have? ”

”This cooperation will be beneficial for both of us. I want you to sign some agreements before marriage to clarify property ownership and various rights. After marriage, you can be a do-it-yourself wife, as long as you must remain secretive, humble, loyal, and understand your limits. ” Yeong Sik spoke quickly and fluently. It was clear that these words were well prepared.

Dongmin nodded.

”In more specific terms, Kims lawyer will communicate with you. ” Yeong Sik glanced at the person in charge of legal affairs beside him.

Lawyer Kim smiled and nodded.

”Okay. ”

”So, what is your wish? I will provide you with suitable living conditions. You don have to feel bad, you deserve it. You can also change your future residence according to your habits. Do you have any thoughts on what I mentioned earlier? ” said the handsome man.

Dong Min noticed that Yeong Sik quickly glanced at his watch again. Sitting face to face with his soon-to-be legal partner, he was dismayed to realize that his spiritual world was shaken by such sudden information and his entire life was about to undergo an unexpected change. But for Yeong Sik, this matter was only worth the brief respite between lunch break and a meeting, handled quickly and simply like regular work.

Marriage is not a big event, but cooperation benefits both.

Dong Mins brains hot thoughts had already started to cool off. Yeong Sik is right. Its just cooperation. He initially promised to marry a foreigner just to pay off the debt. Its just that after finding out that the married couple is Yeong Sik, he begins to fantasize and carry unnecessary emotions.

Dong Min raised his head and looked directly at Yeong Sik for the first time. As an omega, it takes courage to make eye contact with a top-tier alpha, like a small herbivore seeing a large carnivore excel, even when others do not intend to attack. He asks, ” President Choi, where will I live? Is it far from the company? ”

Yeong Sik was slightly surprised, ”You still want to continue working? ”

”What… I can keep working? ” Dong Min hesitated. This job is not only a good job but also a dream job. If this is the price to pay, its too much.

”Of course, you can, losing a great employee like you is a loss for the company. ”

Dong Min immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

”Manager Jang, you can talk about legal matters and other matters with lawyer Kim in detail. You can also raise any questions and demands you may have. I have other things to do. Excuse me. ” Then, Yeong Sik stood up.

”Yes, President Choi. ” Dong Min also stood up.

Yeong Sik is too tall, even among the average alpha. He was like a wall, casting a shadow on Dong Min. Dong Min looked at the man in front of him. The sense of oppression that hadn dissipated since entering the room became even heavier, even though he looked polite and peaceful.

Although alpha is standard in real life, unique high-level alpha is still very rare. The suppression of pheromones of that level alpha was terrifying. Its like wielding the best weapon; it can overpower a persons physical and psychological aspects.

Although he had not seen it, he had heard it. Dealing with others with a gentle demeanor is Yeong Siks achievement as a boss. It makes Dong Min have good feelings toward the man.

Yeong Sik walks away leisurely, and Dong Min sighs.

Lawyer Kim said politely, ”Manager Jang, please have a seat. We still have a lot of details to discuss. ” He took out a thick pile of documents from his briefcase as he spoke.

Dong Min glanced, ”This is a prenup, right? ”

”A prenuptial agreement is a relatively more general term. This contract includes not only assets, but also confidentiality regulations, reputation, rights and obligations after marriage, and so on. Of course, as President Choi said, this is his sides request, you can also make special requests, and I will be responsible for communications and negotiations. ”

Dong Min took the contract and flipped through it, ”Its too thick. ”

”Its all right. You can read it carefully. I will be here to accompany you. It is your right, but you cannot take this contract from this office before signing it. ” Lawyer Kim added, ”Of course, if you don want to see it, I can briefly summarize the important points for you. ”

”Help. ”

”The maximum duration of this marriage will not exceed five years, and President Choi will decide when it ends. You must keep this marriage completely secret. During the wedding and after the wedding, any secrets you may find about President Choi and the Choi family must also be kept. During the marriage, you must fulfill your obligations as a wife. As President Choi said, you must remain secretive, humble, loyal, and know your limits. The so-called limits mean you must obey President Chois orders as much as possible and cannot interfere with private life and President Chois official affairs. Regarding the lifestyle, President Chois housekeeper will tell you later. Besides, you may need to work together with Hyun Ki and President Choi to handle transferring some resources. The biggest goal of this marriage is to integrate the resources of the two companies. The blood ties between You and Hyun Ki are the foundation of President Chois trust. Premarital property and property created during this marriage will have nothing to do with you. You can conceive a child President Choi without permission. However, after the marriage ends, President Choi will give you additional compensation. As long as you abide by this agreement, you will get the freedom and respect you deserve as well as substantial benefits. ”

Dong Min calmly looked at lawyer Kim as he spoke fluently. His professionalism and logic were perfect, but he felt his body turning cold. He wasn an idealist, but he couldn treat marriage as an entirely fruitful transaction either.

His marriage was a transaction, but he didn think marriage had to be like this. It was just that he had no better choice. Whether it was Hyun Ki, Yeong Sik, or the person in front of him, they all thought this as it should be.

Dong Min interrupted that explanation, ”I agree to it all. I won waste your time, lets just sign it. ”

Lawyer Kim, with a polite smile, not surprised, ”Okay. ” He handed Dong Min a pen, ”Your signature and fingerprint are required everywhere with stamp duty. ”

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