”Umm…. Where Am I ”

When He opens his eyes and saw the unfamiliar environment and he panicked by seeing this.

”I Should have dead right now, Why the F*CK am I here.. ”

He Remember he has crossing the road but suddenly a truck which has at very high speed and struck him and not only this the truck driver didn stop to check whether he is dead or alive

”F*CK The Truck, I die simply without doing anything in my life,I didn even loose my Fucking virginity ”

But He control his temper and adjust his mind and calm down and thaught he did not do anything now

Thinking now where hell is he now and then suddenly he has very high pain in his head and from this he get the memory of this world and his body that now belong to him

”Shit … , I Really Transmigrate to this world ”

He is a modern teenager from Earth who has interest in novel and mangas or manguas and usually read a lot of them he also read novels in which MC transmigrate to a world and then he get some cheat skills or system (aka golden finger) and then they make havoc in the world.

”So, I also have a system or any cheat skill or I should have some powerful spirit roots or things like that ”

But Then He remind from his memory that he did not have some powerful skills nor he has some heaven defing cultivation talent he has a lowest level of talent in cultivation

”I did not have any cultivation talent nor skill, So I should have System ”

”Hello Mr.System ,Where are you ”

He kept shouting like that many time and he did not recieve anything and from his body previous memory this world is a cultivation world where martial artist ia Everything and they would rule the world from cultivating Qi Energy of Heaven and Earth and now I have a basic knowledge of this world.

The Continent where he is TIANDU CONTINENT and This continent has divided into North , South , East , West and Central regions and These are further divided into Empire and Every Region has dozens of Empire and Every Empire has hundreds of kingdoms. So from only this you all know how big this TIANDU CONTINENT is. From His Memory he know now his name is Lin Tian and He live in Great Wei Kingdom and In Great Wei there are Three Main Family besides the Imperial WEI Family They are Su Family,Yan Family and Song Family and in which Song family is only second to Imperial family in Wealth.

He also know he is an orphan who wandening in streets but he adopted by the patrich of Song Family Song Tianhun who take pity on him and He brought him to Song family and due to his low talent in martial Arts he did not be able to a warrior or any special officer in Song Family. So Song Tianhun appoint him as a Auction Incharge of Song Family Auction House in Wutan City and now he is here in Wutan City Auction House and Today is his First day to take incharge of Auction House

”So its like I did not have to wander in streets. I work hard and spent the rest of my life here as a Incharge ” Lin Tian Said this and take a sigh of relief.

”So, Lets Go and see the Auction House and get my position in Auction ” Lin Tian Said and by taking a bath and get cloth and leave the hotel Where he spent hi Last Night.

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