I Have Two System Dual System Awakening, I Am Invincible

Chapter 4:Martial Venerable: Black Man Wuming

”Is He The New Incharge of Auction House ”

{Flashback Some time ago}


”Mrs. Wang… Mrs. Wang ” A Old Man shout Very Loudly and hurriedly come to a place where a very beautiful and a lovely girl and have a very different elegance and a mature aura around her and she is sitting and doing some work there

”Old Jin What happened… Why are you shouting So loudly ” The Girl Said hurriedly and in some panick state

”Mrs Wang You know there is going to be a Manger coming from the Main Family to take Incharge of the Auction House ” Old Jian Said sockingly

”Phew… I think some urgent matter occur or something happened ”Mrs Wang Said taking a long sigh

”Old Jin I know about that 3 days ago I got the Information from the Song Family about appointing new Incharge ” She said this in a low manner and a sad face.

”So You can t do anything about that ” Old Jin who standing beside Mrs. Wang said

”I can do anything about that.. You don have to take any tension related to this matter old Jin. He should Be intrested only in Money which is come from the auction house ”She said this in a tone which is neither happy nor sad

”Why did not I take tension , I did not leave him if he do misbehaviour or anything to you ”Old. Jin said angrily and then suddenly there is asound on the door

”Knock. Knock ”

”Come in ”Mrs. Wang said

”Mrs. Wang there is a man outside he wanted to have talk to the you and also said he has the token of the Main family and appointed as the Incharge of the auction House ” The servant said

”Oo ”Mrs. Wang Said without any reaction

”Lets Go see the new Incharge and Greet him ” She said this seeing Old man Jin and Old Jin also Nodded and they both go outside the hall area of The Auction House

There they saw a boy who is very charming and very beautiful as like a immortal has standing in front of there and they both are shocked by seeing his appearance

{Present Time}

”Is He the New Incharge of Auction House ”Both Mrs.Wang and Old Jin Said sockingly they think that a old man who has very fat belly and a perverted man is coming but seing the man standing in there front they both did not have words to express this person beauty.

”Hello are you the new Incharge ” She said when she wake up from this mans charmp and said hurriedly.

”Yes, I am the New Incharge(or Manger) and here is the patrich token ”He take out the token and showed this to everyone.

”Please sit here and I apologise for late introduction My Name is Wang Qian and the old man beside me is Jin yuchen who is also a reserved 2nd rate alchemist of our Auction House ”Mrs. Wang said and introduce themself and old man Jin also greeted him.

”My name is Lin Tian and from now on I am in your care Miss Wang and Old man Jin ” Lin Tian Said happily.

”Mr Lin you are so polite I am very honoured by your words but now I did not take good care of you because in 4 hours there is going to be a Auction So We have to do alot of preparation So I apologise ” Mrs. Wang Said These words by looking down and had sadness on her face.

”You don have to be so apologized to me you are the manager of the Auction House so you should have to hurry and go prepare the things which are needed to prepared and also please Don call me Mr. Lin you are only some couple year older then me so call me brother Lin ” Lin Tian Said these word and have a smile on his face.

”Thanks Brother Lin and you also don have to call me Mrs.Wang You have also called me Sister ”She said these words smiling

”Haha…. Prepare the things Which is needed don late the things ”He said these words and Mrs. Wang also follow the words and with old man Jin she left the Hall and Then a electronic sound is comming in his ear

[Ding! Congratulation Host for getting Incharge Position in Auction House]

[Ding! System Binding Starts…]

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