I Have Two System Dual System Awakening, I Am Invincible

Chapter 5: First Auction, First Reward from System

Then, Lin Tian looked at the other three cards.

The Martial Venerable experience card and the resurrection card are all consumables, and they can only be used at a critical moment and Now he has 100 times of all cards and he did not want use fusion Card to Fuse these cards and get new card because he had limited number of Fusion Card so He did not to have them.

Thinking of this, Lin Tian turned his gaze to the character card.

”System2, use Fusion Card on character cards . ” Lin Tian said silently in his heart.

As Lin Tian Complete his command, A Electric Voice come in his mind.

[Ding! Get Martial Venerable Summon card by fusion of 100*Emperor level summon card ]

[Ding! Host Now has 98 Remaining Fusion Card to be used.]

Awesome, According to This body Knowledge there is not a single person in Venerable Realm in the whole Great Wei Kingdom and also in the Whole Zong Empire there is only 3,4 Martial Venerable So according to this now I am the most powerful in the Great Wei Kingdom and there is not even a Martial Ancestor in the kingdom.

As System voice fell, a black shadow suddenly appeared on the attic.

”This subordinate has seen the master! ”

As soon as the shadow appeared, he knelt down directly to Lin Tian.

”Get up, you call

what name? ”

Lin Tian said slowly.

”The subordinate has no name and no surname! ” The shadow directly stood up and said.

”From now on, you will be called Wuming! ” After thinking about it, Lin Tian said.

”Yes, Master! ” Hearing this, the shadow did not resist.

”Wuming, you will hide in the dark from now on, without my instructions, don show up easily! ” Lin Tian ordered to Wuming.

”Subordinates obey! ” As soon as the voice fell, Wuming instantly disappeared in front of Liuyun.

Da da da!

At this moment, there was a light footstep sound from the outside the door.

After a while, a red shadow came to the attic.

”Mr.Lin, Why are here you should have to take a tour of Auction House.? ”

A charming voice sounded from the attic.

”Okay. ”

Hearing this, Lin Tian said indifferently.

”Sister Wang, I told you Don have to call me Mr Lin you simply call me Brother Lin and The tour of the Auction House I will do it later So, forget it, how are you preparing for todays auction? ”

With that said, Lin Tian turned around and slowly looked at the red figure that appeared in the hall, with a bit of surprise in his eyes because she changed her dress and in this dress she look gorgeous and Lin Tian also have to look her shockingly because he did not she any girl who is compare to her in his previous life, he did not know why he suddenly thought about that is it because She change her dress.

I saw a touch of enchantment on the womans slightly smiling face.

Wearing a set of bright red tight-fitting brocade robes, the noble brocade robes with gorgeous and fine workmanship just happened to perfectly outline the womans wonderful curves.

The dazzling snow-white long legs under the brocade robe made people feel a fiery impulse in their hearts, and a silver sash was tied at the waist of the willow, which highlighted the slender waist.

This red figure is the chief auctioneer of the Mittel auction house.

Wang Qian!

In Wutan City, Wang Qian can be said to be a beauty that no one knows about. Her mature and charming style makes many men fall under her pomegranate skirt.

Even, many of the people who participated in the auction came specifically for Wang Qian,You all think How I know all of this because before coming to the city I get all the Information related to Wutan City.

”Brother Lin, please rest assured, everything has been arranged properly! ” Wang Qings red lips opened slightly, and she said in a charming voice.

”Ah, very good. ”

Lin Tian nodded, looked at Wang Qiab and said, ”Show me the list of items to be auctioned tomorrow. ”

Hearing this, a trace of doubt flashed in Wang Qians eyes, but she didn ask any further questions.

”This is the list of items to be auctioned tomorrow, young master please take a look. ”

Saying that, Wang Qian gave Lin Tian the list.

Afterwards, Lin Tian glanced at the list and returned it to Ya Fei.

”Sister Wang, although I have taken over the Song auction House, I will not interfere too much in your affairs. ”

Liu Yun said to Wang Qian.

”As for the auction house, you can implement it according to your ideas. You don need to ask me for everything. ”

Lin Tian Smiled in His Heart and looked forward to the Auction and he is very impatient in his heart to use the system and get rewards.

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