I Have Two System Dual System Awakening, I Am Invincible

Chapter 6: Fusion 6th grade pill, Auction Continue

Looking at the time, Lin Tian took a shower and walked out of the door slowly.

The auction is about to start!

”Brother Lin, You are here ”

When Lin Tian came to the auction venue, Wang Qing, who was preparing for the auction, hurried out to greet him.

”Sister Wang, don worry about me, just prepare a private room for me, you are busy with yours. ”

Lin Tian said bluntly.

”Then Brother Lin, come with me. ”

When Wang Qian heard this, she led Lin Tian into the auction.

Later, Lin Tian came to a luxurious private room under the leadership of Wang Qian.

In this private room, you can see all the situations in the entire auction hall.

At this moment, at the gate of the auction house, people come and go from time to time.

”Patriarch Xiao, you are here! ”

”Patriarch Jia, long time no see! ”

”Patriarch Lie, I didn expect you to come… ”

”I heard that the new Incharge from the Song Family come to Wutan City, So O have to come to see him.

Afterwards, the patriarchs of several major families exchanged greetings, and then slowly walked into the luxurious auction venue under the leadership of the maid.

After a while, the entire Song auction house was full of people.

And this auction is also officially ready to start.

Under the lights in the center of the auction hall, a beautiful woman in a red dress slowly came onto the stage, it was Wang Qian!

After seeing Wang Qian on stage, the entire auction hall gradually quieted down.

They knew in their hearts that the auction was about to begin.

”Welcome everyone to participate in this auction, Wang Qian hereby expresses a warm welcome. ”

Wang Qian greeted everyone with her charming and tender voice.

After a few simple words, Wang Qian went straight to the point.

”This auction starts now, and the first item will be auctioned below. ”

As soon as Wang Qians voice fell, a maid came up slowly holding a wooden box.

Everyone looked expectantly at the wooden box in the hand of the maid.

After the maid delivered the wooden box, Wang Qian smiled charmingly and looked at everyone.

”This auction item is a first-grade medicinal pill Yuan Dan. ”

”Yuan Dan ”

”Its a Healing pill ”

”I heard that after an injury, taking it can stop the bleeding instantly! ”

This is only a low tier pill which is not that highly valuable but for some mercenaries it is also very valuable.

For them, what they do is to lick blood on the knife edge, and getting hurt is a commonplace thing.

If this yuan Dan is used at the right time, it may save ones life.

Now, only those sitting in the front row, the patriarchs of the major families still kept their faces unchanged.

Although yuan Dan is good, for them, it can only be regarded as low tier.

With their status, they wouldn be yelling for a Yuan Dan.

In the end, this yuan Pill was taken by the head of a mercenary regiment at the price of three thousand gold coins.

At the same time that yuan Dan was auctioned off, the system prompt sounded in Liu Yuns mind.

”Ding, the auction of the first-grade medicinal pill has been successful, congratulations to the host for triggering the ten thousand-fold return and obtaining the fourth-grade medicinal pill Xuanyuan Pill. ”

”Xuanyuan Dan has been distributed to the system space, please pay attention to the host to check it! ”

Hearing the systems voice, Liu Yun was shocked.

10,000 times return!

The fourth-grade medicinal herb Xuanyuan Dan!

When he is in awe of his getting reward , A sudden voice fell in his mind.

”Ding! 100 Times Rebate System: Host Get 100 XuanYuqn Pill. ”

”Xuanyuan Dan has been distributed to the system space, please pay attention to the host to check it! ”

Hearing the systems voice, Liu Yun was shocked.

100 times return!

The 100*Fourth-grade medicinal herb Xuanyuan Dan!

”??? ”

Oh My Go!

100 Xuan Yuan Pill???

A single fourth-grade pill is enough in Wutan City to large powerful forces to fight over it.

In Whole Kingdom it is not that powerful but it is important pill and now here I have 100 fourth grade pills Thinking about that a large smile in his face.

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