I Transmigrated in Another World

Chapter 1: The Strongest System

Sky land Continent.

Dragon forest mountain.

At the top of the dragon forest mountain, A handsome young man in his 20s wearing a white clean robe sitting in a huge stone rock with a serious face.

He has a pair of blue eyes and youll get fascinated when you look at them. A perfect eyebrows like a sword and a cold face.

”Its been 5yrs since i transmigrated to this world. ”

He sighs from time to time because of helplessness and nothing he can do about it.

His name is Devi Vladimir a college student on earth, because of strange phenomena his soul transmigrated in this world.

After arriving in this world, he found himself in the middle of the mountain and he was chased by some wild animals until he reached the top of the dragon forest mountain and became safe.

Day by day, he explores on his own but still learns limited information about the Sky land continent.

In a whole 5yrs. Devi lives in a Dragon forest mountain alone. He survives by hunting rabbits everyday.

And for the god sake he wishes to eat different kinds of food.

Suddenly a mechanical cold female voice sounded in his mind.

[The system is loading…]


[Ding, congratulations host in successfully binding the strongest system ]

His eyes become wide in shock and immediately smile with happiness.

He thanked god silently in his heart for the blessing because he finally got the cheat system.

[ host , do you want me to introduce the function?]

”Yes, yes please ” Devi immediately became confident and he smiled from time to time.

[ the system is the strongest system in the universe. ]

[The system can give you many benefits as long as you workhard enough]

”Uhmm thats it? ”

Devi became speechless and frowned slightly.

[ forgive me host , it will take a long time to fully introduce the system , so i suggest that the host will explore by himself]

” can i ask you something about the system or in this world? ”

[Yes, but i have a limit because the current strength of the host is low]

Devis eyes lifted up when he heard the answer and said. ” please show me my abilities. ”

[Host panel]

Name: Devi Vladimir

Gender: Male

Points: 0

Cultivation level: none

Body Cultivation: none

Physique: Unknown

Bloodline : Unknown

Magic: none

I started to like this Cheat, It seems that i will become a powerhouse soon but as it said i need to workhard to get many rewards.

[Ding, you receive a newbie gift pack, would you like to open it?]

”Open it common ” devi laughs foolishly while clapping his hands.


[ you receive a martial saint cultivation technique called Bloody Finger]

[You receive 2 high level magic pills]

[You receive an ancient sword called god slayer]

[You successfully activate the galactic Eyes]

”Damn! Its awesome. I finally became lucky ”

He immediately became happy because of the rewards.

”System, whats the use of galactic eyes ”

[Host, you can use galactic eyes to see the information about a person]

”I see, pret

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