”Damn system why is it only 3 days? ”

Devi frowned and madly cursed but he didn get a reply from the system.

[Ding, the sect panel is activated]

What the hell is this sect panel. It sounds so familiar, like Ive heard with it before.

Ah! I remember when I went down 1yr ago i heard some people talking about sects and they sounded so interesting.

While devi was thinking about the past the system voice sounded in his mind.

[Dear host would you like to check the sect panel?]

”Yes please check the sect panel ” devi gently said and an information appeared in his mind.

[Sect panel]

Sect Master: Devi Vladimir

Sect name: Nightmare Sect

Force level: First rate sect

Sect points: 0

Member: 1/50

Disciple: 0/10

Residence: None

Teritory: Dragon forest mountain

Devi is sitting quietly but his face keeps twitching because of the information he received that he is the sect master of the Sect called Nightmare sect but the worst is he has no Residence at all.

It seems that he has no choice but to go down the mountain.


”Young man, I think we are fated. You have an extraordinary talent in cultivation. Your bones are awesome and qualified to be my disciple. If you join my sect i will cultivate you into a strong powerhouse that will shock the continent. ”

In the single road near the dragon forest mountain. Devi smiled and said to a handsome young man in front of him. He has the appearance of genius and the aura of an emperor.

”Are you serious? Look at your appearance it is almost the same as me. Are you trying to cheat me for some money? ” Colin cautiously stepped back and looked at Devi with a wary expression and said.

”Brat, don insult this seat. How can i fancy your little money. If it weren for your talent I would never pay attention to you ”

Devi seriously said and slightly released his aura to make him look more like a worldly expert.

Colin immediately kneels in one knee because he can bear the pressure and his shock in his heart.

He wiped the bloodstain in his mouth and said. ” forgive my words senior, please don take it as an offence ”

He cups his hand while bowing and says.

” alright, so this seat will ask you again are you willing to join my sect or not? ”

Devi said with a serious expression in his face but in his heart he was happy because he feels that he can complete the task early as he expected.

When he heard this sentence. Colin let his guard down and thought. This is an expert and an absolute powerhouse so it seems that he is not lying.

” Senior can you introduce your sect first? ”

Under circumtances he can actually join the sect immediately but he is just from a normal family and he doesn know about the strong and weak sect in this continent. And hes slightly doubtful because in this area theres no famous sect has been heard.

”Brat , Listen carefully. This seat is the sect master of Nightmare sect, Devi Vladimir. As long as you join my sect i promise to make you a strong powerhouse and a chance to fly in the sky. ” When Devi heard that Colin asked about the sect he smiled gently and said.

” okay i will join your sect. Meet the master ”

Colin respectfully kneels and bows his head and says.

”Good Good Good. From now on you will be the first disciple of this seat. ” devi said with a wide smile on his face.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for completing the mission. You have a generous reward. a small world. You place the residence of your sect inside the small world. ”

[Ding, you receive a reward for accepting an exceptional genius. You get 1000 points and a chance to draw a lottery]

A mechanical cold voice sounded in his mind.

He just smiles in his heart.

I finally have a residence.

”Master uhmm where is our sect? ” Colin asked carefully while walking with Devi to climb in the mountain where Devi usually lives.

In the Sky land continent there are many dangerous mountains and one of them is the Dragon forest mountain. Legend says that dragon forest mountain is the place where demons and gods fought to death a hundred million years ago.

”Come with this seat ”

Devi waves his hands and seriously says. He walked faster to reach his destination And of course Collin followed carefully.


”Uhmm sect master is this our sect? ”

Colin looked around and saw a scattered stone, pile of trunk and woods in front of him and suspiciously said.

hearing what colin said. Devi just smiles and keeps quiet while sitting in his favorite huge stone.

During this day he actually met many people but the system kept rejecting them and said they have a low level talent.

Seeing that Devi didn respond. colin just sat in a small stone and quietly waited.

”Boy do you know what cultivators do? ” Devi said in a serious face.

”What is it master? ” Hearing Devis voice Colin looks up and asks tentatively.

Devi just sighed and coldly said with a demeanor of an expert. ” The cultivator is to seek immortality. He sleeps using the earth as his bed and sky as the blanket ”

Colin was stunned for a moment and respectfully said.

”I understand the master, i keep it in mind ”

Looking at behave and quiet colin, Devi gently shook his head and thought. this kid is worthy of teaching.

”System can you show me the sect panel ”

[Sect panel]

Sect Master: Devi Vladimir

Sect name: Nightmare Sect

Force level: First rate sect

Sect points: 2000

Member: 2/50

Disciple: 1/10

Residence: small world

Teritory: Dragon forest mountain

Devi smiles slightly after seeing this. He already has an amazing plan for sect development and he just needs to be stronger as soon as possible.

In the past when he was a college student on earth, he was smart and always acted wisely. He is also a good leader in his fellow classmates thats why he has many awards in the university.

He looks at colin who quietly sits in a small stone and activates the galactic eyes.

Name: Colin smith

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Cultivation base: warrior level 2

Talent: Perfection level

Bloodline: Ancient dragon ( not awakened)

Physique: Dragon body

After reading the information. Devi was shocked and happy to the extreme. He didn know that he actually hit a jackpot after going down to accept disciples.

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