To Devis surprise the systems cold voice rang again in his mind.

[Ding, congratulations on the host for leveling up. Since the cultivation of the host has a breakthrough to Natural realm, you Receive 1 chance of random lottery. 5x blood pill, 500 years old ginseng, and 1 sovereight realm peak cultivation base trial card.]

Devi burst into ecstasy after getting the rewards.

” yes im **ing rich ” he happily curse in low voice

”System , show me the panel ”

[Host panel]

Name: Devi Vladimir

Gender: Male

Identity: Sect master of Nightmare Sect

Points: 1500

Cultivation level: Natural Realm level 2

Body Cultivation: Natural Realm

Cultivation technique: bloody finger, three thousand cut

Physique: Unknown

Bloodline : Unknown

Magic: none

Weapon: god slayer sword

Items : 1x deadly strike card, 1x critical block card, 1x sovereign cultivation base trial card 5x blood pill, 500 year old ginseng

Disciple: Colin Smith( warrior Level 9)


This brat is quite talented after 24hrs he reaches the peak of the warrior realm. It seems that hes kind of a hard working person.

Devi was happy because of his first disciple achievement.

In the middle of a big and medium peak, theres a young man doing a sword dance with a serious expression in his face.

After a while, he stopped practicing the sword technique he learned in the manual.

”Ive reached the peak of the warrior realm. Its time to visit my Master ” colin murmur in a low voice and start walking into the main hall.

In the main hall.

Devi opens his eyes because he feels the presence of Colin walking towards him.

He looked at colin in front of him and nodded in satisfaction.

”After 1 day you reached the peak of the warrior realm and your sword almost reached its perfection, im satisfied with your talent. ”

Colin was happy because his master praised but he replied in a humbly manner ” its all thanks to the masters grace. ”

”The talent is good and the personality is right. But you must not be arrogant because of your strength, the world is wide and vast, there is always someone better than you ” devi lectures in a serious but gentle manner.

He also takes into his heart to be a sect master in this world. Hes also an affectionate person so the words that he said came from the bottom of his heart.

” I always remember your teaching master. ” Colin bowed and said.

”Take this 2 blood pill, if you take one it will help you to breakthrough in the general realm and after you stabilize your foundation take the other one ” devi said indifferently and throw the 2 pills in his hand.

Colin naturally accepts it happily.

”Alright, you can go to close door training. Don come out until you breakthrough in the peak of the general realm ” devi said in a cold tone.

”Yes master i understand ”

Colin said and went back into his place to start closing door training.

While looking at his disciple back his face shows a gentle smile.

He let out a long sigh and murmured in a low voice ” it seems that i also need to cultivate properly. He took the 500 year old ginseng and cultivate.

While Devi was in close door training. The outside world seems to be in Chaos.

The Evil Sect started to expand their territory and also annihilated many clans and powerful families.

3 months have passed since Devi entered the close door training, the outside world became more chaotic and the evil cultivator became more rampant and vicious.

After a week.

A terrifying momentum spread in the main hall. Devi opens his eyes and exhales a mouthful of powerful qi.

He achieved a good result in his cultivation with 500 year old ginseng. Devi was directly promoted to the 1st level of the king realm.

He walks out in the mainhall and smiles gently after seeing the magnificent sight of the Nightmare sect.

A foot step hear coming from the other side and a young man walks in front of Devi and bow respectfully.

”See the master ” colin said seriously.

Devi just nodded his head and smiled lightly.

Colin hesitated for a moment and said. ” master , i want to go down the mountain to gain experience. Please grant my request. ”

After hearing this Devi narrowed his eyes and said.

”Are you sure? The outside world is very chaotic right now ”

Even if he is in close door training. Albros the wizard weekly reports to him the situation of the sky land continent.

”Yes master this disciple is sure ” colin seriously said with confidence.

”If you say so. Then go on but you must remember not to lose face for this seat. You have to be careful outside although you reach the peak of the general realm you have less experience in fighting or killing ” Devi coldy said.

”Take this 2 blood pill and be careful, boy don be afraid of troubles this seat is your biggest backer ”

After hearing what Devi said colin felt warm in his heart. Although his master is a bit strict he still cares about his disciple.

”Yes master i remember your words. ” After that. Colin goes down the mountain.

[Ding, you receive a 1x medical pill and 5x blood pill for upgrading your cultivation base.]

[Ding, you receive a 2x lottery draw and 5 drops of spiritual liquid for reaching the martial king realm]

[Ding, you receive a martial king cultivation technique called bloody kill]

[Ding, you receive an emperor level weapon called Red Dagger ”

[Ding, you activate the system invincible momentum , it can help you intimidate the other cultivator and also make damage]


A familiar mechanical voice rang in Devis mind.

Suddenly Albros appeared in front of Devi and gently said.

”Sect master, theres a girl in the mountain and it was chased by an evil cultivator do you want me to make a move? ”

” Not for a moment. Lets go out and see ” Devi just smiles and said lightly.

On the top of the mountain. A young girl in Red Dress with blood stains in her mouth fighting a dozen Evil cultivators.

”Ji ji ji you can escape from us. So surrender obediently and if im in a good Ill let you go alive ”

”you wish. Even if i die i will not let you tarnish my body. ” Aliya shouts and continues to fight with all of her strength.

The Evil Cultivator name marco became furious after hearing what aliya said.

”You pissed me off ” he swung his sword full of momentum straight ahead into aliyas throat.

Aliya trembles because of fierce momentum. She bitterly smiles in het heart because she knows that this is her end.

She just close her eyes and waited to be slaughtered but nothing happened.

Suddenly the void opens and two people walk out in space. One is a young man and the other one is an old man with a long beard.

Of course the young man is Devi who watched the fight quietly and the old man in his side is Albros the Wizard.

Devi smiles gently and walks towards Aliya slowly. He didn care about Evil cultivators at all.

He looked at her ups and down , nodded and said.

”Girl, are you willing to be my disciple? ”

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