I Transmigrated in Another World

Chapter 8: Void Creation

”Very well. Youve done a good job. ” Devi said in a loud voice.

”This seat will give you a chance and give you a gift as a reward for being loyal to me. I hope you two become stronger as soon as possible to help me protect the sect.

”Butcher , take this 1 drop of spiritual liquid and try to breakthrough to the emperor realm. Also this Emperor weapon is my gift to you its called Red Dragger try to use it to the fullest. ” Devi smiles slightly while looking at Butcher and gives the weapon and spiritual liquid.

Butchers eyes shine after hearing this, he immediately bowed and said. ” thank you Sect master , i promise not to disappoint you. ” After that he disappeared in the main hall.

Devi looked at albros and also said slightly. ” this is 1 drop of spiritual liquid try to breakthrough as much as you can. also this is an Emperor weapon called the Judgement this is really made for you, for magic ”

Albros excitedly held the weapon and the spiritual liquid in his hands and said.

”Thank you for your care sect master ”

”Alright alright you can leave ” Devi replied.

While Devi was cultivating peacefully in his throne. He didn know that hes sect became completely famous.

”Have you heard? The sect called nightmare sect destroyed the Merchant guild in a blackmarket town ”

The rouque cultuvator said while drinking some melon juice.

”Of course i see it in my own eyes, a strong powerhouse crushes their Guild in one palm ” the other cultuvator also said.

”Keep bragging , you
e asleep when it happens. But the rumors are true this mysterious Nightmare sect is super strong ” the fat cultivator said while sneering at the other hand.

A Woman cultivator walks in front of them and asks in a soft tone.

” many brothers can you tell what happened about the rumors? ”

”Of course i can , everyone knows what happened because it spread quickly in this area ” replied by a young cultivator while holding his chin.

”So brother what happened? ”

”Hmm it said that The vice master of the merchant guild was killed because he wants to avenge his son. It also said that the vice masters son first provoked the disciple of this Nightmare sect. Theres also a rumor that the disciple of the nightmare sect suffered some injury thats why their members became angry and sent two people to destroy the merchant guild ”

The young cultivator said seriously in a low voice as if hes afraid of being heard.

”But you said that the nightmare sect only said two people. For the information i know there are 5 kings in the merchant guild and the highest cultivation base is in level 7 a super strong man ” the girl curiously said.

”Yes thats true. The nightmare sect only sends two people the one is the peak of the natural realm but he can fight the advanced realm, he uses the kind of magic. And the other one is **ing strong a cultivator of peak in king realm, it said that hes murderous and full of killing intent. ” The young lad replied in a low voice.

The woman was stunned for a moment and said. ” i see thank you brother. ” After that she left the food bar and walked into the street.

” couz how is it? ” a young man in a purple robe asked the woman who walked out in the food bar.

” the information was correct. It seems that this nightmare sect is strong, but the last clue that i get is placed in Dragon Forest Mountain. Do you really want to do this? ” Princess Avery said in a worried tone.

The woman is a princess of white tiger kingdom and the young man is also a prince.

”This is my last hope. You know that our family is complicated. I will die if i stay in the palace. I want to become strong. ” Lucio Albino said with determination in his eyes.

Avery just sighted and said. ” just take care of yourself. Im going back now. ”


[Ding, host you have a mission. Do you want to accept it? Theres a generous reward]

Devis eyes lifted up when he heard the system. He knew that the reward of a mission is extremely awesome.

”Accept it. ”

[You need to dominate the Dragon list in the rankings competition in 6 months. ]

After hearing this Devi frowns and asks.

” system, whats this Dragon list? ”

[The dragon list is a competition in Azure Dragon Country. Every 5 years the competition will be held. It is The rankings of all young individuals below 25 years old. ]

The Dragon list competition is always

fierce. There are many geniuses who are going to participate because of the rewards and fame. The Dragon list competition is under the management of mysterious ornatization in sky land continent.

The 4 countries in Sky Land Continent also have this kind of list. In Azure Dragon Country have the Dragon list, in White tiger Country have the tiger list, in vermillion Country have the Vermillion list and the Black tortoise Country have Tortoise list.

Devi was shock for a moment because this kind of organization is absolutely powerful because it includes the 4 countries.

He asks the system in a low voice.

”System , can you tell me all the forces in the Sky land continent. ”

[You need to use 2000 points to know the information]

”Alright please let me know ” Devi sain in a low voice. He didn mind the 2000 points because he knew that theres no free lunch in this world.

[Alright host you can see the information below]

The Forces in sky land continent are divided into 4 Countries, 8 Sects , 3 pavilions , and 4 organizations ,all of this are Humans and don include the other races.

The Strongest among the Forces are the 4 organizations because theres a Strong saint powerhouse sitting on it.

The Assasin Organization

The heavenly dao Organization

The Cult Demonic Organization

The Law Inforcement Organization

The Next Strongest Force is The 3 pavilions and 8 Sects. There is a Sovereign Cultivator sitting on it.

3 Pavilions

The pill Pavilion

The array Pavilion

The Artifact pavilion

And the 8 Sects are all First Rate Sect.

The 2nd rate to 9th rate sect does not include to the strongest powerhouse.

8 Sects.

Sword Sect

Evil Sect

Saber Sect

Maiden sect

Buddism sect

River and mountain sect

Divine Sect

Immortal sect

The next are the four countries.

Azure Dragon Country

White Tiger Country

Vermillion Country

Black tortoise Country

After Reading this information Devis knowledge was refreshed because of what he knew.

”It seems that theres so many strong people in this continent ” Devi murmurs in a low voice.

[Host , that information is incomplete. There are more powerful existence in other races.]

The system reminds him.

Ah! I have to cultivate faster.

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