(A/N: This is just a prologue, as the title says, so its not important to the story, but I would suggest reading it… or not.

Who cares what the author says? Though if you do decide to read it, read it till the end)

Saturday 28th November 2009

11:58 PM

Dear Diary,

Today was my 13th birthday.

I expected my mothers warm and cheerful voice to wake me up in the morning but what woke me up was that nightmare instead.

Yes, Im having that same nightmare again.

However, no matter how I think about it, today, it felt different.

I still dreamt the same thing, but today it felt more… realistic.

Like I was there myself. Like I was seeing it all through my own eyes.

I know how this sounds.

It sounds like Im losing my mind, and thats why I didn tell mom and dad.

I thought I would be the happiest person under the sun today, but the bitter taste that was left in my mouth due to that dream ruined it all.

Anyway, I read somewhere that if you write down your nightmare, then you won have it again.

And because today I remember it clearly, Ill try to write it down.

`So my nightmare starts with visions of a boy. He has only one arm.

I can only see his back. He stands on a battlefield with his head down in sorrow.

He couldn protect anyone.

His lover, his friend, and the people who counted on him all lay around him dead.

He falls to his knees and starts whimpering.

He picks up a sword beside him from one of his dead comrades bodies.

Placing the blade on his neck, he mutters but one thing.

”Im sorry, ” he says and slashes his neck.

His lifeless body drops to the ground, and my vision shifts.

Next, I see a girl.

Again, I can only see her back.

She stands on a mountain cliff, looking at the azure moon above.

Her waist-long black hair floats in the autumn breeze as she looks up at the sky.

”Im sorry, ” she mumbles in a weeping tone.

Unable to bear the trauma of her past, she starts to cry.

But theres no one to console her.

No, theres no one left to console her.

She couldn save her loved ones.

No matter how many times she tries, she can save anyone.

Dropping her head in defeat, she takes a step and jumps off the cliff. Ending her pitiful life.

With that, my vision shifts once again.

This time I can see another boy. Again, just his back.

But this vision is differen

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