CHAPTER 3- Kei, the strongest inferior.

(Pov- Kei.)

Well… The school is underneath me… Im nervous, because its my first day of school in many years… Well, Id say its my first day of school with this body and this new life, but to say it like that would make me feel like Im forgetting my past life.

I must not forget why I accepted this mission. My aunt, Nia and Cris are waiting for me in the other world. Cris needs his rival and I need my best friend. Nia will need my help to pass her exams. My aunt needs her favorite nephew to watch Nia while she works.

They need me and I need them, thats why I accepted the mission. But… But… I can help feeling excited! A school of magic! That means tournaments, magic trials and more! I got bored of training with my mother, it became a boring routine. The same exercises, my mother breaks every bone in my body, uses her healing magic on me and I fall asleep for 4 hours, to then wake up and repeat the process. Ive had enough of that! Yes, I accept that I became powerful thanks to that infernal training, I will continue to do it and raise the difficulty every day until I manage to defeat Fravi, but I also want to have fun! I want to know more about this world. I want to go to festivals, tournaments, enjoy delicious food, have friends, and a long list more.

Its a new world for me, a world I haven been able to enjoy as much as I wanted. My priority is training and getting wives, but I will add a secondary mission: ”having fun ”.

”Lets start! ”

”Im here! ”

The ”Dresal Star ” school is an elite school. It has the best teachers in the country ”Dresal ”.

It has swimming pools, physical and magical training fields, clubs and libraries. It is a huge and expensive school. It is very, very expensive. Only the children of the rich could study here, but only if they are smart or powerful. If they are not smart or powerful, they are not accepted. Keis brothers were not accepted and study at another school. Kei and Mei were accepted without problems.

Sei Molfer concentrated on training them and making them more powerful, but it was Keis father who taught them to study. Having power is not everything, one needs to be intelligent to understand the magic formulas and know how to use it without making any mistakes. A stupid mind with great power is useless.

Kei became addicted to training and studying to be able to become someone powerful, able to defeat Fravi.

”My first day of school… That nostalgia. ”

The students are wearing uniform. Of course, Kei too. The mens uniform consists of black pants, a white long-sleeved shirt, a black vest with red buttons, a medal with a star ornament on their vest, and a red ring, that ring shows that they are students.

The womens uniform consists of a black skirt, a white short-sleeved blouse, a medal on her blouse, and a white ring.

Of course, as it is a world where men are inferior, only 5% of the students are men.

Kei lands in front of the huge school entrance, and with a big smile on his face, he snaps his fingers.

”Land Perfect. En marcha.

(N.A: He is speaking in Spanish. Thanks.)

The students around him look at him in surprise. The magic that Kei used is very rare and difficult to control, and even more so considering that Kei is not a fairy. And since hes a man, thats even rarer.

His wings are disappearing and his clothes, which were torn by the wings, are automatically mending. Magical clothes, something not so strange in that world.

Students continue to watch him quite curiously, after all, he is the son of one of the most important people in the world. He is the son of the great Sei Molfer, a woman whose presence Kei can feel behind him. It is an unmistakable presence, for the fear that Kei feels when he feels it.

”T-there was no need for you to come, Mother. ”

”I had free time. What about your sister, Kei? ”

Sei Molfer, his mother, approaches him. She is a tall and beautiful woman, with a perfect body. She has short black hair, red eyes, and wears an elegant white dress. Shes 44, but she looks a lot younger, like 30, even younger.

Keis father is by her side. He is a young-looking man, he has red hair and his eyes are brown. He wears a black suit and is quite attractive. Hes 35, but he looks 25. Being the son of two such attractive people made Kei feel bad, as he still considers himself ugly. The looks that the women had on him, he thought they were looking at his father and mother, who ignored his presence, something that is partly true, as Sei Molfer is a national hero in the country and is admired by millions of people in the world, but Kei is not far behind, because at his young age he has great achievements with his name, although he only has it because his mother forced him to perform these missions as training.

”Don worry, shell be here soon, mother… What class am I in? ”

”I already spoke to the principal. Being a man, they didn want to accept you in the ”S ” class, but I negotiated with her and convinced her. You are in class S. ”

”S-she h-has blood on her knuckles and clothes. I-Id better not ask her how she convinced her. ”- Kei thought.

Its the best class in school. That class receives better lessons and has more free time.

The classes are very complicated, even for geniuses, thats why they have two more days off than the others. They study 3 days and rest 4. If students fail a class, they are expelled from the class.

Over-exploiting the smarter, better-potential students can have the opposite effect if they are not given adequate rest, the old professors came to that conclusion 100 years ago, and it has remained so far.

”Thank you very much, mother. ”

”You got the best grade, Kei. Congratulations! ”- Said his father.

”That was the surprise? I already knew that. ”

”Eh? ”

”I came to school yesterday to find out my grade. ”

”Wow, wow… The surprise was ruined. ”

Although he also took the opportunity to escape his training and go visit a friend in the capital.

”Eh? ”

A sphere of fire is directed at Kei, but he takes it easily with his right hand.

”Again… ”

”Kei!! ”

Mei is throwing fire spheres at him, but Kei catches and destroys it easily.

”I wanted to travel with you! ”

”Mother, calm Mei. ”

Students are trembling with fear, as only one of those spheres is powerful enough to destroy a small house, but Kei destroys it without much difficulty.

”T-that magic power is incredible. ”

”And that boy destroys it easily. ”

”T-they really are Sei Molfers children. ”

Sei Molfer is a commander of the countrys army. She is known as the most powerful warrior in the country, as far as natural power is concerned. Obviously, heroes are much more powerful than she is.

Even Mei surpasses her own mother as far as her status is concerned, but status does not define a persons total power. Mei, even if her status is better than her mothers, she couldn defeat her mother right now.

”Mei, Ill buy you ice cream. Calm down please. ”

Mei stops and walks quickly over to Kei.

”Really?! ”- She said with a sparkle in her eyes.

”You are really very simple … Mother, is Mei in my class? ”

”Yes. ”

”I see… Lets go, Mei. ”

Mei hugs Keis right arm.

”Lets go, bro! ”

”Mother, Ill be home late today. ”

”Are you going to train again, brother? ”

”Yes. Ill try to clear an ”A ” class dungeon. ”

”Huh?! ”

”W-wait, son! Are you sure?! It is very dangerous! ”

Mei and her father are very nervous and worried about Kei, but Keis mother is smiling with pride.

”Fufu. This was to be expected. You really are my son. I cleared an ”A ” class dungeon when I was 17 years old. And I barely made it out alive … Good luck, Kei. ”

”W-wait, mother! Aren you going to stop him ?! It is very dangerous! Even A-class adventurers have trouble clearing a A-class dungeon! ”

”Don worry about him, Mei. Kei is a strong boy. He has already cleared several B class dungeons, it was time to up the difficulty. ”

”Thank you for understanding, mother. ”- Kei said smiling.

Kei knows it will be difficult, but he must. He heard rumors about a magic item found on the top floor of the dungeon. This object allows objects to be stored. Basically, it is a magic bag. He wants to obtain it so that he can store weapons, food, and magic potions, which he will need when he becomes an adventurer.

”I want that magic bag. ”

”Good luck, son. Your father and I will try to get it, too. ”

”Heroes are trying, too, but that magical object moves from place to place every so often, its impossible to predict where it will be. ”- Said his father.

”I hope they don kill me if I get it. Mei, lets go! ”

”Wait, change your mind, Kei! ”

Kei and Mei are walking down a hall together. Kei walks quietly, but Mei is shaking him, trying to keep his brother from committing suicide.

She considers it a suicide attempt, as she doesn think Kei is ready for a Class A dungeon, but thanks to his experience with Class B dungeons, Kei is more than ready for a Class A dungeon.

”K-Kei, please don do it! ”

”Mei, don worry, I won die … I guess. ”

”You guess ?! ”

Kei can help telling the truth, its one of his great flaws, although hes not such an idiot as to reveal that he remembers his past life.

”Don be afraid… Well, we have arrived at our classroom. Lets go in, Mei. ”

Kei opens the door to his classroom.

Class S, the best class in school. It is a huge classroom, but with few students. The huge space is for practicing magic.

There are 8 tables, divided into 4 rows.

There are 16 students, counting Kei and Mei.

The teacher is standing in front of the blackboard. She is a beautiful 25-year-old woman. She wears a black tight dress and wears glasses. Her hair is pink and very long, reaching her knees.

”I think we
e late, brother. ”

”Come on, theres a free table. ”

Kei and Mei head to the table, but the teacher stops them.

”Mei and Kei, right? ”

They both turn to see her.

”Yes, teacher. ”- They both said. Kei said it sorrowfully, but Mei shows no emotion other than seriousness.

”You are late. ”

”Sorry, teacher. ”

”Do not let this happen again. ”

”Wait!! Why is there a man here ?! ”

”Discrimination has already begun. Perfecto. ”- Kei thought.

One of the students raised her voice. She is a girl with green eyes, short blue hair, and has pointed ears. She is an Elf.

”He proved himself worthy of being in this class, Miss Churs. ”

”Its impossible! ”

Kei realized it was the perfect time to make clear the difference between them and him. If he didn want to be discriminated against or belittled, it was the perfect time to show them his power and why hes in class S.

He smiles and raises his hand.

”You can talk, Kei. ”

”Yes, Im a man, but Im Sei Molfers son, don forget that. Unlike my older brothers, I am just as powerful as my mother. She trained me since I was a little boy. If I show them my power, Im sure theyll accept me, or theyll have to accept me the hard way. Both options give the same result, so it doesn matter much. ”

”Do you want to challenge Miss Churs? ”

”Yes. I have heard about her family. My mother told me that Miss Churss mother is more powerful than her, so I would like to check the power of her daughter. ”

The first step was taken. Keis mission officially begins.

”Do you accept, Miss Churs? ”

She smiles and walks over to Kei.

”I will destroy you, inferior! ”

e pretty cute, you don have that rude vocabulary. ”

And instead of being ashamed, she pounced on him, improving her own body with magic.

Kei was a little surprised with that move, making him feel very happy, as he found a girl with a lot of potential on his first day of school.

She tries to hit him, but Kei dodges her blow easily.

”Is that everything? ”

”Damn you! ”

She keeps attacking him, but Kei dodges her attacks easily. The speed of the attacks increases more and more, but at the same time as it increases, Kei gets used to the speed and dodges it.

”Wow, wow… You are very fast… And you are 12 years old … You will become a great warrior … But… ”

Kei stops her fists with his hands, completely slowing down the rhythm of the young Elf, frustrating her.

She growled furiously and began to hit Keis stomach with her knees, but the more she hit him, the more she hurt herself and Kei reflected no sign of any pain.

She ended up getting seriously hurt and stopped her attacks.

As blood fell from the young Elfs knees, Kei stroked her chin.

”You are no match for me. ”- He said smiling.

She blushes and Kei begins to apply his healing magic, healing in seconds the wounds of the young Elf.

”I don want to hit a beauty like you. Please accept your defeat. ”

”B-beauty ?! ”

Step number two, done.

”Give up? ”- Said the teacher.

She looks down shyly.

”Y-Yes… I give up. ”

Kei used his ”Seduce Women ” skill to win her heart.

”She is just as powerful as Mei … She will be a great companion. ”- Kei thought.

First girl: ”Grisia Churs ”.

Instant crush is an effect of his skill, but it works best when Kei first flirts with women and then activates his skill.

”Kei, Id like to check your strength. ”- Said the teacher.

A white circle appears in front of her and an Orc steps out of that circle.

Orcs are 10-foot pig monsters. A class A and B adventurer can easily defeat them alone, but class C, D and E adventurers could not defeat them alone, they would need the help of more adventurers.

”Defeat this Orc. ”

The students became nervous and frightened. They all share the same opinion: ”It is impossible for him to defeat it. ”

”Sure, it will be easy. ”

”What?!! ”- All the students shouted, except Mei, who knows exactly what her brother is capable of.

What they don know is that Kei can defeat Orcs with a single blow, as he developed a technique to defeat it. After all, monsters are one of the big problems in that world, and killing it earns people experience points. Kei knew this, so he developed a technique that kills it in one hit, in order to have more than enough time to kill a large number of monsters, thus gaining a large number of experience points.

Kei will not be able to defeat Fravi without help, which is why Kei put so much effort into creating that technique, as it would allow him to earn a lot of experience points for his wives, making them powerful in a short period of time. Something cheating, but necessary for survival.

”Fire magic … ”

The Orc tries to attack him, but Kei jumps and dodges it. Standing above it, Kei watches the Orcs head and prepares his fist, which began to surround itself with fire as red and bright as blood. A fire that wouldn seem so powerful because of its color, but it was, and enough to turn a monster to ashes.

”Incineration: ”Hell ” blow. ”

He hits the Orc over the head and a great deal of fire began to surround the Orc. A fire so burning, that even most of the students had to close their eyes and walk away, because they felt that they were burning alive.

The Orc starts screaming in pain and the students stare at Kei in amazement. They are far from achieving something like what Kei achieved. They may belong to the S class, but Kei has received private classes from his mother since he was a little boy, private classes that are even harder than an S class, and Kei survived that.

Meis not far behind. She is smiling as she crosses her arms, admiring her beloved brothers achievement, unmoved by the heat. Like Kei, Mei also survived Sei Molfers training, turning her into a girl-like monster.

The teacher just smiles when she sees that.

”Perfect. ”

When Kei lands on the ground, the Orc turns to dust and disperses.

Kei created an attack that can kill Orcs easily. It took him 8 years to create it. It also works with people and objects, but the magical power it expends depends on the resistance of the body and the points of life. It is an attack that cannot be used against any enemy, because it would be too much to be trusted, which could cause his death.

”Ready, teacher. Will you give me points for this? ”

”Wow, wow. The rumors are true. You are just as powerful as your mother. ”

”No, my mother is more powerful … Can I have a seat? ”

”Of course. ”

Kei and Mei go to their table.

They sit down together and Grisia stands next to Kei.

”C-can I ask you something? ”

Grisia is quite nervous and blushing. The skill ”Seduce Women ” does that. Kei instantly makes them fall in love, but thats all it is. Falling in love doesn make them feel nervous or anything like that, it just makes them feel attracted to Kei. She behaves in a nervous way because this is how she behaves when she is close to the person she likes.

”Of course. ”

”H-how did you get so powerful? ”

”How…? Well, training, obviously. ”- He said smiling.

”Training until our crazy mother allowed us to go to dinner and sleep. ”- Mei said.

Yes… Training… And too much.

(Some time ago.)

Kei, 4 years old, was in a forest, alone and prepared for what was to come. His mothers training wasn enough for him, so he looked for ways to become powerful. Training is basic, but if he wants to improve his status, he should get experience points. He was to defeat monsters.

”If I want to improve, I must get points. ”

Despite his young age, Kei felt ready to defeat weak monsters and gradually climb the difficulty. His enemy is a Goddess, a true God. Defeating her with the power of love and friendship wouldn work, Kei knew it perfectly. It was too optimistic to think that he would defeat her by relying 100% on the power of his wives. He must have become more powerful than any other S-class adventurer. More powerful than his mother. So powerful, hed be able to fight a goddess.

Kei trusted Zius words, so he exceeded the limits of his body to become powerful. He had to become powerful, train much harder than before, become more powerful and increase the difficulty of his training. A routine that would only become more painful over time, but necessary. His enemies are not only a Goddess, they are the heroes and a Demon King. Kei had to survive until the final fight, and to survive, he had to become powerful, and the sooner he starts, the longer he will have.

A group of goblins headed toward him.

”Goblins are weak … I will not receive many points … Fire sword. ”

A sword made of fire appeared in his hands.

”Lets get started. ”

The goblins tried to attack him using razors, but Keis sword lengthened and moved away from the goblins.

”Swirl. ”

As the sword lengthened, Kei began to spin.

Keis sword quickly killed the goblins, splitting them in half and giving them no time to escape, jump or bend.

Goblins are too weak, but a normal person couldn easily kill them.

”Using ”Double Points ”, I will be able to improve quickly. ”

Since he was little, Kei dedicated himself to clearing class B, C and D dungeons. He studied monsters to discover their weak points and be able to kill them without problems. He created spells that allowed him to defeat them without problems.

His mother trained him since he was little, so he became stronger and more agile.

And after more than 8 years of training, he became more powerful than his mother, though only as far as his status is concerned. Thanks to ”Double Points ”, he can improve quickly.

His current status is:

Kei Molfer.

Magic Power: 508019/508019

Strength: 908

Age: 12

Intelligence: 308

Agility: 807

Hit Points (hp): 70692/70692

Divine Power: None

Job: Student

He is the weakest hero, but now that he is more powerful, he will be able to face more powerful enemies, gaining more experience points than before.

Kei receives few points for defeating weak goblins and monsters. For obvious reasons, more powerful enemies score more points. Inside a class A dungeon, there are monsters more powerful than an Orc. Kei now feels ready to train there.

Although he will never be able to reach even the weakest hero with just training. The growth rate of heroes is greater than Kei imagines.

(Pov- Teacher.)

The orders are clear and precise. Convince Kei Molfer or kill him. Seeing his abilities, Im sure I can defeat him, but I admit it won be an easy fight, Kei is powerful despite being a man.

I mustn let my guard down with that boy.

Convincing him could be easy, considering that men are repudiated and discriminated against in this human world. If I offer him power over people, I am sure he will accept. Sei Molfer is a manipulator, who wants everyone under her feet. If Kei is like her, I must only offer him power in hell. Besides, Kei is pretty cute, Desmolfer might be interested in him… Huh? How strange … What did I just feel? Why did I get mad?

That was weird… No matter.

Kei is a rare specimen, unique in the world. A powerful man at a very young age. Desmolfer will definitely be interested in him. If I give Kei Molfer to her, my rank will rise and I will no longer be a mere informant… Huh? Did I feel angry again? I don understand… I think the effects of the medicine are ending. Fortunately, break time will soon begin. After convincing Kei, I will go home and kill the baby I have locked up, although possibly that baby is already dead because I left him in the basement a week ago. Seeing him will at least reassure me and allow me to continue living with these disgusting humans.

Kei and the teacher exchanged glances and a little spark of nostalgia invaded them both.

The teacher continued to teach and Kei continued to take notes, but they both shared the same thought: ”Did we already know each other? ”

The first classes are over and the students are exhausted.

Being in class S is not easy, at least not for Mei and the others.

”My head hurts… my head… ”

Mei is also exhausted, but Kei is not, as he is more than used to studying, even in his previous life he enjoyed reading and studying a lot, mostly because he competed with Cris, his best friend, to see who scored better in his exams.

”Thats why I told you that you should study more. ”

”You are incredible, brother. I admire you more and more every day! ”

e amazing, too, sister. Lets get something to eat. ”

”Lets go! ”

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