he main hunters of their band. And his guess regarding the old people is also true, as no one has the capability or ability to support old folk, even if they are relatives, in this mad world.

Usually, those who are too old to move anymore will be put to death by their family members, and that is a tradition in their band and also in almost all other bands.

”System! open the Motivational Gift Package. ” Li Xian said as he decided to increase his strength before deciding to proceed with any other actions here. He doesn know why, but he feels that death is looming everywhere around him.

Ding! Motivational gift packaging is opening… Three free attributes, one side skill, and one active skill are rewarded to the host. The host can distribute the attributes accordingly, and skills will be stored in the treasury, and the host can choose two to learn them anytime.

The system issued the rewards, which were a bit less than what Li Xian expected from the first gift package he received. He expected at least 10 free attributes and 10 years of life span, or else how can he survive for one million years if there are no life span rewards?

Ding! The host is cultivating your body so that, as the host gets stronger, your life energy will increase over time. The hosts first life span increment will happen when the hosts overall attributes rise to 100.

The system again explained, just as he had thought of it. He felt this system was kind of prying into his privacy a bit too much, but he didn or couldn do anything about that, as he felt the bond between them was kind of life and death. If one side dies, the other side won survive, which gives him a bit of comfort.

Li Xian waited for a moment as he thought about how to distribute the attributes to his stats. He thought of the event that was going to happen tomorrow, finally deciding to distribute more stats on his agility first.

”Systeme! Add the three free attributes to my agility. And also open my personal panel. ” Li Xian said, after finally deciding what to do.

He thought there would be some confirmation voice from the system asking him to confirm but he didn hear an utterance from it. But soon a black panel appeared in front of him with his stats cleanly written in white.

Personal Panel:

Host: Li Xian

Life span: 21/70

Strength: 0.8

Agility: 3.6

Treasury: Side Skill: Insight, Active Skill: Bronze body.

Note: Ordinary people in this era have stats around 1.

”System! Can you provide me with the description for those two skills? ” Li Xian asked, confused, as he saw that he was unable to see their descriptions.

Ding! The host just needs to concentrate and think about them to see the details. The systems voice came again, with a suggestion this time instead of directly peeling the banana for Li Xian.

Li Xian also didn complain about anything and directly followed the systems suggestion. Soon, two separate sections appeared on the black screen with the details of those two skills.

Insight: Side Skill


1. Able to see through any living organisms stats, as long as one intends to see. Users can activate this skill by simply thinking about it, and inactivating it is also done with a simple thought.

2. When a user is actively using this skill, the user can see the red spots on the living organisms. The darker the red spot, the greater the weakness that particular living organism has there. Users can also simply deactivate the stats display and use this skill completely separately.

Bronze body: active skill

Description: The user will gain three times the original strength the user has in their strength attribute when this skill is activated.

Time limit: 5 seconds.

Restriction: Can only use it once a day.

”Damn! These two skills are exactly what I lack now. This insight skill will help me avoid strong animals and at the same time provide me with insight into their weaknesses so I can kill them quickly. While the bronze body provides me with the strength that I lack right now. ”

Li Xian, who added all his attributes to his agility, was thought to deal with the beast in some unconventional ways, as he didn know exactly what its strength was. But he should always keep the chance to be able to run away first.

Now all his worries are solved with these two skills. He couldn help but quickly decide to learn them, even though he felt the restrictions and time limit for the active skill were a bit harsh.

Personal Panel:

Host: Li Xian

Life span: 21/70

Strength: 0.8

Agility: 3.6

Treasury: None.

Skills: insight and bronze body.

Note: Ordinary people in this era have stats around 1.

”Whoop! Lets try my insight skill first and practice it for some time. ” Li Xian said to himself as he finally felt fully geared.

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