Arima, stared at the woman for a few seconds before answering.

”You see, about five months ago, six guards did something very bad to a person very important to me. ”

The woman nodded.

She was going to ask why she didn report these guards instead of starting to kill them, but she realized that this was a stupid question.

This baron, he is corrupt and he obviously wasn going to do anything to the guards.

”In that case Im sorry you couldn complete your revenge. ”

She said it to comfort him, but was very surprised when the boy smirked at her.

It was as if he was telling her ”wait and see ”.

This territory was not under her power and she had no intention of paying a visit to this corrupt baron either.

She was only passing through this barony, because she had personally come to pick up a plant, which was on the borders of the dark forest.

It has to be said, that this was one of the territories of the Serpent Kingdom, which borders the dark forest.

After picking up the plant she needed, she was planning to leave, but decided to do some sightseeing, and on the streets she found out what was happening with these kids.

She found out, that six had died and came in haste to save the last one.

At first she wanted to tear this fat man to pieces, but decided to watch and see how things developed.

How does a child behave who at eight years old could already manage to kill the guards?

Of course, these were just peasants with some training and a sword.

They weren strong at all, but still, we
e talking about an eight-year-old boy.

The baron began to laugh at the womans ”joke ”. Although this was only on the outside, inside he was cursing her.

If this woman was not a marquise he would have killed her already, although first he would remove her veil and the mask that could be seen inside her.

She did not show her face and wore clothes that hid her body from view.

One of the guards in the small room, looked at the child with a mocking smile on his face.

In truth, it was only when the fifth guard died and an informant came that he realized that these children from the orphanage had been taking revenge for what they had done to that woman.

Remembering what had happened, he felt something in his crotch begin to awaken.

On one occasion when he was gathered with the other five, one of them kept praising this woman for her beauty and how much she had proposed, but she always turned him down.

There was only one among them who didn know who they were talking about, because he was new in town, but all the others had seen her before.

This is a small town and you could say that they all knew each other or at least had seen each other once.

One of her coworkers suggested taking the new guy to meet her because they really didn have much to do, you could say their job was to get drunk all day and abuse others.

Protect people from monster attacks?

Maybe in other towns the guards have to do that, but the monsters of the dark forest did not leave there and their presence scared away any other creature with the intention of approaching, but in case someday the monsters of the dark forest decided to attack, there was no doubt that all the inhabitants of this and all the towns bordering it would be massacred.

This is the reason why the villages that bordered the dark forest were poor and with few inhabitants, because everyone was afraid that someday these monsters would attack and no one wanted to come and live here.

So they all decided to pay a visit to the orphanage manager.

When they were entering the orphanage they saw a boy with long white hair in a ponytail, who looked at them curiously, as if he did not understand what they were doing here.

This one, was accompanied by a beauty who looked about fifteen years old, they all had to stop to look at the girls beautiful developing butt and continued to the small office of the caretaker only after a few seconds.

They had arrived at the time when the children were napping and all was quite quiet.

In the office there was a woman of about thirty-five who was sighing, but at the same time, she looked cheerful, although this cheerfulness disappeared completely when she saw the guards and was replaced instead by one of annoyance, as if she already knew that someone was going to propose to her.

The truth is, if this was all she wouldn dislike it so much, but one of the group squeezed her wrist very tightly the last time, as she pushed him away.

He had squeezed it so hard that it swelled up, and this did not go unnoticed by Arima.

As soon as he saw her, he noticed and started asking who had hurt her. She couldn help but smile as she remembered his indignant little face.

The guards saw her sink into her thoughts and then smiled.

”I hope, you
e thinking of me. ”

Said one of the guards and Susan resumed her annoyed face.

”I wonder, why the gentlemen guards, stopped protecting our city to pay me a visit? ”

”You see, Miss Susan, we have a new fellow here and we have decided to show you the most beautiful woman in town ”

”I see, if that was the case, I believe you have already seen me and have finished what you came to do. So, I would like you to leave at this time. ”

”But its just that we would still like to stay a little longer to appreciate its beauty. ”

Said one of them as he lasciviously gazed at the curves that were marked on her dress.

”I am in love with you, and I want you to be my wife. ”

Said the guard who had already proposed to her dozens of times, squeezing her wrist tightly again.

”I have already told you many times that I am not interested in your proposal, and I would like you to let go of my wrist, which is hurting me. ”

Some desperation could be heard this time in Susans voice, and this did not go unnoticed by the group.

”Miss Susan, you don have to be afraid of us. ”

Said one of them as he closed the office door.

Desperation began to take over Susan more and more as she saw the office door close.

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