It was in the middle of the night, a week after our protagonists…birth?, the newly named Titus was wide awake in his massive room, staring up at the ceiling decorated with a hologram that projected a series of stars similar to the ones outside his window.

He still didn know how to react to his apparent death, whatever hidden hopes he might have had, that insisted this was all some sort of coma induced dream were all long dead.

No dream, coma induced or not was this vivid.

As he laid back on his bed, Titus cast his mind back throughout the entire week compiling all he had managed to learn about his surroundings.

He knew he no longer lived on earth, as the stars from outside were completely different from the ones he had grown up with his entire past life.

He was also acutely aware that the societal structure was very feudal in nature.

Even more so as the differences between the upper class and lower class were quite easy to spot.

All the people of seemingly great importance that he was able to get a glimpse of during his practice walks with his new mother, all towered over their lesser counterparts in at the very least, a feet, and they all seemed to have normal features

While the said lesser counterparts were all shorter, and sported a pale bluish tinge on their skin that Titus now knew came from their blue coloured blood, the blue bloods of the palace all seemed to hold a reverent awe for any highborn they might meet while performing their duties.

The fact that they also called the highborn Deos told a lot to Titus about how things worked around here.

In the end the little pieces of information although small were enough to gain a great insight into the intricate workings of this strange, new world.

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